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Your Environment

Lesson 3 from: $200M Storytelling Formula to Build Belief and Convert More Customers

Christian McLeod

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Lesson Info

3. Your Environment

<span>Teaches how to analyze the competitive environment technically, identifying where your brand stands in relation to others and leveraging this information to position your brand strategically.</span><b><br></b>
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Lesson Info

Your Environment

No. Now, I'm sure you're pretty aware of your competitors and what offers are all out there. But for those who aren't entirely sure or feel like there's more to discover which should be all of you. We're going to become spies and strategically calculate the market positioning. We're going to use our competitor awareness map to achieve this. So let's jump right on in all right, hats backwards. For this one competitor awareness map, I'm gonna keep this one concise and we're gonna use an example from a service based business, but this also can apply to Ecommerce brands as well. And I've included details. Um This is what we, we have at via Os as well, which is specifically for Ecommerce. Um But this can also apply for both and I'm gonna show you how that works and I'm gonna use the service business to explain it. Um But when you're going through this and there's some sample information right here. Really, we want to get a, get a look on the competitors and so we have competitor 1234 and I'...

ll get into the other two columns in a minute, but we're going to tackle a variety of, of pieces of information that guide the offering essentially so primary name, right? We could just say competitor and you pretend my website, my agency website is the competitor. So we're just gonna call that an NZL and the primary CT A would be to book a call, right? Or book a strategy session if you look carefully and I'm gonna show you what that looks like, right? So when we get here, we see the primary offering. Now, when we're going through this book, a strategy session, that's the main CT A right there. So I can quite copy that and I can hop back into this one and I can say paste and I can command shift paste, I can click it in here, paste it in right there. It is. This is gonna be a lot of copy paste because it's really quick and you, you don't need to think too much about it, but you do need to be aware of what these are so that when you're going through because you're not gonna always be in order and for service businesses, it's not always going to be in the same place for ecommerce. You'll find these things in very uh particular places. For example, shipping in the checkout price, check out uh payment plan, check out add ons, check out Upsell downs, sell post purchase all on the checkout. Um And then all of these is like home page, that's it. Now, for service businesses, you tend to have a lot more pages and you do want to in my recommendation in my experience as well would be to search your competition. So search if you, if you're, let's say in real estate or like Azel is in digital marketing for ecommerce brands, we would say digital marketing, ecommerce and Az L comes up with Google ad. Click the Google ad. Save that link down here. It doesn't always have to be their home page. It can be there, their main website or it can be their Google ad because sometimes or Facebook ad and basically that link will be a custom landing page. Sometimes that's why I'm saying that place it there and begin to analyze what they're offering in ads because that's where they're making a big return for the most part. So as we go through, we have primary call to action. This is the what are you saying or asking them to do be specific shop now, book a strategy session. What is their primary offering? Right? When we look at at a NZL, we're saying, oh, it's the brand new way to explode. Average orders, right? For any Ecommerce store, all brand new way. La la la doesn't really matter. Come in here. Paste, boom, that's the offering. Now you might want to uh select these and make it, make a clip um but stack those away and when you're gonna find a guarantee as well, so we're gonna hop back in. We're gonna say, oh scroll around. I can literally do a cheat code here and just go command a guarantee. Oh Look at that guarantee. Let me go here down. Double your money guarantee. Boom, copy that go back here. Paste that in. Start gathering this information on your competitors. This is not difficult stuff but it's stuff that most brands do not do and this all ties into making your offer. So find out what they uh I think the biggest one here is the difference between scarcity and urgency, urgency is there. You need to do it within a time scarcity is that there's a limited quantity. Um So in ecommerce, you'll find that a lot, you can also find it in uh service businesses. So just be aware of that. Um maybe there's only so many bookings or so many clients that can be taken on um or maybe there's a master class that's only available for the next 24 hours, something like that uh value. Now, this is where there's a distinction, price and value. I'm value is not price value is what do they get out of it? What are those benefits? The the like all the market research we just did in the mind, Navigator, what