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I'm I'm going to pick on you first jill because you came from all these big companies and as maybe they started to lou to and it is my case you know I work for a very small company they all work for very small cos I'm guessing the majority of our viewers out there in internet land do as well and so I'd love to hear a little bit about your journey now starting with your first time to start a company right? So I'd like to you're just a little bit of what have you what have you struggled with what's been a surprise for you? What are you still trying to figure out how much time do we have that's what I wanted to hear yeah um you know, it has been, um a struggle in terms of there's so much to dio and everything either requires time or money or both and you know, I knew that I needed to have a web site and, um you know, I didn't wantto I didn't wantto invest a whole lot of money and so I actually threw my network had been introduced to the founders of a new company that just came out of beta...

and they worked with me volunteered there not only their services their time but the platform and got me up and running, you know, a weekend in their conference room white boarding pizza and beers and, you know, they rallied tto help me s so I really didn't have to spend any money on rev one of the website. Um but, you know, I I now need to create my own content, and I'm not actually a writer. I don't enjoy writing it stresses me out. I love that you feel better? Okay? Just yeah, I writing in one hundred forty characters so that's, nice style of writing. Um, yeah, I just, you know, and I'm a sales person. I'm really not a marketer. I know a lot about marketing because my buyer was in marketing for over a decade, so I have that benefit of knowing a ton about marketing, but I'm not a marketer s so it's, you know, piecing together who can help me with content from a writing perspective, then who can help me with graphics? You've got beautiful graphics on your stress feast stress free selling like I imagine you didn't do that yourself. I could do a lot of things I've been doing this a long time, you know, the thing is I listen to you talk about that was so interesting is you no different than a plumber in a lot of ways and that you know that skill, you have that craft you love doing that skill on that craft but then figuring out how to put all the pieces together and business is a real challenge and that's the challenge that that certainly all of you guys faces well, but I will say the one thing that the point I really want to make from what jill talked about so much as is that she built an asset actually, that has really she's been that's been portable, that she's been actually able to take into a whole new career, really, in a lot of ways and that's, really? I think if you take anything from this idea of always be connecting, is that that's what you're really doing that it's kind of like brick by brick, you're building this asset that grows and has more momentum, even though you're in completely different place than what she's talking about in the types of people that she's calling on that concept of building an asset and investing in yourself is really now starting to pay not only in business as you start a business, but also in somebody was willing to build a website for you. Somebody was willing to do other things for you because that's part that network is part of your asset, I'm sure you'll find somebody to write content for you at some point here before too long, and I think that's that's really probably the key distinction yeah it's you know, I think because I've lived with the value system of give to give and always be helping other people and always be connecting them to resource is, you know, in my time of need, people came and I didn't even have to ask like, a lot of times it's like, give, give, give, give and then ask cause you and sales you got to get the order so you give and you give and you give and then you ask for the order, but, you know, I didn't even have to ask because people just came teo chip in, but it is it's very overwhelming it is, you know, getting a standard speaking agreement, getting an invoicing system, being able to accept credit card payment, right? So I decided I would like a fax machine faxes, so yes, well, let me let me switch to help first, because I wanted I wanted to wait spend the limited time we have to really also here a little bit about, you know, you gave a great presentation about using the tool, lincoln, but I'd actually like to dive and say, well, what what people actually do there, that work there, you know, we see this is this big network on I'd actually love to hear, you know, well, let me let me give it a couple parts here because I also want to see if you can answer a test question where I was talking about the various my body yeah in front of live on where I was talking about the very switch network was bigger and I said I bet you coco no the actual statistics so so what is the ranking in terms of let's just use users just years and then I come back to the part of I don't know the exact stack ranking but I believe face because the absolute largest that's what I said I want to say that uh I should really know that I feel bad or prom it's probably twitters and then and then lincoln andi I think that they that's by design like lincoln doesn't matter it doesn't matter to them if they're the largest they want to be bigger but you know they're the professional network or as many of them have much dig deeper layers it's it's very focused on their network I was just curious about that and I think I actually that was my guests of the order as well but all right, so let me go back to that question about what is what people actually do it linked in you know what it is, you know, because they're in tens of thousands of people there now what did they do it z good question way worked really hard you know I think you know I thought that I was really busy before going to link then I'm much busier now you know we you let's go outside of work I mean we all have jobs we you know I'm in social marketing so I've managed social channels for the brand I help the other business units within the company leveraged social networks we have a monetization team that how do we monitor monetize the product we have developers we have way have any software company um you know, I think the most important thing about lincoln and working at lincoln is that is that we live our values you know, we believe that relationships matter and we we echo that through the company you know we are told from day one that you're the cultures the company and one of those key aspects is act like an owner every employee's empowered and if you're not in power you escalate that because no one in the company should feel disempowered uh you know, demand excellence if you're going to do something do it right um you know it's what we call it doing fewer things better you know why try and boil the ocean when you don't have to find this three or four things that are going to have the biggest impact this month quarter whatever the time maybe and execute on those the rest of it who cares wei have ah whole process but let's turn to thanks thanks for that little kid peek inside you know you guys went all go to the headquarters arlington we could probably drive down teo let's do it let's go teo do have cem cem comments