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Day 1 Warm-up

Thank you so much rush ok here we go guys so here's how we're going to get started for this morning I want to take you guys threw a little general warm up it is ah very kind of almost beautiful foggy tuesday morning here in san francisco so why don't we have you guys each grab a jump rope we're gonna have you kind of line up on the mat make sure that we have enough elbow room to let everybody spin the rope without running into one another so maybe we'll have you to kind of get information here china will have you right here and then if you guys want to just either face me so I can see you're just face another direction that should allow the rope to spin without too much problem so first thing guys we're going to talk about body position right so getting you guys to set to neutral so that the entire body is aligned well and prepared for movement is super important and this will be a common theme throughout today and also the next four days what I want you guys to do is first put your fe...

et side by side we're going to be standing up nice and tall I want you guys to give your but a little bit of a squeeze just a little tone not too much right now too much tension we want the belly and nice and tight ribs down, we want to set the shoulders back, and then we want to just make sure that head is tucked back to neutral and this is going to be our position from here. We're hanging on to are the handles of our ropes. Our hands are going to be forward about forty five degrees. We're going to think about creating little circles with the wrist and from here we're jumping just high enough to allow that rope to clear underneath our feet once you're ready to try this out, here we go. Ready? Three, two, one and go. Wade got them. We got the boxer back there doing ok, so let's, try that again. Spin the rope, these air speed rope so they're a little tricky. They do have a little less friction. They're going to slide through a little bit quicker and let's, just start jumping ready and we're going to go for about let's, say thirty seconds here, so just keep going and I'll keep you guys stop and what I want you guys to think about is how can I be gentle? How can I land soft? And part of the way you're going to be able to do that is if you guys stay nice and tight and your center and you not soft so make sure you get that belly a squeeze but a little squeeze and think about how liked can I be let's keep going got ten more seconds here before I make you guys stop and relax okay so next deal here we go we're gonna start warming up the joint to make sure they're not so grisly and grinding by the time we get moving I want you guys to take your rope you're going to fold it in half try not to I think these air wire so maybe let's not crush them and just go ahead and standing tall in our position here spread the roto arm's length we want the elbows locked out and we may or may not want to close our hand grip in a little bit we'll find out here in a second these air cold shoulder passes on what we're simply going to do is we're going tio set her shoulders back and push in the direction and as we pass overhead we're going toe shrug our shoulders, squeeze your shoulder blades bring the rope all the way behind us shrug and come back forward and we're just going to create little circles going through the shoulders ready go and if you guys feel like you're going to get in your head with the rope then let's go ahead and maybe choking on the rope a little bit close up that distance between your hands that's so how come back forward there you go come back forward up and forward and so maybe for you you should grab the rope gonna come in I am touching you for professional purpose this is only ok let's close in that rope right there it was try that out keep going guys excellent looking good and let's take up the tempo a little bit so speed it up a little quicker back and forth back and forth yeah there you go this should feel good we're just trying to create some friction in the shoulder so the shoulder start to warm up and open up for us if you feel like man that's too easy choking on your rope a little bit if you're like man this is feeling really kind of weird on my shoulder than it probably is then you want to move your hands out and give yourself a little bit more space keep going let's get five more passes wherever you guys are at back and forward, back and forward thinking about actively pushing into the range that you're moving here we go and once you're done with five I like you guys just to hold that rope up overhead show me that you guys are ready to move on to the next activity excellent all right from here these are called windmills here's what we're going to do still staying in position now we're going to rotate through the trunk, right? Let's everybody rotate to the left and what you're simply going to do is follow that rotation down and through pivoting through the trunk and hips and then you're going to open up in the opposite direction, which we should be on the right and then you're gonna wind it over again follow it through down and around really thinking about opening up the hips you should feel little stretching your hamstrings let's make sure the belly is still nice and tie. Yes, you can give yourself a little bit bigger base if you feed together feels a little weird and unstable. Go ahead and spread and give yourself a bigger base. They're excellent down and through so let's get about ten here on your own. Count ten in one direction and then once we hit that ten, I want you guys to change direction is it and start rotating to the left or rotating