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Day 4 Workout

Ok so for today's workout model we're going to change up the way in which we run our movements through we're going to do something that you guys might know as interval training the intervals we're going to be sixty seconds long broken up into forty five seconds of work to fifteen seconds of rest and that fifteen seconds guys when you're working hard breathing hard is actually going to go rather quick so really it's just enough time for you guys to move and get ready for the next movement we're going to put ourselves through five movements here the first movement we're going to go through is called the burpee the second movement we're going to go through is called the box jump the third movement we're going to go through is something new and it's called a thruster which is simply a piece of that woman maker we did yesterday and the final piece is actually going to be a double under or if you don't have doubles or is going to sit there and spin some singles and then you guys will get the...

full one minute to rest and we're going to repeat that for four rounds around five four rounds while four rounds of four movements right four rounds of four movements with a one minute rest in between so we need to actually talk about thruster real quick everybody if you can grab a pair of dumbbells for me why stop now all right. Okay guys, everybody take your dumbbells, place the head of it on your shoulder find that squad stands we warmed up so well this morning fii shoulder width apart toast turned out fighter twenty degrees and from here what we're going to do is we're going to sit to the bottom are front squat and in one motion come through our front squat and also follow through with the press overhead that arm should end up behind your ears above your shoulders ready and go sit down and up and punch that's one with you for more just for good measure sip crease bolognese up and punch good all right and stop let's build our stations guys, everybody needs a box everybody needs their pair of dumbbells everybody needs a jump rope and everyone needs a good amount of space and I think if we stagger you guys today, that would actually work out really well one athlete on the edge one athlete in the back right here one athlete in the front right here perfect and then guys, the mats are a little slick. So please be situationally aware when you guys were jumping on and off that you guys don't catch the lip and slip that would be bad that way to end it a very wonderful four days quick question about the thruster question about the thruster when you're coming back down, you're up here. Yeah, do you bring it? Bring the weight down first or do you come down with the way so yes, yes and yes. So what you want to do is think about how do I smoothed the edges out so up overhead I'm going to start tio fold at the shoulder fold at the elbow and as soon as it touches my shoulder I'm going to start to sit down with it. So think about absorbing the way back down way good let's see if I can navigate my watch you keep going for forty five seconds oh yes so let's return let's repeat that one more time. So we have sixty second rounds coming up for forty five seconds until you hear me say stop, you're going to just keep prepping out the movement one movement, one movement, one movement. So the first movement is what will we repeat this burpee's second movement is what box jumps third movement is what thrusters and fourth movement is double under so let play this out we're going to go three, two, one go everyone's going to start to burpee and you're just going to keep working what feels like forever, right? And then I'll say three to one in time and then you're going to get fifteen seconds to get ready for your box jumps I'm gonna say three to one and go and then your box jumps will start for forty five seconds what I challenge you guys to do is to keep track of the total number of repetitions across all four rounds keep track of the total number of repetitions across for all four rounds and if you guys don't know little secret is just to make it up all right um any questions? All right? I'm going to call out the movement so we all stay on the same pace burpees our first guys in three two one and go excellent try to have the elbows going backwards guys was the shoulder into a nicer position excellent and of course check my fist underneath your chest you should be thinking about tagging my fist with every single rep and three, two one and time fifteen seconds to get ready guys for your box jumps and again two feet on the box she land soft like a cat and then step and or jump down three to one and go well a soft landing on top soft landing on top good and we are into our day for you guys were looking extremely strong for the viewers at home that are joining us on our fourth day maybe you're a little bit toasted maybe you're a little bit sore um a good way to start scaling this movement is simply step up because what do we care about? We care about the hips opening fully on top of the box the hips and knees fully on top of the box so if you we need to scale this down by simply alternating our legs in doing step ups that's a completely completely acceptable of time generation okay, next movement coming up our our thruster so dumbbells ready and three, two, one and go hey chris bolognese all the way down to our low stool knees out and open we don't want the needs to have the wallabies excellent guys good we want long tall extended arms over her head keep movin gentlemen and two one in time and now double lenders coming up if you don't have double unders you've got a couple options it's either forty five seconds for you guys to practice your rhythm or it's forty five seconds to go have some active recovery and you could just spend some singles to one and go good think about being quiet shoulders back feet under the hips abs a little bit toned and squeeze allows for a smoother transfer of the robe underneath your feet well, nice job, chris good after good effort and time time we get a full minute all fullman off one minute off get some water remember to get your breath get your breath under control get your heart rate under control nice deep breath through the nose out through the mouth of interval training we do a workout model often called death by x y z I know it sounds horrible death by something and it's the basically the same concept we have a sixty second interval at play and with each interval let's say we wanted to do a workout called death by burr bees right is that so horrible death by burpees so on the first minute what would happen is you would do one burpee and then you get the full fifty five seconds to rest in the second minute you do two burpees and then you get the full fifty you know fifty