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Day 2 Workout

Okay so today's workout was going to be a three round workout yesterday we did something called an mrap has stood for as many rounds or repetitions as possible today we're going to do a three rounder for time so it means I go three two one go and you guys start to create the work and once you guys were done with the work you guys are going to yell time really loud and I'm going to give you guys a time and that's going to equate to your score the workout today is going to be fairly simple and straight forward we are going to do twenty one kettle bell swings we're going to do twelve push ups we are going to do fifty five zero double unders and if we do not have double unders we are going to do a three to one scale so three singles for every one double so that means how many fifty or how many jump ropes are we guys doing if you guys were going to scale one hundred and fifty excellence one hundred fifty singles and we're going tio lather then rinse and repeat that for three rounds lather r...

inse and repeat for three rounds again let's go through one more time so everyone's on the same page we're going to go twenty one kettle bell swings twelve push ups fifty double lenders or a three to one scale or one hundred fifty single's for three rounds yeah, absolutely. I would love to see how you count that he's like it gets a little weird, but if you have the ability to keep track of doubles versus singles and how, you know, one, two, three kind of breaks out, I mean that's. Some high level math for me there. So yes, absolutely. You can mix and match makes the match. Yes. Jennifer? Yes, absolutely. And so I think he's on the push ups and that's a great question. Absolutely talked about this yesterday. The ability to be able to modify down in the middle of the workout so often times when I you know, when you start a workout with in the first round or the minute you're like, I got this, you know, this stuff is easy. No problem in the bag and then second round, you're like, not a problem, not a problem. Third round, you're like, whoa. Something just happened out. Know what it is? And so things start to break down and get soft a little bit. And instead of letting your form completely fall apart, you know a little bit of kind of. Softness around the edges is expected, especially if you're pushing pretty hard through a workout but what we don't want to see is a complete system meltdown, right? And so if that's the case, then what we want to do is give you the option to be able to take a movement and scale it down just like we want to give athletes who have a greater ability the option to be able to take a movement in scale it up so yes, absolutely or if you just know hey that's out of my wheelhouse then scaled down immediately right from the beginning. Any other questions? Excellent. All right, guys so let's make sure it looks like we have plenty of space here on the mats but we always want to be very situationally aware of our surroundings. All right? So yesterday we had the misfortune of having kind of a wet deck to play around on today were super dry so it's nice and night it's really nice for us. What we want to do is make sure athletes in the front when you are swinging your kettle bell just to make sure we keep a firm handle on it. Even if you guys let it go, I really doubt it would fly this far that be kind of impressive to watch but just sexually additionally aware of what's going on and again to repeat one last time, twenty one swings, twelve push ups, fifty double lenders or one hundred fifty singles. Three rounds. I'm gonna give you guys a time cap of ten minutes. So you're either going to get all the work done in ten minutes or you're not, and both are ok. Any questions? All right, athletes, you guys are amazing. Let me make sure I know how to use my watch. All right? All right. Figured out. Disaster averted and three, two, one and go. And we're exercising to the wonderful noise of construction and buses going by. And the smell of beer love it. But it is really beautiful appear excellent and punched the hips reached the but to a wall behind you shins vertical glaad you guys all have a beautiful rhythm here goes shoulders back stay wait in your feet don't let yourself get pulled into the toes good. Squeeze your butt chest all the way down to the floor all the way down to the floor ice jennifer very good all the way down to the floor. Excellent. Got some double under action in there and throw it in there for practice. Guy's throat in there have fun with it, right, yeah, there you go. Because they're making me look really good I will say this from experience it's really hard to get people to navigate a double under the first time around and you guys are doing it inside a workout which is pretty neat you guys are two minutes in doing good back there jennifer state I think about pushing away from the floor pushing away from the floor you got two in the second round? Very nice, jennifer there you go. You got chris, rick and john on the second round see if you can add a little speed through the middle punch your hips a little bit harder, see if you could get that kettle bell to fly a little bit more good chest all the way down to the floor. Imagine if I had my fist on the floor and I have a really small infant hands that you are trying to tag your chest to my hand keep the elbows in like you're trying to slide your forearm up and down your rib cage slide your forearms up and down your rib cage very nice, jennifer way are four minutes in. Very nice try to stay relaxed they relaxed, they relaxed excellent, good jennifer tryto have your elbows point backwards just a little bit more just a little bit more there you go, I know it just made it harder but it's so much better for the shoulders and the elbows way got one in the third round one in the third round where