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Lesson 13/26 - Day 1 Wrap-Up


Stress-Free Budget Travel


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Day 1 Wrap-Up

One thing we can never fix on creative life is the time it always beats us at the end of the day, so we really apologize that we will actually hear from our students in the morning to get some comments from them. Thank you to all of our online audience have joined us today, it's been really great where you are, the reason that we're here, of course, thank you for all your comments. I don't think I've seen the chapmans quite so busy and quite sometimes it's really great to see how you, how you think asians, matt, to say we didn't get too many questions, but we will be sharing with all of them with that after the show, he will have a chance to review them, and if he can't answer them online, perhaps he will. But let's also say a huge thank you to our students have been wonderful today really appreciate having all of them here. Thank you, elisa. Thank you, josh. Thank you, rachel. Krista. Madeleine. Thank you, jay. Thank you, jay. Thank you, andrew. And thank you, sam. Thank you. Also, gr...

ace was with us earlier. She's going back tomorrow. You've been fantastic really appreciate you being here if you'd like to be on all from row after creative life just go to our website creative life dot com slash front row and apply to be a student take a look at the calendar of all the shows that are coming up because there's a wealth of different subjects I'm sure would be something you'd like to join us in it's great fun to be here we feed you really well we'd love to see you here in the studio, so check that out our front row and see if you can join us in the future absolutely and we've had some fantastic guests here today we've had candice roden, dave dean, david lee alison and don and lauren relief earlier today and that was just fantastic so on definitely another round of applause for them is one of two to and I know that you covered what we're going to get into tomorrow, but I know some of that has to do with living and working overseas tees and you also have some guests that were coming on. Can you be a little more specific about about that? Yeah, so you know we'll cover it sort of the day today of life on the road, but we also talked about working overseas and living overseas because, you know, if you can, a lot of people get discouraged, but oh, I can't say this money I can't go but there's so many opportunities to live and work overseas that you can use to fund future travels. I really want to dive deeply into and we're gonna have guess talking real career breaks and working remotely, as well as just finding random travel jobs overseas and taxes. Yeah, if it's anything like today, tomorrow is going to be something that I want to share. One very special comment with you met lance man says that's walking the walk. I've been following max blawg and find him very inspirational. It's neat to see him in person too. This is also my first visit to creative life. Welcome spent the whole afternoon here actually working on booking my own trip to thailand and matt's block has been helpful and planning our visit. So kudos for that. Uh oh, yeah, thank you. We appreciate it. Thank you. Lots and that's. Very inspirational for us as well. All this effort today is to say a huge global creative live around reports for a wonderful instructor today, mac. Tetanus. Thank you. As always, the jamboree will see you back joins tomorrow at eight. Fifty a. M for something very special. Before we go live at nine am, our students are going to be rocking it we'll see you then, same time, same place.

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Are you ready to make your travel dreams an attainable, inexpensive reality? Join professional traveler Matt Kepnes for a two-day introduction to the entire trip planning process, from booking your flight to wandering the streets of your desired destination.

Matt will guide you through every step in planning a successful journey, whether you plan to be gone for two weeks, two months, or two years. You’ll learn how to save money while you’re traveling by budgeting, planning ahead, and taking advantage of rewards programs. Matt will also cover basic safety tips and troubleshooting techniques for unexpected events, so you’ll be able to travel safely and with confidence.

Whether you are a weekend escape artist, business traveler, or you are ready to book a year-long trip around the world, this course will give you the tools to plan for any jetsetting adventure — without breaking the bank or losing your mind.