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Day 4 Warm-up

All right, fellas, I do want to start off by saying you guys have been absolutely amazing when we typically take our athletes through what we call our basics. Course, we definitely try to ease them into the skills that we want to teach so that they can be successful within our classes. And oftentimes what will dio is exactly like a more expanded version of kind of what we did this week. We start with super basic kind of teach you how to navigate your body. This is how you squat. This is how you push this is how you pull, you know, the different shapes that you're actually going to be assuming, and then from there we start toe layer and kind of increase thie colorful nous of the movement's, adding mohr complexity through complexes like we did yesterday or the day before what we start introducing these shapes and kind of combining them into different fashions. So today, what we're going to do is the movements are going toe look fairly the same eye. I wasn't quite sure when I entered upon...

this whether you guys would be kind of revolving on a daily basis or if you guys would kind of stay the same throughout the entire week, and it happened so worked out. That you guys kind of stayed with me through the entire week, so you were able to see these progressions with me and able to evolve through the week, so what we're going to do today is gonna change up the schedule a little bit, make it a little more interesting. I've been hanging out with the production staff downstairs and they've been thoroughly enjoying both participating on some, you know, small level and also kind of watching you guys go through the movement, and instead of practicing, you know, skills that we've already identified and gone through, we're going to introduce something completely new, right? So with that said let's, grab our jump ropes, let's get warmed up first thank you, it's going to be fine, I promise it will be entertaining for somebody. Okay, so everybody face me and let's give each other plenty of elbow room and here's what we're going to do, we've talked about a position all week, guys, this is how we get stacked. This is how we get tall and lined up, we're going to put, you know, feet under the hips, we're going to give that, but a little bit of a tone, we're going to stack our trunk right on top shoulders back and then head to neutral from here, this is our position to get aligned and we're going to start creating little circles with our risk jumping high enough to allow that rope to clear underneath our feet. Once ready three, two, one and go. Excellent! And the goal here is to be nice and quiet. Can I be a ninja? Can I be a cat jumping rope with that sound like right? That was good, and from here we're going to check, keep moving, challenge the rhythm a little bit. Can you give me some alternating high knees, alternating high knees? So like your jogging in place and you're not movie? You're going to keep that hip right over the feet. Don't lean, you will start to run, we call that post running, so to stay in place, we just keep the hips right over the feet and now, back to center, two feet back on the floor, jump, jump, jump, good job keeping the rhythm, john let's go heels, too, but so we're gonna kiss the heels cheer, but alternating these alternating knees way go and all we're doing here is keeping the brain occupied and trying to challenge you guys through different layers of complexity. Now back to center we're going to switch it up one more time and we're familiar with this movement for online audience where you may be just joining us for dead a this next movements going to be called a double under we're simply going to try and pass that rope underneath your feet twice with every turn jump a little higher there you go start spinning that rope a little quicker think about bringing it through feeling that rope pull underneath your feet keep going keep going keep going and then bring it back to center and start finding your rhythm with the singles again and we're going to wrap it up with another ten seconds of jumping and time all right guys let's go ahead and put her jump ropes down to the side okay everybody let's get your little space we're going to start to warm up the hips a little bit so we're gonna talk about that air squad again sophie shoulder width apart we know our toes they're going to be rotated out about five to twenty degrees from here we're just going to think about opening the hip keeping that chest nice and stacked we're gonna lower hips to sit back, reach your arms ford for a little bit of counter balance and think about sitting down into a nice low chair or maybe that twelve inch box behind you hip crease into below the knees how does that feel and then go ahead and stand straight back up let's do that again down and up, down and up that's three keep going till you hit fifteen ready go good chess nice and tall no change in shape in the back. Good once you're done with fifteen, stay in the bottom of the hole for me. Good. Stay down there. It does kind of suck being the first one, I'm gonna tell you that. Okay? So we're down in the hole now we're going to do is we take those elbows I wanted to jam him out against your knee. You should be able to kind of sit into your hips a little bit more unrest, take your hands, smash into the together, created jack to jack the knees open and feel a little stretch on the inside of your hip motion is good guys moving around a little bit has still tall, nothing changes you should be able to be relaxed. We should be able to hang out here and have a full conversation. Um I go I want you to try and push your knees into your elbows to try and collapse the knees but you're not gonna allow that to happen ready go push, push hard, push harder and then relax and then see if you can let that hip open and sink open a little bit more did that work if that didn't work let's try again ready push knees into the elbows knees into the elbows and relax and just tryto jack that hip open a little bit more came one more time ready push, push, push, push, push push and then opened up a little bit more like what is going on here? All right, relax and slowly stand all right, now we're gonna make this squad a little bit harder here's what? We're going to d'oh take your hands take your fingers interlaced them behind your head elbows pointing out so trust is now nice and tall from here we're still in our squat stance feet out five to twenty degrees and we're going to simply again open up those knees and you guys were going to sit straight down without letting yourselves fold or look like you're getting into some kind of weird shape ready go let's go fifteen squats chest tall chest tall god and what we're doing here is they're simply locking your shoulders and chest in so