five minutes guys five minutes excellent excellent try not to go is deep we don't have to turn the kettle bell swing into a full squad we just have to load the hips and the hamstrings and then released and let that energy go load the hips and hamstrings release and let that energy go excellent try to go a little more shallow just right along right below the hips there you go and then pop the hips there you go six minutes very nice jennifer jennifer see if you can turn that little double hop into a single hop speed up the cadence a little bit yeah a little bit just a little bit boom boom hope it's ok and that rope is weird so I do apologize here a little bit of a handicap on their excellent seven minutes three minutes left on the clock who's going to finish seven forty nice job seven fourteen there you go jennifer seven twenty seven twenty three rounds doing good open the knees out a little more we'll keep moving were there were there chris almost there. Very nice, jennifer just keep pushing slow and smooth smooth and controlled you're doing great a twenty eight eight twenty eight we got ninety seconds guys let's share jennifer on here we go here we go doing good abs tight squeeze the booth excellent that's it that's it one at a time squeeze nice and tight here we go we got fifties arms are sixty five seconds left sixty five seconds left sixty five seconds left nice and easy find your rhythm get the ropes underneath the feet there you go that's it oh she's on it that was good forty five seconds yeah that's it look at that I love a jennifer's the type to rise to the occasion under pressure look at that twenty seconds jennifer fifteen seconds almost there almost there no don't be you're doing fantastic in three two one good finish nice job guy's fantastic work how do you guys feel how was it compared how was it how it how did it compare to yesterday way harder than yesterday right right he had already used those muscles a little bit already use that movement a little you know jump roping is is frustrating but ah yeah I definitely tired and we can only get better through practice right down yes yes that's a good one I like it my arms for a little bit like jelly yeah um but now it feels good so hopefully all what was the hardest part about that work out for you well two things I think they're actually doing the push ups after the kettle bell my arms were just dead sure already I mean then you have the jump roping I you need to work on that you're like man all of it yeah excellent what was the hardest part of that work out how did it feel for you? The double underside say today was more technically challenging thing yesterday absolutely like the more condensed timeframe just go as hard as you can for three rounds as opposed to yeah here's how here's a bucket of time do as much as you can yeah very goal oriented I like that too when I used to go running I much more enjoyed setting myself a distance goal and I'm going to chip away at this distance right and whatever time I finished it was my time versus setting an amount of time and going I'm trying to I'm going to try and gain as much distance very nice work today guys definitely a little more kind of technique based yesterday was meant as a foundational prime or just to get you guys in the online audience kind of up to speed with some basic language on what our body shape should look like and today we're taking those basic body shapes and trying to add a little layer skill on top of that rick did you have in terms of ah recovery from today toe tomorrow now we've kind of done this twice we're getting sore and different places like what do you what do you recommend for us and the folks at home toe help with recovery overnight a little bit of stretching a little bit of mobility right? So making sure that we're stretching out our muscles, taking ourselves through a very general kind of war warm down routine ah, what I would also recommend I forgot who I said this to yesterday somebody was like, hey, I'm gonna go jump in the shower great meeting you great maybe you good job see tomorrow and I'm like, hey, well, you're in the shower this might not hurt to try doing some contrast bathing, right? So I'm in the shower just say ok and get yourself ready and I'm just going to turn that water as hot as I can take it and hold it for like five to ten seconds or, you know, as little time as much time as you can, then a maternity as cold as I can for five to ten seconds. I know that does that's how awful and what that does it just get your body to pump out a little bit some of the waste product that we've built up during the workout and you do that for five to six passes and done warm make sure you're feeling nice too good and walk out making sure you're drinking enough water to get hydrated allow your body to kind of replenish its are go through its own processes is real good and getting a good meal within the next thirty minutes that has some good, simple and complex carbohydrates in there to replenish the muscle stores will also make you guys feel a little more crisp. I forgot who I said that too, by the way had some good conversations yesterday, not jermaine to today, but that's also a great hangover cure. Yes, over say we learned so much from creative life. I love this education platform. Ok, guys, let's finish up real quick. I think we're pushing upon our time working to finish up with some trunk centric work. Everyone's going to take a space on the floor? Maybe just the corners we were in seemed really perfect. If you guys don't want to lay on this floor, we do have some mats over there for you guys to use, and what we're going to start talking about is the hollow body position. So the hollow body position happens to be a transition position inside gymnastics and really, what we're looking to do is hey, do I understand what's going out my body? And do I understand how to actually