seconds to rest so on and so forth and you just keep tacking on an extra burpee we're about to go again ready three two one go speaking of barbies and go here we go I'll continue my story on your break my job to keep you guys entertained and distracted yes three two one and time boxes ready boxes ready and three two one and go excellent pips open on top the box two feet landing three two one and time fifteen seconds dumbbells ready thrusters air coming up doing good guys and three two one and go think about being smooth and controlled hips all the way down you don't have to be fast just have to be smooth I shall guys stay in the feet way towards the heels feet flat on the floor and three two one time ropes up and ready and three two one go abs tight I put a little bit tones they call and time one minute off one minute off one minute off way air doing four rounds four rounds were bottom of two top of three so the secret to the death by workouts is the ideas athletes want to try and accumulate as much total volume within these circuits as possible or within the sixty second circuit is possible in the secret to a lasting is not going going out all out within the first few rounds right you have to be able to keep that heart rate under control if you can keep your heart rate under control can keep your breathing under control you last through these intervals much better wait ok coming back to the top and fifteen seconds of round three birthday is coming up birthday is coming up and three two one and go but elbows pointing back chest the deck way have five seconds and time boxes ready blocs jumps are next and three two one and go good open up tall again be smooth slow down don't stop the smooth slow down but don't stop good to feet landing on the box full feed on and three two one and time dumbbells up thrusters are next and three two one and go cool and nice and smooth gentlemen you guys look great just keep breathing find a good rhythm with your breath find a good rhythm with your speed nice job gentlemen way got five seconds left in three two one and time fifteen seconds ropes up ropes up and three two one very nice gentleman twenty seconds left fifteen seconds left ten seconds left and three two one time and it's everybody's birthday we're going to call it at three rounds see isn't it way more exciting when I don't tell you and then suddenly it's just over oh yeah we can not when the cameras go off we can all cheer you on through one more plus as many bonus rounds as you like guys get some water very nice work very nice work let's put the boxes off to the side. I do want to make sure we get through one more piece before we wrap it up for this morning. Chris how many reps did you get that's a great question, dan your question uh I don't really know. I definitely downgraded from my first uh sad which was twenty on the box and I don't know maybe like twelve, ten or twelve on the burmese and then the thrusters were about the same many he did many, many, many except we didn't puke so that's pretty good that's good this is a tough model to run movements through interval training is really tough I did at least eight burpees and twelve thrusters and probably like twenty of the other thing and jumped a lot around I think that's that's his job I think I was like around twelve burpees maybe fifteen box johns maybe seventeen bucks thompson similar kind of number for for the thrusters way experience that a lot with our own athletes were like how many did you do? I don't know I did all of them I did it all it all okay guys couple depress into the nose out through the mouth one of the heart rate to settle and then we're going to get you guys flat on your backs for the last portion here again, if you do need an ad, matt or I'm sorry if you do need a yoga mat to kind of layer the floor, put some put something clean down, please grab one and do so all right, here we go. Okay, so this last piece we're going to build something called a v up we're going to build a v up and what does that mean? That means we are going to take your body and go through rhythm where we want you to fold up at your lower body and fold up at your upper body and then you're going toe fulcrum right at the hip and look like a pike in the middle. So the way that's gonna happen? Everybody lied down on your back, please. We're going to squeeze the but a little bit absolutely bit tone from here. Everyone's going to put their arms over their ears, right? And just like the ad, matt sit ups that we did on day one I want you to sit up and reach toward your toes. Let's give me eight wraps ready? Go good. Sit up and reach toward your toes and because you guys are beautiful ballerina knows we're gonna point our toes good. And then once you're done with, they just stay laying down on the floor. Excellent aps type but a little tone. Now go ahead, point your toes and bring your toes and legs of ninety degrees to torso already go like raises as the's air called and let's do eight good and once you're done what they just they laying down on the floor and this is where the fun comes. Can you match the two together and perform a v up in the middle, match the two together and perform a v up in the middle of fluid, thank you, I'm a cheater of many years, hours of practice, let's, try that out, ready match that up shoulders tryto overdo it at first and you're going to either like sit up straight on your butt and your legs or you're gonna fall back on your shoulders and then try to temper it back a little and just try to find that perfect balance once you're done with eight try to get the shoulders and the legs both off the floor at the same time and then relax you know what the secret to coaching is being able to do it really well like just once then you stop alright guys let's do that again ready laying down straight like sit ups reach your arms past your toes ready and up good chris, keep the lights down we're just going to straight like sit ups real quick so just reach up and set up pastor toast I am there let's just do five of those we're going to rebuild that progression him five so he matches you guys you guys ate good and now straight leg raises up for eight ready, go good keep the low back on the floor trying not to let your belly for belize doing some kind of weird shakira dance you guys are breaking at the back keep that down good and once you're done with eight let's, try to match the two together again the ups for eight ready go I have one more secret. I've got a lot of secrets today, guys, the secret to success is ice coffee there. I said it, it's iced coffee, that's, the secret to success. If you have a nice coffee every morning, you're going to be much more successful than if you did it. All right, gentlemen, thank you guys so much.

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