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Top 4 Networks to Mine

So google plus, in terms of best practices for google plus, you know, they give you an incredible opportunity to build a very rich profile and that's true, really, of all of these networks with the exception say, of twitter, where you have a very limited kind of bio, you know, x amount of characters that you khun say who you are and have a link back to your website, but google plus gives you the ability to tell basically, your entire story if you want, if you're a local business, you actually can can create what's called a local page a google plus local page, which really is what shows up when people search in google maps, right? I'm out here in san francisco looking for a restaurant, and so I pull up my google maps and I search for a restaurant, and they the google plus local pages are what are showing up in the results for that kind of search on a mobile. So if you are a local business again, this business like mine where I'm trying to track maybe people around the world is not so im...

portant. But if if you are trying to attract people in your community, you need to look into claiming your google plus local used to be called places. Page, but when they created a lot of people that's what it's really confusing issue? Because a lot of people built places pages, maybe years ago on google just kind of said, and we're not sure we're going to do with those, but now they're in google plus and see if you can find it on dit, you know, wasn't very elegant transition, but just I was used this as a verb just google, google plus local places pages, and you'll see lots of information on how to actually find and claim yours or build yours if you haven't done it today, the plus one button is google's currency it's there like it's there tweet, if you will and this is really just going, this is going to go into the opinion category. A lot of the value I see in google plus and participating in google plus has to do with the fact that it's owned by google, right, it's, run by google and even two, even though they will deny it flatly that it's not going to influence your participation in google plus is not going to influence you know what? What goes on in search? I can show evidence, you know, time and time again where something that I actually put in google plus it might have been a vlog posting mind that I wanted to share in google plus because I wanted people that follow me there that have me in circles that's their terminology on google, plus khun see that content and hopefully click over to my block post, right? And then a day or two later, I'll do a search and I'll find them I google plus status update showing up third or fourth for the for a result for that title of my balog post, I'll show I'll see that on page one and my block post will be much lower than it. So you know, even though the original content came from my block post, google is choosing to show results out of google plus and aiken again, I can show that time and time again, but the point I'm making is that for those of you there saying all that google plus thing, everybody says it's worthless, you know, it's dead, you know, google is using it as a way to help measure your authority on to rank your content in google searches. I think there's no denying that on dso to some degree, and this is always really tough to some degree, I tell people, build a profile on google plus start posting content to google plus, even if you don't really have any. Reason to or you don't understand this. So how it's going to bring you value? I think it's a piece that they're using in their algorithm for any of your search content, so if you're if you're writing block content anyway and you're going and you want your facebook fans to see and you want to post it on twitter, you just add one more little thing to it and post it on google plus is excuse me as well in terms of actually networking they're one of the things I do like about google plus is this idea of circles that you can build the amount to what really lists right? So you can say I want to put customers in a circle I want competitors in a circle I want to put influencers in a circle I want people that I want a network in a circle so you could have these small circles and what that allows you to do is kind of put blinders on and not if you want to go to google plus and just see what your competitors they're doing on google. Plus you click on that circle and you kind of khun pretty quickly follow in scan and say, ok, I spent my time on google, plus images and videos like on most social networks, quite frankly get the most engagement it's just, you know, I think that's kind of the world we live in today people like visually scan stuff and see if it's interesting before they necessarily read things so sharing those in all the social networks when you comment if you are so so google plus has the ability for you to make a comment on something I mean again, you can go and let's say somehow you're following your circles, you're customers have have put some things on google plus you can actually comment on their content on dh they'll get a notice on that but you can also one of things you can do in google plus that I think it's kind of needed is you can also add anybody's name so let's say you want to point out you want in a comment you want to point out somebody's great other great content that you read you can actually put that person's name in there and that personal get notified you could put a link in their comments and that personal get notified. The last thing I want to talk about with google is I think one of the most or google plus one of the most underrated tools on google plus is something called hangouts on air so a google plus hangout is basically just a video chat currently you can have up to fifteen people on a video chat together and so you know I have people that are using it just for collaboration purposes, you can certainly do it, you know? You could have a we talked about podcasts you could actually interview people and anybody that you invite can get on there and watch it I'm sorry can get on there participate with you, right? So you've got this video chat basically that could turn into a recorded show if you want, but because google owns youtube, they're also able to tightly integrated into youtube so you can actually andi, I've done programs like this before you can actually have a program that you might want a moderate we could do something almost like this believe it or not where we wanted to moderate and have you guys on that participating in that listening to me obviously all virtual we