keep myself connected when I'm moving through space? So this is the way it's gonna work everyone's going to take a position here on the floor and everyone's going toe hold on to their knees. Pull their ribs down towards their hips and pull their knees up towards their chest. So this is going to be our basic starting position from here. If you guys can hold this position, everyone should feel little tightness. If I put a ball on your abs, you're trying to wrap your chest and wrap your knees around the ball. How does that feel? Good. If I can do that, can I release both hands off? How does that feel to some of you? Start to shake. No that's. Not a problem. Make sure your shoulders off the floor. I should put be able to put my hands under neither shoulder blades from here. If that's okay, extend your left leg out and again. You are a beautiful ballerina. So you're gonna point your toes. How does that feel? There's a feel okay? Or your shoulder? Still off the floor. Can you point your right leg out? Well, how does that feel? I'm shaking a little bit. How about you guys? Can you raise your right arm over your head without dropping your shoulders? Can you raise your left arm over your head without dropping your shoulders? But grab your knees again that you're reset? How did that feel? So that guys is the basic hollow body shape here's what we're going to do we're going to keep it simple today and we're going to introduce something called a hollow body rock and what that basically looks like is we're going to try and let ourselves rock between our hips and our shoulders to creates a movement and the challenge here is can I keep my trunk bridge can I keep my abs bridge down without breaking and losing that connection all right so what it's going to look like here I'm gonna lie right in the middle of you guys that I lose my no no mike no mike lost still successful okay knees up I'm in set I'm here I'm here I'm here I'm here and I'm simply going to think about pushing my hips towards my ribs ribs towards my hips and now I'm just gonna rock without losing my shape and if I want to challenge it I can open up a little bit more right hips to ribs ribs to hips, hips the ribs ribs to hips and then if that feels kind of too much like we're shaking and we're going to flinch and break then we can simply scale backwards so the scaling model backwards works like this this is too much then I'm going to try this then I'm going to try this right and I can still move between these two shapes and if that's too much I'm going to be here and here and then I can still move between these two shapes and in fact if I want to scale some or I just simply hang onto that reset position and try that out that's everybody give it a try and find the generation that's gonna work for you and then we're going to take you through a little little interval piece here so jennifer for you you're going to do the position where both hands are on the knee and you're going to think push my hips to my ribs, push my ribs to my hips and you're going to try and maintain this jelly being position little dirty secret out there diane food can't swim and so when I was in high school that used to be my survival flow while all the kids did thie survival flow in the middle of the swing pool I was in the corner I was the kid in the corner learning how to do the jelly bean so I'm kind of a cheater I've got a lot of years of practice on this since high school where I would sit in the corner and learn how to do the jelly bean and then put my head above water, catch your breath and go back down and do the jelly bean yeah, absolutely you can be a little bit higher but certainly as you open up it's going to be a little more difficult so you can be as open as you want and the question was can I demonstrate what it looked like to be fully open right and I can tighten up that rhythm I could move a little faster right okay guys so we are closing in on our time here I just got the five minute clock so we're going to do this really quick we're going to go ten seconds off ten seconds off and we're going to simply go for eight rounds right and you're going to choose the rocking it oration that's gonna work best for you and challenge you ready here we go three two one and go this is the great part about being the instructor is I get to make up the time because the clocked in and stop so three two one and rest in three two one and go good think about pushing your hips your ribs and your ribs down to your hips and I should see no real visible lengthening or shortening right through your midsection and relax that was too two one go round three good equal distance rocking onto the shoulder and then rocking onto the hip equal distance rocking onto the shoulder and hip and relax and for those of you guys trying at home this is really much as hard as it looks it's really quite difficult and go and relax that was four two one go and relax that was five three more rounds guys we're almost there two one go hang on, tight end time. We got two more rounds, that was six, we have seven, eight and then you guys are done three, two, one and go and time. Well, I was wondering when I was hear some noise, everyone's trying to hold it in, hold it and keep it in and go last round, guys and three, two, one and time all right, guys, let's, give ourselves a round of applause today, you guys all did a fantastic job we talked a little bit about, you know what it looks like if you're a little bit sore tomorrow. Coming into the session, we address what it would look like today for some kind of post exercise recovery. Are there any further questions that we have before I turn this thing back around? No, you guys are fantastic. Thank you for hanging out with me again this morning. I will see you guys again tomorrow, bright and early as seven thirty back to you, thank you.

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