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Platform Essentials: Podcasting

Podcasting now here's another one of those things where I have to say let's, not use the p word in this particular case because a lot of people think in terms of podcasts and I don't want to be a podcaster. And what is that? Even and like you told me to create a radio show, I don't get it. All I'm really talking about is another form of content that happens to be in most cases, audio content. Now, here's, why I've been actually podcasting since two thousand five, and it was kind of it was like, right after blogging, it was kind of the new thing it was going to be, you know, the thing everybody jumped on and it was kind of hot for a while and they're kind of died away and, you know, social media became the darling and people were doing more and more in video. Andi, I don't know if you've noticed this or not, but in the last twelve months or so, podcasting is like all the rage again on really big publishers have now jumped onto podcasting, and the reason for that is is it is the most por...

table form of content that is delivered to the most personal device that every single one of us has our mobile device. It's the device that we have you know not not everybody but a large percentage of people have at their bed stand they have in their pockets they never it never leaves their side the two are apple on the iphone actually has the podcasting app now as a default app that you have to take off if you don't want it on there on dh so all of a sudden there are millions and millions of people who can subscribe to audio content that they want to listen to on dh have it downloaded automatically to their personal listening device which we happen to call you know, a mobile device or or a phone and so I think that that is part of the reason that podcasting or producing audio content in in again whatever you call it has really becoming extremely popular again. So what is a podcast? It is essentially audio content some people actually produce video podcast ahs well so obviously that uses a video format but I think most people are finding that that I would say that ninety percent of the of anything because the podcast is a is an audio content um it is people subscribe to the content so once somebody subscribes they're goingto until they unsubscribed there every time you produce a new episode or new form of content you're they're going to get that automatically it is driven by itunes how many of you have itunes accounts every single one of you I'm guessing out there in internet land well, we probably had ninety percent of those hands go oppa's well s o people are already have access to it, they may not know how to find it yet here you may have never listened to a podcast, but the fact that people actually have that form of distribution access to that form of distribution is extremely important on the content is automatically pushed out to subscribers now in terms of why podcast because again I'm guessing your tea and that question up producing you know why you should do it? That it is it gives you the ability to create another form of content. It is extremely portable I have people that tell me all the time that they've never read my block post they don't subscribe to my newsletter, but they've listened my podcast for years because that's just what they do that's how they consume content, they walked the dog there on the treadmill that's just their form of that that's the way that they interact there's some people that that's just their learning style. And so you will find that if you're not producing this kind of content in some ways you're you no longer have access to some percentage of the market which may or may not be significant, you know, for your particular industry, I'm going to give you who was it that said, don't tell anybody I'm gonna give you my dirty little podcast secret right now. Andi. I'm only going to share it with you guys. And the millions of people out there is that one of the things that podcasting does is it turns you into potentially a journalist on what I mean by that is that there are hundreds of people that I have interviewed for my show that if I sent them an email that went something like this, hey, I really like your work. I'll pick somebody. Didn't any of you listen to my podcasts? Where did you find these people? They're so well. All right, so I'll give an example of somebody that was on my show recently. Seth got kind of sad. The name people are pretty, pretty well recognized. Name in the world of writing and author. If I sent seth, go on email and said, hey, seth, I really like your work. I'd love to pick your brain sometime, okay, how fast you think that email will get? You know, thrown in the trash pretty quickly, probably right, because I wouldn't be the first person that wrote that email that day, but if instead I wrote an e mail, which I have done four times now and said, seth, I see you have a new book coming out of love to interview you and share the story of your new book with my audience. Well, that email gets returned in about ten minutes every single time, right? And that was my introduction to somebody who I really wanted to meet, that somebody I wantedto havin my network or somebody that I wanted to be able to say, you know, I had access to if you happen to pick up any of my four books. Seth godin has blurred all four of my books, written a nice endorsement on the jacket of all for my books that started, and I'm not going to say that I'm not going to suggest that just because I interviewed him or just because I sent him that email toe question interview that that all of that happened, but that started the process of a relationship or at least access to somebody that I wanted access to. So I'm going to suggest that every single one of you should consider that idea are there influencers in your industry? And again, you know, this could be go back to you because it's a pretty easy one mean, are there other people that are writing about speaking about talking about recognized experts in the area? You know, of your visit? So not? I'm in, you know, college professor's research folks, people at athletic facilities, I mean, all in most my experience at least have really trouble resisting an email that says interview requests, right? I have a I have a client that produces software for a higher education, andi, they're really client is, you know, that provost and we're starting a podcast where they're going to interview, you know, provost and thought and policy makers in higher education that that they, you know, they wouldn't have any reason to want to talk to a software company necessarily that's in their industry, but those people all want to be interviewed, and so think about it as a really great opportunity to potential to produce good content, but also to be a door opener for some people that you want to meet and network with and build relationships with and get some access to for my content. I wanted to have my my web tv show, so then when I do interviews with other experts on my style in business, and if I could just take out, I can just use the audio, and then we profess it for absolutely yeah, and most of the software let's just you know, they're definitely programs out there let you strip that just the audio portion of it out so you could actually have