for questions really for any of us or we really do sometime have been coming in for either one of you but always curious to know everybody's perspective so this one is just a general question about how do you keep in touch with your network if nurturing relationship is all about personalization, how do you make people feel that you're reaching out to them individually? Do you have a list of high priority people that you contact regularly? So the short answer is you have to reach out to them individually it matters. Uh but yeah, you have to have keep lists. I mean, some of the information you're sharing his very generous nature it's to your ecosystem but you should know who those people are that you want to keep in contact with on defect. I'll let jo go into this because I think that she has done an amazing job in this vein in her career. Yeah, yeah, so you know, as a sales professional I would not lose sight of the fact that I had a quarterly number tio meet and so I every day every deal was my rhythm so yes, I was using social but I would look at my pipeline and I would say every deal in my pipeline where is it? Where are they in the buying process and how can I get them further along in their buying journey? And I would say, is there a piece of content that is relevant to the individual and the stage in the buying process and I would use either email or potentially social to deliver that piece of content to that person so I never lost sight of the fact that my job was to progress and close deals but also on twitter I use a lot of lists building capabilities so I've got a list for women in business women leaders who I look up tio I've got a list for social business experts I have a list for social selling experts and so, you know, there's never there's never a down moment for me anymore, right? I'm I've got everything on my mobile devices I'm that kind of person who's, you know, bumping into you on the sidewalk because I'm tweeting while walking, you know, I'm addicted to learning as well. Do you have a sense of how long sale cycles can be cut with social selling? Yeah, I mean it's all about relationships, so um not just so you can you can start to see if there are relationships that other people have in your sphere of influence right in your network. And you can ask for introductions again. The biggest influence of a sale of someone making a purchase decision is a recommendation. So you want referrals? You want recommendations, and so you use I you know, I think this is just research, right? You're like, if you're a detective, you're trying to figure out like who's connected to whom and what piece of information you can use to build that relationship and establish more trust and accelerate that sale cycle. So you, khun totally shorten and compress the buyers buying process typically by looking for relevant relationships that will help you turn that into revenue. And I would actually just had a thought that you could cut it more than in half. Uh, again, it comes down to relationships. If the person is ready to buy, they have the money in the bank and they say I need something whatever that something is and they start looking for whatever it is that that's the buying process, you can nail that down if they know the right person that get in contact with. In that connection, the relationship matters will buy from them in twenty four hours, we see it all the time. And I think it goes a lot to this trust thing we've been talking about the whole programme is that it speeds that cycle up because there are a lot of the ultimate decision is made because you had the right thing other people talked about you I was able to read this you know specifics of what you're offering me I liked all that and then I knew somebody who knew you I mean it's kind of that all that stuff comes together to either short or make it happen I think is really what happens yeah you actually add so part of what I'm doing as an upfront contract with my new customers is I say look, you know if I do a really great job and I knocked it out of the park would you be willing to write a recommendation for me on my linked in profile and I get that agreement up front so it's not after the fact and those recommendations that I've been getting for the public speaking I've been doing they're cold and you really can do that in many many ways I mean that could just you could be sitting across the table from somebody was getting ready to sign and by your product to say look, we know we're going to do such an incredible job and you're gonna be thrilled with what we agreed upon today so in ninety days I'm gonna come back to you and and we're going to measure those results did you get that result and then I'm going to ask you to introduce me to two other people who need to get that result as well I mean so you can really take that upfront thing a long way free linked in basic nineteen ninety nine a month linked in sales plus forty seven ninety nine a month three options I'm curious what the esteemed expert panel says for all of us are we good with free do we have to go to uh basic at nineteen ninety nine a month? Is that a good investment for all of us tow swallow that pill now you can answer this yeah I'm really curious what you what you always say I let me answer is one I love to hear you guys opinion but knowing these guys this audience that I do very few of them to be to be so I mean the real consideration and any answer is what's your objective what's the best you see every time where you're gonna get the most bang for your buck so that I'll throw that in but then I let you talk about most of you guys talk about you know what are the advantages of that yeah yeah so I'm it really depends on the use case and for me when I was a dell'acqua we used the the mercedes, the ferrari or whatever you want to call it and it was extremely valuable, like it really helped me get my job done when I moved out of that role and eloquent into a new role, and they they took my license away. My company did, and I had to go to free. It was like, no, and I know I bumped into into walls where needed more functionality. So I actually went to the mid range one. But if you're not bumping into walls and you're not hitting limits and you're not, you know you're not. You know, you really have to look at what's your use case scenario. Are your customers there isn't going to help you grow your network on dh that's. How you make the decision to pay or not.

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In a constantly evolving economy, strong, dynamic marketing and sales skills are equally essential. John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing and the upcoming Duct Tape Selling, is ready to equip you with the tools you need to think like a marketer and sell like a superstar.

During this workshop, you’ll learn how to shift your thinking about the relationship between sales and marketing. John will cover ways to leverage customers’ dependence on word-of-mouth, personal recommendations, and internet research when making purchasing decisions. You’ll also learn how to build a competitive edge by positioning yourself and your company as an expert provider of a niche service. John will introduce you to the Sales Hourglass, a tried-and-true sales process that allows you to educate customers more clearly and effectively about your company’s unique offering.

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