we're forcing you guys to have to remain a little bit more upright. This is how we simulate a front squat in our classes, which increases the demand for the true torso to stay upright and therefore will increase the difficulty of your actual squat below fifteen fifteen and once you're done, stay tall for this one good okay, the last one guys here's what we're going to do now you're going to take your hands and you're simply going toe put one behind your ear take the other one behind your ear grab your thumb and now lock your elbows out and from here find your squats dance you guys know I'm about to go with this and from here we're going to open our our knees this increases the demand of the torso even mohr forces of stay super stacked and upright and without changing we're simply going to open our knees and again let's sit straight down right and up that's jew and up let's keep going let's get fifteen three and once you're done with fifteen guys just stay standing for me explain knees driven out chest tall keep those arms behind your ears. This is our simulation for what we call an overhead squats wait still in your feet don't let the feet start to do weird things. Question yes so I noticed, uh, unformed, you tend to have a pretty wide sort of not so much your stance, but your niece tend to come out pretty wide. Yes, I was always under the assumption that your knees should be in a straight line with your toes when you swat but it looks like it might be coming out is that was I've wrong to think that no, not at all that's actually a great question. So in the style of squat that we teach, we actually want the need to either stay over the foot, which is neutral, right? That's good, or we actually prefer a little bit me going outside of the foot, and that creates a little bit of what we call external rotation at the level of your hip. And if you can imagine, as the hip kind of as the knee kind of opens up, what really happens is that spin creates a little bit of stability, which, if we're for an air squad, no big deal, right? But if we're talking about now, we're into the world of strength and conditioning where the athletes demands are being able to squat in support, one hundred pounds, two hundred pounds, three hundred pounds, that stability is going toe land to better trunk, that stability in the hip is going to lead to better trunk integrity is going to lead to better shoulder integrity and it's going to allow the athlete to stay safe under heavier weight. So foreign air squat, maybe not a big deal, but we're always talking about primary and grooving, good movement patterns and so in our world. What we want to do is want to coach that knee out position so that when we do get them underneath the bar bell and ready to squat some weight that their body is primed for the rhythm answer your question that every question that's a really good observation, by the way, any other questions? No. All right, so yesterday we talked about america's favorite exercise what was that? I think the baby thie baby maker the burpee so let's do this. We're going to put our hands down. We're gonna treat the cells little progression so hands are going to go down on the floor right underneath the shoulders, right shoulder leading edge of the shoulder is going to be right over that knuckle we're going to jump our feet out to high plank position do a push up jump are feeding jump our hands up in the air ready go down, out push up and and up good let's do ten that's ready, go down, out push up in and up, down, out today's warmup definitely little more dynamic thing that it's our fourth day. Want to get you guys warmed up? Want to get you guys moving excellent god, and then on the tenth one, stay down in that high plank push up position for me, all right, my shell chris and down that's that's perfect that's perfect okay hi plank position everybody take your right leg put it right outside your right hand so right foot too right hand can you get to that shape good. All right from here you're going to drive that write me out a little bit right and just try to find a little corner that might be tight and I want you guys to rotate around that corner a little bit keep that back leg straight if you can try to drop the hip closer to the floor good now switch sides opened up that me out can you find a tight corner try to sit into it good left like backs which to write like again good left like backs which backed right like back switch back to left like again this is called a mountain climber let's go ahead and get twenty we're going alternate nice and quick try to keep the hips as quiet as you can ready try to get feet flat on the floor and we're just trying to increase range right get the hips moving a little bit hips warmed up can you make it more dynamic can use jump side to side jump side to side there you joke to get on the floor right left right and I think I'm going left right I know my rights and left promise guys good switch switch switch all right are we starting to feel a little warm guys little bit excellent ok, check this out so our skill practice portion today was going to be the double wonders you guys have seen it almost everything day two so instead of reviewing the skill of the double under which we did today in the warm up we're actually going to do is we're going to practice some body weight movement in the form of a tripod have you guys done tripods before excellent grades? This is going to provide a lot of ah entertainment value either for yourselves or for others viewing and so the idea here behind the tripod we just want to introduce some new movement have some fun it's our last day in the sun is out, which is beautiful is the idea that we're going to flip ourselves on our head being supported evenly between the head and the poems of our hands. From here, we're going to simply lift our center of mass and start to rotate it over our basis support, which is this little triangle that we've created between our head and hands and we're going to just try and play around with some different maneuvers to balance in that shape, all right? So what you're going to do is I'm gonna put my head on ann admit you could put on the floor is just a little dirty doesn't really matter for the viewers at home, something soft against the noggin works really well so you don't you're not sitting there thinking about the pressure on your head so maybe a pillow maybe a folded up sweat sure it all ends up working pretty well I'm gonna put the crown on my head right here right on top of the atm at my hands are going to be in this triangle shape I should be able to you see it with my eyes right? And from these three points right here I'm going to see if I can just simply start to put my knees on my elbows how does that look right? Can I feel the way even between my three points? How does that