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Who Can You Hire?

Lesson 3 from: Strategies to Grow Your Photo Business

Tomayia Colvin

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Who Can You Hire?

How do you decide who to hire? You outsource. You take anything that takes your passion away, period, point blank; you don't do it anymore. You just don't do it. Who can you hire? So, you can hire a social media manager who will take care of your Facebook and your Instagram for you. You all are looking at me like go sit down lady. Seriously! You don't have to do it. You don't have to do it all. Most of the people that are on my team are virtual. Very few people, besides like the lighting assistant person that I would hire, would be someone that would be working right next to me. Other than that, everyone is virtual, okay? Someone asked earlier, I think you did, about the pros and cons of hiring someone local. Like someone in this city or in the United States or someone overseas. Um, and I'll go ahead and answer that because I'm right here. So, one of the good things about hiring someone who may not be on your timezone, is that when I would send something at night my time, it would be m...

orning for her. Does that make sense? So, when I would send something like when I'm getting ready to go to bed, by the time I woke up it was done. Because she was working on her daytime. So, there are some benefits. So, the person that did the blogging, she was doing that on her time. I would just put everything in the Google drive, I would wake up and the blog would be done. Pretty simple. The person who manages my Facebook group for me, she's in a different country as well. I don't have a problem supporting both at home and afar. I don't have a problem doing that whatsoever. If it benefits someone in a different country, that they can have a better life; then, I'm for that as well. So, either one. It doesn't matter. I do make sure that I am paying fairly. So, whatever I would pay in the United States, I pay that person the same amount that I would pay someone here. So, even if, you know, they're getting a leg up that's fine. That's fine for me. The only thing you may have may be a language barrier. But it also may be good for you if you want to do your blogging in a different language to make sure that you are servicing all of the clients. So, if you weren't blogging in Spanish and you're missing a whole group of people, then maybe you want to. So, it's just some pros and cons. You have to find out what makes you happy. Outsource your edits. How many people here outsource their edits? Oh, so the rest of you are sitting in front of the computer. Yeah, okay. So, most people don't outsource their edits because they're like, "No one can edit like me." Is that you? Mmm hmm, yeah. So, my editor does a better job of editing than I do. She's a much better person at dodging and burning, like making things level. Cuz I'll do something and it'll be like this because my kids are talking to me and now the picture of the horizon is just looking all types of ways. So, if you're looking for an editor it's okay to do a few trials. The first time, it's not going to be right. I'm just gonna be honest with you and say that. But you have to work the process to know that eventually it will be perfection. But it's just like a kid learning to ride a bike. They're learning your style and what you like to see in your images. So, it may take a few times. You may have to say, "I like my pictures a little bit warm. "I like my pictures a little bit higher exposed. "I like this a certain way." It's just like making a cake. You have to tell them what ingredients to put in and how much you like of a little thing. But eventually, they will get it. Another thing that I will do is if it's a task that may be cumbersome for the person that I'm giving it to, I will screen record and let them see exactly what I'm doing. What is my thought process? Why did I put this there? Why am I dodging and burning here? Why did I put this in the blogging section? Why did I use this search engine, I mean this SEO term? So, if it's something that you're worried that they won't be able to get it right, just screen record yourself. And then they will be able to see exactly what you're doing. Because what you want is a replication, like a mini version of yourself. So, sometimes I'll make like three or four videos, like okay this is how you respond to an inquiry for a senior girl. This is how you respond to an inquiry for a wedding. This is how you respond to someone who's asking for a discount. The answer is no. (audience laughter) Okay. So, but you have to just tell them so they'll understand like your thought process and the entire thing. A lighting assistant. A studio manager. Now, sometimes if you do like a minisessions or you do like a ton of things, sometimes your schedule will get really, really wacky, okay? So, having a studio manager, even if it's virtual, will help you so that you can respond to the inquiry within, I don't know, say thirty or forty-five minutes. Or you respond to your... They respond to your inquiries within a day. Whatever that parameter is that you set for your studio manager, they will get it done. It's almost like having a filter. So, you'll say, "Well, no, I'll have my assistant send you a message back." It could really be you, by the way. But, "no, I'm not available to shoot thirty-five people for ten dollars today." But it's from the assistant so it's not like they're angry at you. Now, they're angry at the assistant. (audience laughter) Does that make sense? So, hire someone that can be like a little mini duplication of your thought process. I mean really and truly, I'm pretty sure if you went through your emails, you respond with the same thing almost every time anyway. You may change the date. You may make it a bit more personable, but for the most part, that's a part of your business that's easily outsourced because that person can duplicate exactly what you said already. It also is good because it makes you have a set of rules in place, like studio policies that you're going to actually these are the rules. So, it's not about "how do I feel today?" It's about "This is the studio policy." First, it's "oh, well to come. "Do you mind? It's raining." Or, "it's cloudy. "I want to reschedule." The studio manager already knows that the procedure for cloudy, the procedure for rain, the procedure for it's sunny. "I'm scared the sun's gonna be too bright." Like they already have a set of rules in place that they know, this is what it is. Like, "I want a refund because I didn't lose twenty five pounds." Your studio manager knows that the answer is what? No. Girlfriend, you just come right on and we'll make it happen. But it forces you to have rules in place. Because sometimes we're so attached to our businesses, that we make all of these emotional decisions. Like, "Well okay, I'll come the birthday party. "I know it's for your kid so I'll come. "I really hate kids but I'm going to come." You know? But if that went through your studio manager, the answer would have automatically been what? No. But we're attached and so we'll say, "Okay, okay. I'll come." No. You shouldn't be there. Because what? That's not something that you enjoy. Okay? Graphic designer. I can't say about you all but I'm not too good at graphic designing. So, I have someone, Katie, who does all the graphic designing, who does the entire brand for me. So, if you go from my personal website to the education website to social media to wherever, logo. All of those things, text codes, I have no idea but that's all her stuff, okay? So, If something needs to go out from me then she takes care of all of my graphic design. Remember, I'm doing something that I enjoy. I am not good end design. I'm not good at that, okay? I really don't like to sit and Photoshop too often either. So, if that's her happy place; please, go enjoy yourself there, okay? And I mentioned my copywriter or my ghostwriter. As long as your website has a clean copy, as long as your brochures, as long as your emails, everything that you're sending out has been proofread and done, it really doesn't matter again who does it for you. So, get rid of it. Okay, bookkeeper and CPA. How many of us like numbers? Y'all do? Oh my gosh, okay? I don't. Nope. So, CPA, bookkeeper, if you don't like looking at the numbers, don't look at them. Just don't do it. Just had that over to someone else and say, "Will you please tell me if I made a profit or a loss this month?" Oh, I didn't. Okay. Sucks for me, okay? So, hire someone who it's their happy place. And remember for me, album and card design. Remember I told you that I didn't like that. So, for a while I would have all the image in the Google drive. Here's the text that parents want. Please design these cards. Have a wonderful day. Send them to me when they're done. Same thing for album design. Even though I use Fundy and it honestly may take like three minutes to do an album design, sometimes I don't wanna do it. Sometimes I'm just being lazy to be honest with you. So, I'll have somebody else do it for me. That's just me being honest.

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