what are we helping them with? Are we helping them reach these goals and moving them away from these pains and fears and barriers? What is that value that's being laid out? Now I can look at, at this and I can say, OK, scroll through, oh, we're helping them do this or four years. All right, that's all information. Uh Many people don't do this. You know, we start scrolling. Oh, look at that. Boom. We're helping them, you know, figure out this thing with ads or give bullet proof strategy or whatever it may be. So you're gonna find this for your competition and you're going to move it to the next uh next piece of information. All right, as you place that in here, you're going to get it to this location, which is the, what is your get and for e commerce brands when you see a product and you're like, hey, this is for sale and you buy it and there's a little list that says you get the phone, you get a or maybe you're selling a phone case, let's say you get a phone case. But you also get this little adapter and you get like a little tag and you get a certificate. What is the, get, what is the literal things you're receiving? And for service businesses, this might not always be clear, you might only find this out by having a call. So for example, in book a strategy session, you probably won't find too much about what we're going to give our clients if they sign or what our main offering is because we're offering a free strategy session that can really generate a lot of value for them initially. Anyway. So for service businesses, this is much more difficult than e-commerce in this particular case, which is the only case, it's more difficult in service based business. You will need to go the hard long mile calling pretending to be brands that could be their client individuals, that could be their client investors, that could be their client. You need to dig in and be a spy. You need to go in and find those pitch decks, you need to get requests, you need to hop on calls, you know, you need to be the spy to find out that information so that you know where you're, you're, you're lying in terms of competition. So dive in it is more difficult but it is worth doing. And then it not only will it give you an idea of like what level and what you can pitch out, but it will also potentially give you the idea of like, how can you be better at that? And I'm gonna get into that right now. So, uh actually give me one more second lead magnet. Are they offering anything for free? Now, what you'll notice on on our site is that we actually had a page before this, that was getting a uh free ebook. So you'll see here, your free report is on its way. And so we did have an ebook that would lead into this page to book a call and so I would place yes, it is this type of book and this is what's in it. You may have videos, master classes, it may be a mini course, whatever it may be. Note those down. Um, they are very, very important and it's, it's worth laying all this out. Now. All these for service businesses, uh, add-ons up sells, et cetera is going to be difficult to find until you potentially book them or almost get them booked as a client or you as a client. Last is authority endorsements. Is there anyone of authority endorsing? That's it. That's all I'm looking for. So, boom, partners, big partners. Um oh look, there's testimonials coming out, boom. So these aren't authorities maybe, but maybe there are, maybe there's like if you're in medication or uh Pharma or maybe you're in um you know, adaptogen and you have doctors or fitness and you have physiotherapists or athletes. These are authoritative figures. And so we do need to take note of those types of things. All right into what I was about to say, your business and your business. 2.0 you're going to do the exact same thing for your business, go through your site and I know some of you will be very embarrassed but you need to go through and be critical and say, wow, this, this really doesn't say anything. This, this isn't clear, this isn't clear or wow, we do really well with this but you need to lay it out as it really is. And then you can compare it and say mine is this offering? These are these offerings here is my updated new 2.0 offering that's gonna be better. Ok? If everybody is offering free shipping here, right? And you're not, don't you think you should be offering free shipping? So throw in free shipping, uh payment plans, you know, maybe you don't offer them, but everyone else are three out of four. You know, feel free to make another one, just insert a column to the right and make another competitor. You can make as many of those as you want. Build this out and be technical. That's pretty much the rundown. Hope that makes sense. Catch you in the next week. No.

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So much valuable information and resources in this course. Christian is a wealth of information and a wonderful instructor.

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He is a great teacher and he is give all the strategy he is using in his agency, thanks alot.

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Huge strategic flaw. Being the same as everyone else is not a strategy. Sure it may seem out of date, but go read Michael Porter. Differentiation is the only way to win

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