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Day 3 Workout

So we are going to put fifteen minutes on the clock and again we're being flexible so I'm ready to cut that down at any time and here is the workout model we're going to do something called a couple it where we're going to bounce back and forth between woman makers and box jumps, right? And the sequence is going to go ten woman makers eight, six, four and two so down by twos on the woman makers and then for the box jumps we're going to go up by five so it's going to go five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty five for a total of five rounds and so you're like, well, how did that just work out? I'm going to go ten woman makers once I hit ten I'm gonna put my weights clear to the side of my box get in front of my box and do five box jumps then after my five, I'm gonna pick up my dumbbells again and I'm going to go eight woman makers put my weights down, come back to the box, do ten box jumps and I'm going to just keep bouncing back and forth until I hit guys what's the last number on the woman...

makers to I'm done too and then twenty five all right, are we ready for this? I would get back to my timer okay let's find plenty of space yeah, that actually looks a lot smarter to make good good decision a good decision it's like the calm before the storm got the short coming off who knows? Not the minute hat you have orrin ready state okay, athletes, you guys are going to be fantastic and three, two, one and go watch abs tight so when we're doing these rose, the idea guys is I want to see minimal rotation going through the hips so it should kind of just look like your hips are still facing the floor. We're still nice and square and the only way you guys are going to be able to navigate and manage that is if your trunk your abs and your butt is squeezed a little tighter how tight? Well tight enough to keep you from rotating good squeeze the but a little tighter. Keep yourself from rotating again. What I really like about thes woman makers guys it's a very tight total body exercise. So what's happened over the course of the last three days is we started off with some very basic skill sets we taught you guys okay, we've got our body, we've got our legs, we've got our arms how do we navigate our personal selves through space to build a foundation in our world? We call that gymnastics right? And then once we learned how to navigate our own bodies now we started to go ok, now we're going to take you through some different planes emotion and start to layer some additional skills on top of that right into today we have our most complicated pieces that we've learned so far with the turkish get up and now this complex of the woman maker I've got you would open up the knees make sure we're still in these good position good shapes good full range of motion squats what does that mean? That means hip crease finishes below the knees excellent wear three minutes in, fellas. Wait here we go nice and light on the box opened up the hips careful, careful good two feet on the box spot where you're going stand tall, mark your position and then back down two feet on the box open tall you found it didn't find you you found you good were around three. We got six going here guy six, six and fifteen I lost count a little bit that's okay? It happens looking good. Gentlemen, try to keep the body quiet. No hip rotation he's out said all the way down then punched to the ceiling there you go, sit down, punch of the ceiling reach the sky good, I have a rule if you're like man was that five or six I always default to five that works really well when the numbers are low but when you're in the like fifty sixties I will um it does kind of suck good we're a five minutes guys we're going to cut this off a ten today yeah yeah go that's what I'm talking about but get that full squad in their hip crease bolognese guys good reach tall reached all stay in control of your body stay in control of the movement six minutes four minutes to go very nice had a boy john all the way down on that squad for me please area gal beautiful yeah for and to who's going to finish I think you guys have a good shot at this who's going to finish at the ten minute clock who's gonna finish we've got rick back they're going for it seven minutes guys three minutes to go that a boy rick here we go stay tall heels and punch watch the box two feet on the box stay in control the week got rick on the final stretch here hey wade got eight minutes on the clock two minutes to go eight o seven way here we go I shall john you got this thing we got chris on the final stretch here chris you are eight minutes thirty seconds right now we got ninety seconds left on the clock we got john joining you on the final stretch eight minutes forty seconds there we go there we go that a boy way to push for the final stretch sixty five seconds, gentlemen sixty five seconds thirty five seconds nine twenty six come on, john you got this thirty seconds, twenty seconds. Come on, you've got this. Speed it up there we go. Big jump use your arms fifteen seconds, ten seconds. Nine fifty two with the tall docks and the heavyweights gentlemen nice job. He got exactly twenty seconds to get a little sip of water. Take a couple of deep breaths to gain control of your breath. So what I want you guys to think to do to get the heart rate back down a little bit really deep long breath through the nose and super slow exhale through the mouth deep, long breath through the nose super slow, exhale through the mouth and actually feel that heart rates start to calm back down with this is how we recon gain control of our composition and then back out and here's what we're going to do because I think we're closing in on our hour we're going to do one super around for king of the playground king of the hill john john is the winner here's what we're gonna do, we're gonna finish off with a plank off a plank ow ow ow what does that even mean? What does that even mean? So we have that tall and high push up position we're going to go straight to the hardest federation if we wanted to make this easier for online viewers we can simply do it down on our elbows right get ourselves a little closer floor but you guys were going to go straight onto that high push up position with the leading edge of the shoulder sitting right on top of that knuckle we're going to have our feast side by side you're going to squeeze the butt squeeze the trunk shoulders back head to a nice good position and you guys are gonna hang out there until there's one man standing or planking one man planking you guys ready for this? You demonstrate the perfect I wouldn't love to demonstrate the perfect position so we're gonna have hands down on the floor and here's what I want to do I want fingers always pointing forward right and then just a lock the shoulder and then think about spinning my elbow pits forward but a squeeze and I should be able to drive a very straight line from my head through my ears down through my back hip ankles and then back down through the floor ok gentlemen down on the floor here we go we're gonna go one round king of the playground and three, two, one go looking down looking you lower we need this a little tighter and then squeeze very good so think about pulling that belly button and remember that hollow body position that we talked about yesterday we want them same level of connection we don't want you to disconnect if you disconnect then you're back will start to be a bow but not in a good way so we don't want a soft belly we want a nice stable belly so pull that stomach again are so nice and tie keep your upper back engaged spin the elbow pits forward squeeze your but we're forty five seconds no one's down no one's out yet oh keep your head up chris keep your head up so guys when the head starts the sag that's your body looking for some stability that's your body looking for some stability a sense is that you're starting to get soft that wants you to stay connected so it's going to start doing some crazy things to try and look for it don't let it go there were a one minute fifteen seconds chris is down one twenty one one twenty one I started working for rick and john rick and john one minute thirty seconds head up rick head upjohn keep a neutral they'll start to crane and reach crane and reach we know that body is just getting a little tired corners are getting a little soft where one forty five we are one fifty five way are two minutes you're too low to two o two two o five to ten twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen gentlemen. Very nice job.

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