both there may be some tricks there where, you know, if you reference something and I can't see it doesn't make much sense, but that'll just come over time where you'll just have to keep that in mind, you know, that you're going you're making this for an audience that can't see it a cz well, so yeah, absolutely so that to me would be reason enough to actually start this idea or start down this path of podcasting. So, um the then don't just don't get hung up on you know, I mentioned a name that's important in my industry in my world, okay, these don't have to be people that are necessarily household names or somebody that you know, you you idolize I mean, things could be actually this could be a large perspective client or somebody in your community, you know, that is known is a thought leader and, you know, in all of business or in all of industry and you just want to you want to you want to interview the important people in your town? It does, you can there's a lot of ways to really slice and dice this and it really you know what you sow already mentioned that idea of getting access but it also kind of raises your level of authority because you know, look, look att you know, in my case you know, I was doing interviews with people that I wanted to blur my books people you know, that sort of gave social proof that you know, that I knew those people that I had access to those people and so while it you know, it took a lot of other factors that kind of raised my level of notoriety if you will or authority because of being associate id you know, with people that were already recognized long before you know, I wass so a really important element that I don't think enough people talk about in this idea of podcasting so any questions on that I'm going to go into smaller the technical aspect of question how the pope both guys connect with your website and how it effects the visibility of your side and decide affairs with visibility off your podcast? Um can I answer that with my next few sides because that's exactly where we're headed but great question because now so now we're going to get into I've explained hopefully the rationale for it but now I want to get into a little more of the technical aspects can it be done through logging interview process? And so so it would just be written yeah yes that's another form of content I mean, that wouldn't be considered a podcast I mean that would just be considered a text interview but that's still great content I mean that's a very legitimate way to do a to do a block post and in some cases there are people that I know I sometimes get requests that you know I can't really meet with somebody for a couple weeks or something because I'm traveling a bunch and so I said I'll tell him send me a couple questions and so you know sometimes that can be an easier way to gain access to some people because you know now I can write the answers to those while I'm on a plane or something so that's a great yeah that's a great another form of content so in terms of the podcast journey everything kind of has it's ah it's a little path right there is the editorial consideration mm there is the actual what's the program you know what's the format of it going to be how we're going to produce it how we're gonna publish it and then how we're going to get the word out okay? Those were those were really the elements on and it's not back complicated but there are some technical elements that you'll need to learn and kind of study up on so the editorial standpoint is you know what are you going to follow your monthly themes right that's to me if you've taken that idea of a monthly themed toe heart, why not make your podcast if you're going to do say, a monthly show to begin with, why not make your podcast be on theme you know, for your content calendar what's the style of it going to be there a lot of ways I mean it's just audio content you could put a microphone in front of yourself and go on for twenty minutes, right? I mean that's you know, that's one potential format it doesn't have to be an interview, but but that again that is another format that I think that I think really works particularly for this idea of access on dh then what's ultimate the content going too look like, is it going to be a q and a is there going to be you know, a review of something isn't going to just be a conversation? I know some people that do pretty effective job with having a couple people on and they just, you know, as the moderator, you just sort of fertility facilitated discussion amongst a couple people there so so many ways that you can do this and so if this idea has any appeal like all things, what I'd suggest is you go subscribe to some podcasts and start looking looking, all you have to do is go the itunes store there's, a podcast category, breaks it up into every imaginable category health, cooking, fitness, business, everything you can imagine, you'll find the top shows and every one of those categories. It's a great way to start and salt free. Or I should say, ninety nine percent of it's free and you can actually listen to a couple episodes inside. Oh yeah, I think I want to subscribe to this so what's the programme going to be. So where you going? Tohave. You know the format being a q and a or an interview, how frequently are you going to do it? Or you're gonna have set segments? So I do mind once a week, and mine is straight up interview it lasts for about twenty minutes because I've found that that's, you know, that's what people are on a treadmill, that's walk around the park, you know, that's, a that's, a topic, unless you're really funny that's about all people will listen to our unless you're really doing something very technical, explaining something very technical that they need to sit there and kind of listen, is there trying to figure out how to do something? Is good another thing that again I don't do any segments in other words I start the interview and I end the interview and that's my show but I get interviewed by people all the time that will do a you know, five minutes with john then we're going to talk about you know, whats the cool new tool that I found this week and then we're gonna have you know that we're going to end this with you know, recommendations of five books you should read or something so they actually break it up kind of magazine style and actually have segments so again there is no perfect answer what's what you know what is a four matter of approach that would really serve your needs? I'll go into some of the technical elements although they're not terribly technical you can buy a radio studio if you want you know, for several tens of thousands of dollars I guess for all the equipment but you can get what I have listed here equipment that I use for a couple hundred bucks and you can be in business podcasting the one thing I would splurge on is the microphone on guy use one picture there it's called a blue yet he blue is the name of the company yeti is the model and it is a usb microphone in other words, it plugs into your computer that you have a usb port on dit is a stereo microphone and it just the quality of the sound. I mean, even the best microphones built into your computer or on your ear buds, you know well, will pale in comparison to this, I think it's about two hundred dollars, you see that little attachment on there's