look? Let's try that out, guys. Yeah, really on dh let's hey, chris let's have you take this one and I'll have the guys down there that way if you guys do some more salt and roll here's the exit strategy for this movement is if you guys get a little excited with it and you start to put the hips over the head you guys will do ah, roll forward out of it. Just think about tucking your chin so chin to chest and let yourself follow through don't overcorrect let the body go whichever direction it wants to, ok let's, try it out, guys yeah, just a little squat just put your head down first yeah and put your hands basically next to the corners of the mat right so maybe kind a little bit forward a little bit more with your neck no no towards me no towards me so don't put your head put your weight like right here you go that way you're not putting a hinge in your neck and then loading it I am ready are you ready for this? There is no spot and then come on down come out perfect so so don't try to kick up right away try to put one me up on the forearm elbow so put your head down you know put one knee up and then put the other neo rest journey right here now rest your other knee up what does that look like? Can you do that? Abs nice and tight there you go. Well, well he's going oh no he's not he's going back where should the majority of our weight be head in hand so one third one third one third even because if you're too far if you end up being too far on your head and once you start to move your hip, you might build some momentum and just roll forward if you're too far on your hands, you're actually going to feel that you can actually pick your knees up off your elbows, which is going to be our next step. All right, so so, chris, what was your question? So I can get up on my head but my elbows aren't on my knees. Is that wrong? If I can't get up on my head, can you say that so I could get up on my hands? But when I dio high elbows are solmonese, you try to rest that's that's the easiest way. So we treat this as a progression if you can go straight up into aa tripod headstand which is kind of where we're ultimately going to try and go with you guys today, then that's great, but being able to keep that circuit clothes and having the elbow rest of having the knees rest on your elbows just gives you kind of a safe place to be ableto this is where my weight balance should be. This is how it should feel. And then from there, we can start to make it a little more difficult. Ok, that makes sense. Yeah, maybe maybe it makes sense. We'll find out. Should be it should be very easy. You can. You should be able to hang out there like the bottom your squad, okay, guys, let's, try that again, go ahead. Now if you have the ability to put your knees on your hand elbows there we go good job good job that's how it works can you pick me off can you pick one me off good now put the knee down reset it can you pick the other knee off good reset it can you pick in both knees off oh yeah yeah we got it there you go there we go keep it tight now can you extend the legs extend the legs yeah that's great that will that skill practice right there excellent and so guys check this out can you stay there for one second notice that if I put a dropped a straight line from his feet down is should be resting comfortably in the middle of his triangle right so he's actually a little bit of ah leaning a tower right there versus a very straight line because it is what legs are too straight and we start to stack his legs over his hips over his head where is most of his weight at the edge of his base of support right and that's going to cause him tio do a somersault enroll forward right so we want actually the feet to drop a straight line into the middle of the triangle that's how we keep the entire mass balanced all right let's try that again that was good that you're doing great some results that's fantastic right exactly that was a very impressive good job oh, ok we're there and now can you tuck your knees down to the chest and then extend your legs straight up? Can you do that again? Oh, yeah there we go tuck your knees to your chest nice job extend straight up well let's just try and get you onto your elbows and balance and hover there yeah, but when I get out my knees like it's not comfortable on your elbows yeah so let's try that we might just have to that might just be kind of where you hang out and that's ok let's see what's happening here okay can you put your hands a little bit lower ban them give yourself a big triangle the bigger your triangle is the bigger your basis right and your head is going to be right here there we go that's right that we're gonna give you a lot of space in here good, good good come on don't don't extend the likes yet just just hover there feel what that feels like good. Now come down good come up hopes come on up and come on down so what you want to try and do is never rushed the progression right it's like building a foundation for something you need that foundation to be very full, very comfortable, very solid and then once you no once you own that level well skilled then you can start to apply another layer on top of it all right, so let's try that one more time that was good, good good there you go perfect and come on down and so that's where you would play and for viewers at home a lot of you guys are probably going to be at that level is well that's where you're going to play until you can get to that point and you know you own it when you can come in and out of it ten times without rolling over without rolling forward up and down ten times and then you'll also know you own it when you're no longer sitting there shaking right like a scared little chihuahua right when we're no longer at that level that's when we know we we've owned the skill guys how was that it's okay, something little bit different let's try that one more time and I'm gonna give you something else to play around with okay? So extend up now instead of tucking your knees back down can you do what we call a pike so you're going to just yeah, he knows what a pike is look, I think he's a cheater guys oh and then back up well there you go that was really good, so if you're ready for a pike, what you're going to do is you're going to keep that leg that body straight, and then you're simply going to hinge at the hips, let your legs come as low as possible, and then try to return that back up to that standing position where you go. There you go. There you go and up, we're gonna do that one more time, and then let's, move on, good folded, the hips, hinge and change, and we went down. That's, good that's, good that's, good that's, good. All right, guys, let's, come on out of there! Let's, put the ad mats out to the side. Very nice work. Very nice, rick.

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