to the right. Excuse me and then following that through so ten and ten. Excellent, very nice and everybody should be breathing at this point nobody's holding their breath right? We should be relaxed, but make sure you guys keep track of count that's going to prove really important today once we get into our workout portion, yeah now, now we're going to go the opposite direction. We little here we go, so now we're here so we just turned right, right? So now we're going to turn or we turn left. We're going to turn to the right wait, do we do? Which way do we do? I lost one to the right, then go to the left, right? So now we're going to go to the left and then we're just simply going to follow that around. Yeah, kind of body gets kind of weird sometimes when you suddenly change movement patterns so it takes a second to orient so left follow it down and through there you go. Open up the other direction up overhead rotate again, let's get ten and once we are done put our jump ropes down to the side will quick. Excellent. All right, so these next drills were going to do we're gonna start getting into the hips a little bit. Mohr the front and the back side of it. So let's line up over here and we're going to actually work our way down the deck. The's next movements are called spider lunges and I'll do a quick little demonstration here so what I want you guys to think about doing is taking a very big lunge walk or stride forward we're gonna plant that front foot you're gonna put your hands or fingertips down on the floor if you don't want to get completely wet you're gonna drop your hip I'm still in good position my shoulders air still back nothing's weird around it because you feel little stretch of the top of my hip and then before I lunch forward I'm gonna simply think about trying to straighten my front leg as best I can and then I'm going to take a big lunch that forward squeeze the but dropped the hip push that front in the forward and I'm going to just make my way across the deck here you guys ready here we go yeah let's give each other some space yeah yeah all you guys at the same time come on through so hands down on the floor okay drop the hip down should feel stretching the front if you don't give your butt a little squeeze now try to straighten the front knee bone straight in the front evey up in back good lift your hips up okay can now take another step toward and just make this fluid guys the dynamic harry go we may need to navigate a little bit over here as we get towards the boxes excellent, excellent keep coming through guys keep walk in good let's everybody take one or two more steps, all right we're going to do one more we're going to start to open up the inside of the hip we're gonna lateral walk or take a lateral stuff over to the side you're going to open up the hip open up the hip you can put your hands down a floor a little support step open up the hip open up the hip step and let's make our way down that side ready and go good really try to push that me out over the foot try to keep stay inside your feet or state in the foot meaning don't let yourself come up onto your toes and obviously don't let yourself fall backwards on your heels too much you might fall on your butt into a partner behind you that might make it kind of awkward this morning good shift shift yet but sean to come through for a showing a stain your he'll keep that flatfoot uh that foot planted you guys can think shin vertical as much as you can that shin is drawing is a steak is a post right in is that floor good keep going oh careful and for those of you guys following at home this can all be done static it was just nice I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful deck here make people move up and down but everything that you see these athletes doing here it can simply be done in place in your living room in front of wherever you guys are exercising excellent, one more step careful not not too big of a lunge don't don't lose don't lose control and then everybody take one more step and let's get up onto the mat excellent! All right, crew, you guys feeling warmish a little bit? We're not we're not there yet. We still got things to do. So here's for this next portion. Okay, jackets coming off that's usually a pretty good sign. Here we go. We're getting ready or in ready state. Ok, we got a couple of things that we want to introduce today and these air going to be elements inside the main workout. So things that were going to be talking about is our basic body weight air squat. We're going to be taken a look at the body weight push up, and then we're going to be taking a look at something called a squat thrust. And if a squat thrust proves to be too easy for some of you guys weaken, scale all of our movements up, or we can scale all of our movements down and we can turn it into something called a burpee. Um and we're going to be taking a look at a box jump so let's start with the basic air squad well, we want to think about doing here is we already talked about the position, right? So we know the position is getting ourselves a line to neutral what we want to think about doing is butt squeeze drips down, shoulders back head and good alignment our feet now are going to navigate to somewhere about shoulder width apart and that's probably good a very for each individual's a shoulder with ish apart your toes are going to be somewhere about five to twenty degrees right five to twenty degrees and is very individual what I'm really caring about looking at here is what's happening to your trunk as you sit down and up? Are you staying neutral? Are you boeing in one direction or arching and another we don't want