something called a pop screen? It actually stops some of the bad noises when you kind of get animated about something and stops, you know, from from spiking. What I do is I use skype for all of my calls, so and I actually use what's called a skype in phone number, so, andi, I'm about to go away from that, but I still had guessed that I would invite that they didn't have skype. They know what skype woz you know, years ago, and so this gave him the ability to call me on it on a ten digit phone number. It's still rang in to skype, so I still could use my tools and my recording, but they if they didn't have skype, I didn't have to worry about that I've experienced of late almost everybody has and uses skype, so and you get a better connection with that there's a little add on I use on the mac called call recorder. And what that does is assumes the call comes in that recorder pops up and it just allows me to record both of our voices right into you right into my computer basically as a digital file on it also allows me to split the tracks, which can be important come editing because, you know, sometimes my guest has really loud for some reason or really low for some reason and so by being able to split the tracks with call recorder, I can then bring it into my editing and level eyes you know the tracks with just because because it split out okay? If you're not a mac person, there is a ad on tio skype called pamela that works about the same way I understand because I'm a mac person I use garage band which comes free with mac and does way more than I can ever make it do or will ever learn how to make it do, but certainly for my podcast thing, it just simplifies the process I dragged the tracks on there already have my opening music I'm a closing music that I happen to use it and then I'm done and it saves it in a format that, uh mp three format that it makes it so that I can use it with my podcast um the version that I see a lot of people use on pc is called audacity an editing virgin that's free on dh then there's one last little one and just make note of this if you're really serious about this one I use some postproduction meaning could have done it in a garage man I've saved it as an mp three and now I use this tool called off phonic that basically just upload the file because after I've recorded what I have is an mp three files just like a song that you might download and listen to on dh that's what's actually people are going to listen to when they subscribe teo the podcast that's what's going to actually be played if somebody goes to itunes is this mp three files right on dh what a phonic does it just takes it and it takes out all the highs and the lows and it takes out some extra hissing and noise and it's again it's a free service on dit just helps it helps really finish the recording off in ways that you probably wouldn't need if you were using mixers and you know all this a lot more equipment but it's just kind of the really inexpensive way for you to get a pretty high quality sounding piece I do I mentioned that I use music on the front end and on the back end I think that again if you think in terms of you know whats amore enjoyable listening thing that you know that having those that music you could get royalty free music, you can buy music that you know, that's ten seconds in length to begin with and ten seconds at the end so there's, lots of options out there for, you know, for having music that goes along with the show terms of now publishing, okay, so we we have we've produced it now, what do we do with it? Right? Because all we have now is an mp three files were actually going to I actually run my podcast as it's, just one of my weekly bog post okay? And the way that I'm able to do that is I actually use a hosting service called lipson on dh this is important component because people are you actually going to be streaming this file so they may go to your website. The reality is, a lot of people will actually get it from itunes, but some people actually come to your website and they will stream this and so most hosting packages don't allow for if you start getting even a couple dozen of subscribers, most hosting packages don't allow that kind of band with meaning that if you've got a podcast, that's forty megabytes and hundreds of people are downloading that that all counts against most of your typical hosting band with and so by using a service like a limp stian lipson for five or ten dollars a month, you don't have to really worry about that. And it's very reliable for streaming the audio a zay said, I'll show you a picture of how I do it, but I actually display my podcast just in line with my block post, and I use a wordpress plugin called power press, and I would recommend that if you're going to do this, that you use that plug in because what it does is so this happens to be my my last block post creating audio authority one interview at a time on dh this is just this is the very top of my block post, so if you were if you saw the whole picture, you scroll down, I write about the interview and what we talked about and, you know, show notes of things that links that might have been important that we talked about, but what that power press does it, it actually creates this place. So I take my mp three the link to my mp three file, which is now open lips and is hosting it for me on I just put this in my into the word press into the power press actually plug in, and it actually builds this player for me and allows people to come there and listen to this right there on my side. So and that it automatically sends it automatically notifies itunes that I have a new podcast available so my I've already set up by my itunes account of course that's a component of it but it now actually runs that for me in terms of distribution itunes is it? I mean it is you have to submit you have to follow the process and that's in your show notes are not your show notes but your syllabus that you have to follow the process to get your show into registered and set up on itunes on the other one that I would really tell you to pay attention to that's really growing is something called stitcher on that is just another app that happens to be really popular and so you want to make sure that you get in there directories well there's a good chance they'll find your show if it's if you're getting any kind of listenership at all but you want you want a network and spread the word so if there are other if you find in your industry there are other people podcasting consider a couple of them as a guest potential guests down the road at some point because if they're if they really are talking about and things that are relevant to your industry that's a great way to actually get start getting some more people to notice your show by networking with some other bloggers or some other podcasters you're a couple websites that I would tell you if this topic interest you at all. Cliff rated. Ravens craft podcast answer. Man. He might have actually done a creative life show now that I think about it, but I could be mistaken. Um, pat flynn, who I know has been on the creative live stage, is a great wealth of resource resource for podcasting, and then john lee duma's actually has, of course, on podcasting as well. Entrepreneurs on fire is his website.

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