could street bit stream it live to youtube on dh youtube we could also tell youtube or our youtube channel to record it as well. So all of a sudden we've got a video program that people on if we want people on google plus but certainly coop people on youtube could watch live, but we will also get it recorded we could then go back and maybe do some minor edits and all of a sudden we've got a a piece of video content that not only was shown but his archived I think that's really there are so many uses for that again interview somebody influential in your industry have a meeting with a client and you don't have to publicly broadcast these things. But you know what a nice, simple way for you to have a meeting in collaboration that you're both sharing and video and you can capture it on dark I've it and send it to them. You can embed it, you know, somewhere if you want on your website or you can embed it let's say you have a client portal and you wantto you want to capture that and have it so that they could go back and watch it over and over again. I mean there's so many options we could. We could do a whole program, really just on the ways in which you could use google plus hangouts terms of your google plus page. This is just a quick shot of what what it looks like with the graphics. This is your course, your avatar in your head or graphic. There actually is a program. I'll give a plug for creative live programme I noticed in a week or two coming up. On and it's really for creatives on howto had actually make this an element of your business the social media elements that people need in all their various hedda graphics, what the sizes are what the requirements and the specs are so I won't go into necessarily that, but I would I would tell people that certainly are out there listening look that program up because because it is a pretty you want, you want all of these networks to look like your brand right and to represent your brand, and so you don't want them if you don't put anything up here, you get like the default thing and you know what? You know what it says, right? The default things says nobody's home, right? I mean, that just screams that so you want to make sure you're using your brand elements? This is then the profile. This just happens to be the way the page looks right now. But look at all this that I put in here. I mean, is my tagline my introduction, all these blue things, air links back to various things that I want to point out that I'm involved in, you can read more about me here, I mean, so this is just this is free real estate on dh, they let you do a lot with it, so you know, don't what a lot of people do is ago I'm going to sign it for that google plus thing, and they fill out the default kind of form fields and then they call it a day, but you can come back here and edit the heck out of this thing. You can add pictures to it you can just so many things that you can do on you should take advantage of that real estate and that's true, really, of all of of the, uh, the networks. Now, another thing that google does if you have a google plus profile, is they're starting to rank people's content they love authors, and I don't mean by that by somebody who's written a book, I mean that by anybody who produces content, they see they see you as an author, educational content, right? And so what they've started doing is creating these authority profiles, and so this is a search result. When we talked about the total content system yesterday, you remember that? Where were you worried during that part? Well, remind you of it a little later because we'll talk about it again. But this was where you had your monthly themes. That's what I call that the total contents system okay, well, so for a search for a total content system, well, thankfully, because I write about that I did show happen to show up in the google results number one, but what I would really want to point out here is a look at this picture and look at this link back to my google plus profile there also happens to in this case talk about how many circles I'm in at that point, right? So this added data is in here because I have a google plus profile and they see me now as an authority because I've linked my google plus profile to all of the content that I write. So now when I write a block post, my google plus profile gets notified that I wrote that blawg post and so and this is a case by case basis. This won't happen overnight if you do this, but again, put in your notes, look up information on how to create your google authority profile, and once you're content starts showing up, you'll get this added added boost and if we had, if we had a web page access and I could go and do a few more searches, I could show you examples, you know, over and over again, you probably all seen these where people's pictures start showing up here, and maybe you've wondered, how does that happen? You know, why do they get that special treatment? This is a way in which I suggested google is really influencing search results they may still have made the decision that this was the best content to chauffeur total content system so it's not that I gotta hire placement necessarily but if you were to scroll down here and you look at all the other kind of generic results don't you think the one with the picture probably is going to jump out at you a little bit so that's available really to anybody that is blogging and producing content who also has a google plus page this is an example of google plus hang out on air so in this case I had uh there were five of us they were on here andi this is actually streaming straight to youtube att the time so this is a screen grab of the show that streaming straight to youtube you know, with my guests on here and this is actually being this was actually I think this was actually the video afterwards but this was actually recorded live on dh then archived so again, I think that even if you can't find any way to necessarily get a lot of value out of google plus as a network itself I think this particular aspect is worth it. Do you have a tool that you used to automatically aggregate all your social your post teo all your social media platforms I do on and automatically wouldn't be the exact word I would use but to actually be more efficient okay about it, and we're gonna talk about that. Okay? Okay. So let's go through the rest of of the network way. Of course, we had some google plus questions come in, and I know that in a previous segment, you mentioned how it was important when you have your own block, because you're sort of in control of that content. Now we had some people asking about