any boat and we don't want any arch we want the trunk to sit down as one piece and stand up as one piece so from here fi shoulder with apart but a little squeezed everyone things set and what I'm going to simply do is think about driving my knees open and sitting my butt back and down like there's a nice low little stool our hands can be out for a little bit of counterbalance they don't have to be weird no spear fingers or anything like that but just keep them nice and relaxing from here everyone's going to open up the knees, sit back down into a stool we should get to a point where the hip priest falls below knees that's going to be our standard for what full range of motion looks like we want the feet to still stay flat on the floor meaning toes aren't coming out feed are marching to the side right and we want the knees nice and open over that foot everybody down in good position here stay there can you open your knees out more? Can you get your chest up more without changing position too much do you feel good tension in your hips and stand okay let's try that to get ready and down he's out chest up and stand you guys get to stay down there okay again ready and down ok pause hip crease right bolognese can you give me a little bit more arching your back so you line up a little bit better knees out and stand let's go ahead and get ten on your own count ready? Go good and we're just breathing normally here right good knees out down to a low stool and stand I put my hand right here when you push out against my hand a little bit more as you sit there you go push harder both sides push there you go and keep that chest up as you go down good once you hit ten just stay standing for me all right, we there one more. Excellent. Ok, so now we're going to talk about the basic push up. So what I want to think about here is we're going to take the position and we're gonna just tilted ninety degrees and what we end up with is this high plank, right? So if you can imagine this is me, this is my position now I'm suddenly rotated ninety degrees and I'm on the floor. I'm gonna go ahead and set myself up so that my shoulders are right on top of my knuckle. So if my hands on the floor I'm nice and spread with my palm's, my shoulders are going to be right on top of those knuckles. My finger, my pointer finger, index finger is going to be pointing forward, and what I'm simply going to think about doing is creating a little bit of spin in my hands, so I set my shoulders into a good position and I'm just simply going to drop my shoulder over a vertical forearm. All right? So from here, let's everybody do it together, hands, we're going to be down your feet could either be right in line with your hips, or if you want to spread them a little bit that's fine, I usually prefer together. Shoulders air right over those knuckles pointer finger pointing forward and from here we're going to just create a little spin and the hands like you're trying to spin some dinner plates underneath your poems and we're just going to drop the shoulders forward right over our vertical forearm and then we're going to simply press back through let's do that again forward chess hovers above the ground back through and from here for the auto is that needs to scale if you're like that's kind of weird I feel my body kind of wiggling around like a noodle and we're just simply going to drop our knees down to the floor let's go ahead and get ten excellent we want to take a look at the landmark of the elbow staying right on top of the wrist ok, ready and down good it will take that that'll work once you're done with ten everybody stand back up e clockwise yeah, good question clockwise and the reason why we want to do that is it creates a little bit of spin in the shoulders, which creates stability that gives us as long as we're tight here, our shoulders, something to kind of bite into and suddenly when we move we're not losing any energy you'll see athletes that are a little less efficient or not mature yet and their push up the elbows tend a wing and fly out and without getting too complicated about what's going on is over time that can cause a little bit of hotness or impingement in the shoulder and we want to just try to avoid that longest possible or forever if we can because we want to exercise through a nice ripe old age of one hundred ten right that's the goal all right that's the dream at least um so the next piece any questions other questions so far are we still together and good excellent now we're going to take a look at the squat thrust so now the squat thrust is simply going to take the body from vertical to horizontal and the way that's going to look is we're going again almost like what we just did right which is how we entered the push up is we're going to put our hands on the floor we're going to keep that shoulder right over the knuckle and we're going toe jump our feet out to high plank position but instead of doing our push up we're now going to reverse jump our feet back in and simply stand up and get some air right so it kind of looks like this hands down on the floor I'm gonna jump my feet out jump my feet in and gets him in that's everybody try that ready hands down on the floor, jump your feet out jump your feet in jump up and get some air everyone's excited son just came out all right, let's see that again? Down, out and up, down, out in and up and let's just be careful about the up just like that. Don't worry, I'm a professional. I see it before happens. Let's, be careful about that, matt, back there. Excellent. Okay, maybe let's have you to stop, so we can maybe fix this matt real quick. That that's. So that doesn't happen. Ok, so