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Storytelling with Mobile Photography

Lesson 21 of 21

Where Mobile Photography Can Take You

Ed Kashi

Storytelling with Mobile Photography

Ed Kashi

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21. Where Mobile Photography Can Take You

Lesson Info

Where Mobile Photography Can Take You

And sort of in closing, for me, you know I want us to sort of, just sort of review here what we've gone over today and this idea of, where mobile photography can take you. And I hope that from today some of the takeaways are that we now have this new tool in our pockets that is often with us all the time. And that it's something that can capture memories that evoke mood and tone and emotion that will last forever. And that we can share those memories. And that also there can be more personal satisfaction. As we grow and we develop our skill with mobile photography that our pictures sort of start to transcend and move to a higher level of quality and, again, personal satisfaction. All right? And then, finally we can have a greater impact. Whether it's on a personal level with our family and friends, whether it's professionally in terms of reaching people, whether it's on a commercial business basis, or as a journalist and a story teller. So, yeah, so remember all this stuff. You know th...

ere are opportunities, Pei's a great example of that. I'm less of an example (laughs) you know, I mean, we are examples of people who are actually at times even getting paid to use our phone cameras. So, so I wanna thank you all for joining us. And please follow me on Instagram, and my blog, and my agency, VII Photo. You know, I'm one of about 17, 18 photographers around the world, one of the great photo agencies, photo cooperatives that exist today. And if you're interested in any of my prints, all this information is up on the screen. McKenna. (laughing) Well Ed it has been such an honor to have you here again. This is for the second time, and I wanna make sure everybody at home knows that this class is part of a series that we're doing here on CreativeLive partnering with VII Agency, and it has been an incredible series so far. And I wanna make sure you guys go and check out the other classes if you have loved what you're seeing here. So we had your earlier class during our photo week with Ron Haviv that was Visual Storytelling, Why We Shoot. We also had Ash Gilbertson here of course, and his class was Street Photography, the Art of Photographing Strangers. And then Ron Haviv was also back as he taught us all about your photojournalism survival kit, and that was a very incredible class as well. So Ron Haviv, Ashley Gilbertson, and Ed Kashi, you can check all of those classes out here on CreativeLive and look forward to the ones that are to come still.

Class Description

Momentary, stunning lighting on a landscape. A toddler’s first stuttering attempts at standing. An interaction between strangers on the street strikes you as unexpectedly poignant. There is beauty and opportunity for storytelling all around us, but inspiration often comes with a ticking clock. There isn’t always time to set up a tripod and perfect the exposure on your SLR. Fortunately, we live in an age where the potential for professional-quality photos rides in our pockets wherever we go.

Join veteran photojournalist Ed Kashi for an in-depth workshop on the power of your mobile phone to create powerful visual stories. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify the aesthetic considerations of a location and be intentional with the type of image you want to capture
  • How to interact with people in various situations and capture the emotion you are looking for in a portrait 
  • How to quickly edit your photos within your mobile device and share with the world

Amateurs and professional photographers alike will benefit on this deep dive into mobile visual storytelling. You will learn how to capture striking images, alter them in post-production, and make the most of social media to spread the impact of your stories. Bring more meaning and intentionality to the way you record your everyday experience, and discover the powerful versatility of the lens in your phone.  

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Intimate Event - Aesthetic Considerations Video

Intimate Event - Human Interaction Video

Intimate Event - Capturing Portraits Video

Cultural Event - Human Interaction Video

Cultural Event - Capturing Portraits Video

Cultural Event - Aesthetic Considerations Video

Street Photography - Aesthetic Considerations Video

Street Photography - Human Interaction Video

Street Photography - Capturing Portraits Video

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a Creativelive Student

I was not interested in this class and just decided to tune in. This is one of the Best classes I have watched on Creative Live! I love his total "attitude" about how to treat people, what to do and not to do to engage in more courteous ways and polite ways. I found him inspiring and engaging, creative and providing lots of information in what I watched. (I did not watch the entire course.) I am certainly going to check out other classes he might produce in the future. I very much enjoyed what I did watch and found him a wonderful instructor! Lots of valuable tips as well. Thanks for allowing me to preview it today!

belinda leung

ed kasha did an amazing job taking us through his creative process. practical tips helped me immediately spot things to help improve my photos immediately. I downloaded and started using the apps he recommended right away. thanks creative live and ed kasha!

Lynn Hernandez

Very inspiring seeing Ed Kashi's excitement for the creative process. Seeing the final photo and then watching a video of what happened to make the photo was really helpful. Have a list a new apps to try for photo-editing and double-exposures. Loved the class.