that. The content that gets posted this question comes from peggy. What about the issues of posting photos and content to google? Plus two facebook? Now, when you sign up for the services, you are basically signing a contract giving up rights to that? Is that correct? That is a that is a huge hot topic and it's really particularly tough for people who that is their work, that is their product, because, yeah, as we talked about yesterday, you know, if you build your home on facebook's property, they may condemn your home really, any any time that they say, and you, if you read those terms of service, who does that? But if you read the terms of service of all of those, most of the networks basically say that they could do anything they want with it. Now, that doesn't mean you can't continue to use it your own copyright, but they really so you do have to you know, I think you have to make that decision is the exposure is the ability to build your business on those networks worth the fact that you are you know, now essentially giving up some of your rights and and that you know, to some degree that doesn't matter whether you're selling photography or you know, in any you know, use of these networks it's a tough issue and we have another question from jade asking about should you use your personal profile or can you set up a google plus business page? You keep those separate yeah and I didn't actually talk about that so that's a great question I do believe that if you are a local business, you should create a google plus business page again, I fell in that dilemma of, you know, rushing to the new thing there were no business pages for the first time how long it was year so year and a half maybe of google plus on dh. So you know, I'm in that dilemma where I have both from a local business standpoint, I would definitely build your business page and connect it to your places page or google plus local page because that that those are the pages that they're really going to, I think prefer for local search or for mobile search on, but I don't think that it doesn't impact any of you as much as it would certainly like the restaurant or the art gallery you know that you're that you're actually out on your mobile phone looking for one in the neighborhood unnecessarily but but I would go with the business page so twitter again best practices with twitter think about why are you on their what do your objectives to be on there again? I could make a case for people saying do do nothing more than find if your customers are on twitter and make a list of your customers so that is very easy to use a tool like who's sweet and which is the tool that I use now come back and talk a little more about teo just monitor and listen to what your customers and your competitors are saying so that could be a legitimate objective for your participation in twitter but also a another very legitimate one is for new people to find you for you to start finding strategic partners I mean these air legitimate objectives for twitter but instead of building a profile saying now what do I say? I don't have anything to say think about you know why you're actually going to be on there? I already talked about listening, listening listing your customer you know another great thing about twitter and most of the social networks as once you find somebody on twitter you can actually see who they follow right would there be any potential useful information and seeing who influences your influencers who influences your customers who who do they spend time talking to? In many cases they spend time talking to people like them, right? They spend time talking to people who might actually put be great prospects for you. So you and again, any time when I say you can see or you can do it's public information, I'm not talking about anything that is subversive or that you're digging into private information this is all information that they choose to make public as we all do. I mean, most of you, if you have public twitter profiles, I can see who you father I can see who you've tweeted or re tweeted that information is available publicly. So you think when I intentionally named this segment mining networks because that's really a lot of I think the value of the time that you spend in these networks sometimes is to find who's connected to who on dh that could be a great that could be a great potential prospecting avenue for you. Now I think in terms of of hashtag and search terms so you can find a lot of great information you find a lot of who should I follow you know, based on people that are sharing information in search you can twitter has very robust search functionality that will allow you to you can actually go all the way down to saying I I want I want to know harder to new demographics, but let's, say entrepreneurs that are talking about needing a new headshot in san francisco now, maybe nobody said that today or maybe three people, you know, we're actually that's the kind of information people say I hate my avatar wish I had a new headshot for this I mean, that's the kind of stuff people tweet right of your photographer who takes headshots in san francisco, what it may be wood that potentially be a prospect for you possibly so these are the kinds of things you can do with using mining some of these networks, um, who's sweet and I'll talk, I'm actually going to show how I use it, so I won't linger on it too much, but it is it's, the tool that I use for social media, really management for the most part because it has a lot of functionality that lets me kind of manage really all of the activity that I haven't social media, this is the current twitter profile just like the day before I was I was preparing this preparation that there this presentation that completely changed it so I had to do ah niu shot this may look different than what you guys are used to seeing, but this is the this is a screenshot of my page on twitter so we go to twitter dot com slash duct tape this is what you're going to see they used to have a graphic that was about like that big you know is ahead a graphic now they have the entire head a graphic stretching across this is again your your avatar on twitter that's what shows up you know anytime you tweed or retweet or or participate in twitter but those you know those elements I think are really important to pay attention to because these you know I think somebody somebody mentioned it the other day there's all kinds of research and I when I write about in duct tape selling about how to create strong profiles have ah a couple paragraphs about research on these avatar images and you know you think in your in your