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We've also got some thank you's to responses, matt, I'll let you run through those long planet, which is great because I'm right every guy for a company that wonderful, they are wonderful and cathay pacific coincidently, I am flying on saturday to bangkok, hong kong and great asian airline carrier one invest so thank you for that. Thank you guys, I appreciate it. Thank you for joining us on that competition to both of those companies to really appreciate. And of course, you can go to lonely planet dot com and get a thirty percent discount on all their products through to the end of march. You just need to put in the code creative life other thank you's, of course that's you the creative live audience, we really appreciate you being with us. The chat rooms have been fantastic. We've had over two hundred people on dh, I missed something, checks have over two hundred people. We really appreciate all your comments and the feedback from that we know you've really enjoyed. And don't forget a...

ny of the questions that we didn't get to on air that's going to take a look at when we go off and then he may be out to get to those in his blogged thank you of course to the creative life crew there are so many people who worked so hard to put the shows together not only all of them who worked on the live show to make sure you can see us and make sure you can hear us but there's a great team of people who work for months ahead of time to put together all the content so there is something that you can see and hear there's a great crew of people right here in the studio this amazing people in the booth next door there's a fantastic team off content and producers so thank you to all of them thank you. Of course to all my wonderful co host summary thanks to brian you're right in the back you hear every so often every did a great job we really appreciate it and of course thanks to our wonderful students we really appreciate you all being here it's not easy these chairs are not comfortable ahs a lot of students will tell you in the testing but we really appreciate you being here thank you so much and thank you of course to all our online guess we really do apologize though that we weren't able to get to danny and you see jessica's there just make it up but thank you to all of them who took part in the discussions the last couple of days we really enjoyed having you as our guests but most of all, we have to say, a huge thank you.

Class Description

Are you ready to make your travel dreams an attainable, inexpensive reality? Join professional traveler Matt Kepnes for a two-day introduction to the entire trip planning process, from booking your flight to wandering the streets of your desired destination.

Matt will guide you through every step in planning a successful journey, whether you plan to be gone for two weeks, two months, or two years. You’ll learn how to save money while you’re traveling by budgeting, planning ahead, and taking advantage of rewards programs. Matt will also cover basic safety tips and troubleshooting techniques for unexpected events, so you’ll be able to travel safely and with confidence.

Whether you are a weekend escape artist, business traveler, or you are ready to book a year-long trip around the world, this course will give you the tools to plan for any jetsetting adventure — without breaking the bank or losing your mind.