we're gonna want to be careful and we may be for this. We'll see how that ends up working. Yeah, we'll figure that out. Ok? All right. Go team could job any questions on the squad dressed if we wanted to be savvy and we wanted to take a look at what is this movement look like? If we were to make it more difficult, less difficult, right? We can scale up and scale down, so to make it more difficult, what we can simply do is that a push up in there? Let's, try that. Let's. Go down, do your push up that we just learned. Now jump your feet in now jump up. Excellent and up. Excellent. And stop and then come on, come on to stand you guys, we're such good students, I love it all right, um if we wanted to take it, we wanted to scale it back down a little bit, then just imagine in your minds, instead of a jumping out, we remove that layer of ah dynamic, right? And we simply walk out toe a plank, walk in and stand up so we can kind of remove that element of being dynamic from the movement, and then we would be able to scale it down. All right? So last piece and this is where we're going to need yes, yeah, let's do it so my hands would go down. So instead of jumping out, I would simply walk out, right? And then I was simply walking and I would stand up, yeah, so we can scale and this is really important, because when we get to a workout piece in just a second here, we need to have the ability to both scale up and scale down because what's gonna happen is you're going to start out and you're going to be like, man, I got this. This feels amazing all day, no problem. And then about five minutes into this, you're like, I don't know if I got this anymore, and so you need to have options, right, so are your option would be to start. Stepping out or jumping out and stepping back in and maybe you need to take out the jump up and then you just need to stand up so you got to be able to play in both directions ok here's where we're going to need our boxes and because the deck is a little bit what this morning I'm going to set some standards on what I want to see as faras coming dismounting off the box so everybody grab your box channel let's have you grab maybe the twelve insure it's one of the shorty short ones excellent I saw that one coming wait the question yes okay so this next one is called a box jump so here's what we're going to do if it is sketchy or if it kind of feels like it might be sketchy the general rule is it probably is or will be so what we're going to do is we're all going to just step on the box real quick ready step on the box stand tall and then from here really all I care about doing is having you make sure you open your hips up all the way so that little but squeeze your glutes squeeze on top right is what I'm looking for and now everybody stepped down nobody jumps down today so step down one foot other foot ok so if that felt ok and you know your abilities than now we can try jumping up so everyone be careful make sure were nice and tight or in the position before we take off and so now everyone if you're comfortable jump up ready go to foot jump up yet excellent and step down so nobody jumps down today deck is a little too wet for that ok now jump up again excellent careful find your balance and step down let's do that one more time excellent and looking that's a great question eyes on the box is fine and then as you step up right just spot where you're gonna land spotting where you're gonna land or marking a spotting where you're gonna land is help you gonna mark that positions then now go ahead and go back down I'm gonna have you to move your boxes forward a little bit maybe to closer towards the edge here that's going to give you some working space behind your box and maybe for you guys as well maybe moving forward just make sure that you have enough matt that you feel confident when you do a push up or you do your squad throws that you have enough space behind you okay oh so the question was is the goal to get into a squat position right or just to simply jump up you want to give yourself a little bit of bend in the hips and bend in the knees to be able to create some energy to jump up otherwise trying to jump super stiff leg I might look really cool but it is going to prove very difficult to hold onto it for a long time all right? Any other questions the box is trying to land in a particular position or just wherever you try to priceless land what's the goal when you land on the box right so on top of the box all I care about is two feet planted hopefully or landing nice and soft nobody's trying to kill the box right and then you're just standing so that your entire body is nice and tall so all the angles of our body is open right feet but ah weight balance inside the foot any other questions excellent so now we're going to combine the element of the squat thrust with the box jumps so it's basically a squat thrust box jump so we're going to do this together so hands down on the floor in front in front of your box jump out jump in now instead of jumping in the air you're going to jump on your box ready go excellent so that is the combination of the movement let's try that one more time and now that you know what it feels like let's make it more fluid hands down hands out hands feet in good and jump cool and then everyone always steps down how did that feel guys way still good are we warm we're getting warm. We haven't started the workout yet. All right, so now we're going to put this together into a work up. You guys ready for this? Yes, please. If we need a water break, get a water, or maybe get your water bottles handy if you need it.

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