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Day 2 Pre-Show

Welcome everybody welcome back to creative life and welcome to stress free budget travel with matt katniss on day two this is summery milking it and this is john kennedy o'connor otherwise known as j k on on where your host for this second day of this two part show where he had a wonderful day yesterday we learned that a lot about travel about how to make it happen how to make your dreams come true now I am something of a world traveler john marie's been into quite a few places and she's got some really big travel ambitions coming up because you according to get to which the u s that's mine that's at the top of the bucket lists and tested and you will fledged by monkeys in costa rica I was assaulted by a true I've solved about there's no monkeys here today except us oh but you're very very welcome on we'd love to hear from you. Of course the wonderful thing about creative life is it's completely live so you have the opportunity to shape today show get into those chat rooms start sharin...

g your comments, start showing your questions and then you have an opportunity to contribute to what we're doing on air also make sure of course that you can see it and you can hear us and then we know that everything is working fine and in just a few seconds shammari work the jamboree will give you a shout out celebs anywhere in the world you're joining us from and in addition to all of you out there, we have our fabulous front row, our in studio audience and students so we want to let you get to know them and we're going to start with a list so just let us know your name where we can find you online on dh then we've been inspired to travel over the past couple of the past got it feels longer than a day here just yeah, but I don't know if you're a blogger or not but if you were and you were tohave a block about your travels what would you name it? Well, my name is elissa, so I would probably call it something like the adventures of elissa thank you but I really don't keep a block right now I'm so busy when I traveled exploring the place and doing everything there I try not to spend a lot of time on the computer ok? I like the adventures of a list of queen of the desert here's your cold lab partner here. All right, jake, let us know your name where you know where we can find you online and what's your blood called my name's jake miller I don't have a blogged, but if I were to have won I would probably colleague cryptic wanderer oh that's would want tio sounds very cryptic in itself okay jay my j rosenquist I don't have a block but last night driving home I thought about it might be fun tow start writing some travel stuff and I think I just call it jay's travel tips that's good to know I would read that I think it's wonderful that people are being inspired by what that's sharing with us today and yesterday as well so welcome back thank you hi krista is my name I think I'm with the list on the category of rather be traveling than blogging but my friend's gotta block it's called sarcasm and sunshine which I thought was just perfect but he's already taken it so I guess I just can't block now sunshine with sarcasm ok, we could push it up way welcome back welcome back all right I'm andrea find me online at about dot me slash andrew magee and I don't have a travel blawg but if I did I would call it techno culture travel culture and so you really interested in the technical aspect that was showing with yesterday? We had a lot of questions about that actually, you know, well, my ipad work in thailand will well, you know, I get connected and connectivity is something that we're doing when we travel, isn't it? Well, welcome back and really great to see you again, right? Sam hi, I'm sam, I don't have a travel blogger right now per se uh usually is right about sports, but if I were to write a travel blood, maybe home is where the food is came to me. You're planning on eating your way? We're in the land of duties here in san francisco, you're in good company. Or maybe, you know, joining in different sports as you go around the world, there is some sports, you know, that I played in america that underpaid nowhere else and vice versa. So maybe you could bring some baseball culture to thailand. Who knows? They will definitely a lot of that you're planning on going to silence. Yes. Great. Welcome back. And finally, madeleine, my name is madeleine rosenstein. I have actually started vlog it's called the serendipitous wonder dot wordpress dot com just because all my travels have kind of happened by happenstance, but then always been really amazing. So serendipitous. That's a great name for block two on what's. Um, what's the most serendipitous trip you taken. What took you there with you were never expected to find, I suppose so. Going to university and london I kind of the only reason why applied was because the application was cheaper than the applications for here the tuition and involving, but the application wass got in and went astray because we're talking yes and you you were going to school in my neck of the woods yet in london actually the same place that candace went to I didn't know at the time and candace is one of our guests yesterday. Well, welcome back to all of you. This is our front row today but how this champions doing well, the chat rooms air certainly lighting up I've got an offer already for tips on italy. So thank you, lee, but we have vancouver island. We have some people who are french, but I'm not actually sure where they are. We also have virginia in the house. Yeah, just keep on ah coming in, letting us know what your questions are, where you're joining us from. This is all about that interactivity and that that is what makes us unique here, creative life. Absolutely. We really do appreciate your questions, certainly mats looking forward to all your questions today. Yesterday you were so far ahead of yourself here asking questions about the stuff that we're going to cover today. So we catch all those questions. You had a lot of really great questions about volunteering around the world about how to work around the world and that some of the subjects that match really going to get into today so we're gonna be learning a lot more now there are other ways. I mean, I think eating your way around the world sounds fantastic. I kind of like the idea of sharing different sports because that's a great way to integrate yourself into a local community. And that was saying yesterday, you never be frightened, tio integrate and talk to people. But what about dancing? Well, you know, dance is one of those universal language, is it really is it's about movement. It really embraces the culture and you really get to understand the place and the people by the way they move and how they move. We do now. How do you know where the hell where in the world is, matt? I thought he was right over there. No sound that another man all our that no, this is going that he actually started dancing he's a very bad dancer. Probably as bad as me on he found that was a great way to integrate himself into the look, poor communities when he was traveling and he started videotaping it and he started putting it on youtube and he became something off a star did just by dancing. Wow, can you don't I try? You know, can you d'oh, I'm not really sure. I know a little bit of movement, I think, but, you know, trying to do some of those tied answers or trying to some of the the asian culture dances that might be I've never really pull could in austria never lied under. Neither have tangoed in argentina. Jake is with us today. He's. A bit of a tango expert. What kind of moves can you do? Well, I can dio simple moves, but I love to add embellishments. Ugo ur did an embellishment and absolutely everything. Well, you know what? Summary? You know what might work for our creative, live audience? What way we could do some states waken inspire them? They might appear to be a spy way around the world. Well, why not? Do you think what way? Tracking five, six. Wait, wait one so, after all that excitement, it is now time to get going for day two of stress free budget travel with matt kept this. I know that from the chat rooms yesterday. From all the feedback, twitter was alive yesterday that matt has been a huge hit with the online audience and we really are thrilled to have him here. Matt has a great back story. He actually quit his job and decided I want to fulfill my dream I want to go around the world I want to see all these different cultures and he's done everything he's been scuba diving he's been lost in the australian outback. He got lost in the jungle he's a bit of a card shark and he made a lot of money when he was living in amsterdam. He's a real superstar and we're really thrilled to welcome him back to creative please welcome mat katniss theme you see what was going on there is that you bit of a dancer? You know you didn't don't see a way around the world know that's another matter I have seen I met him in bratislava about and I'm in his video there we will have to check that out and have a fantastic that the other matters from seattle which way based so for us day what was your big takeaway even yesterday? Were you inspired by the inspiration of the audience? Yeah, it was it's always nice teach people in child because they get excited, you know their energy feeds back on you and you realize and remember like, oh, this is why I think this is a great let's go and you've really never regretted the choices that you made you just this is empower june has really inspired you for your life, you never never looked back and I will never look back anyway. Well, now I'm gonna get out of your way. We're excited to get going. Take it, alright, excellent. Thank you.

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