own searching around and looking and you know I'd like to say it wasn't really the case but you know a lot of times when you're looking on a mobile phone and you see like all these avatars you know do some stand out for whatever reason you know that they know that somebody that gets your attention the way they're looking at you you know obviously you see people put you know, crazy selfie shots on here and you see like in examples of business is a lot of times putting you know, their logo's of their brands on there I personally feel like this should be a very you know, this should be a very friendly personal shot of of who you are, even if you're using this in business, because I think that one of the advantages of one of the distinct reasons to use social media is to be social is to have people realize you, you are a human being now, if your proctor and gamble and this needs to be a tweet from the corporate page, obviously that's probably not is essential, but I think for every single one of you guys, you want them to see you're a person so facebook kind of quickly go through the best practices there. I think most businesses should have a fan or business page, I think you want to make sure that you are obviously promoting that like button in all of your you know, I talked about when we were creating the blawg earlier in the program that you have that plug in that sociable plug in that makes it really easy for people to promote your content, to share your content, to talk about it, they don't use the term wall so much anymore, it is still the official term, but they kind of moved away from it, but it's it's, the old school term that I still use a lot of people get on facebook and they think about how can I make this look like my website and look at all these aps and plug ins and add ons that I can do and I can have all these tabs so that people can come and find you know, and they never have to leave my page the reality is ninety percent of the people that interact with your content will never go to your page there reading your your updates if they follow you there reading them in there what's called their news stream right? So they go on their mobile device so they go on their ipad or they go on their computer and they know jump around to say, oh, I think we'll be able to this page, I'm going I mean, do you do that right? You just read the stream, so if you have limited time and resource is and energy focused on putting three or four bits of content in status updates, a supposed to really trying teo build out this this great paige think in terms of bringing, you know, I do this and I would recommend it bring use use the like facebook like plug in and add it to your blog's saying the sidebar so that people can easily interact on again, particularly if you are after will be to see consumers you it gives you the ability to bring facebook to your page as opposed to everything really going there obviously if somebody clicks on something in the plug in you know, like you're content or it sends him to your facebook page but it's a way for them to see you know there's some social interaction and interaction that you bring onto your site I think that facebook advertising when I talk a lot about advertising but I think facebook advertising is still one of the best deals going on and I would recommend that that you consider it for promoting your content for promoting your workshops for promoting your e books that we talked about earlier in the program because it's still in my mind and there are ways to target you know google adwords and other you know, advertising platforms but but facebook gives you so many ways to target I actually talk to somebody you know not too long ago who actually wanted to wish his wife a happy birthday and so she worked at a company in a city you know and fit a certain demographic profile that he was able to buy an ad that she was the only one who could see the ad only one possible on facebook because she get targeted down to that she was the only woman working at this company of a certain age she was the only person that was ever going to see that ad on guy think that that's an extreme example of how you can use facebook advertising the target? I know, people that actually do quite well targeting their competitors, so if you know, in the hiring that's become like a huge thing in the hiring field is if you want to hire people from deloitte, you run your ad so that only people who work at deloitte can see your ads, but the same is can be really true for for not only competitors, but it actually influenced. So in my case, if I wanted people who I used, seth cohen is an example yesterday if I want to and he's probably a very good example because he doesn't participate in social media that much. But if I wanted to have my ads seeing on ly by people who also like seth cohen, that I could do that right? So there are lots of ways that you can really target and pinpoint advertising on facebook. There are a couple I'm not going in. The scope of this program really won't have time to go into the eight or ten different ways in which you can buy ads and have your ad seen target your ads there's some great resource is for that probably one of my favorites. Amy porterfield that puts out it's really probably the best content on how to use facebook in your business that's available she kind of free content but also certainly cem cem paid courses as well and so this is it just the very basic element of ah my facebook page so that's this is actually the business page, so again the head a graphic so you've seen kind of some consistency across the platform's I just for whatever reason because I like doing it, I use different pictures necessary for my different avatars it helps me kind of keep straight, but it uh maybe people get tired of seeing the same picture all the time so linked in and as I said, we'll have we'll have a little a deeper dive in tow linked in later today again, the profile, the free real estate you can put all kinds of links and key words and be very descriptive in lincoln, so don't underestimate the value of that profile and building out that information um, you again can do lots of status updates to really anytime I put something ah block post, for example, I will typically amplify that block post on twitter and on facebook and on linked in and google plus pretty much in one fail swoop somebody asked me about jo, I automate that I typically I will typically put the content all those places but I actually like to make it just a little different who sweet the tool that I use I could push one button and it'll send it to every place on the planet you know that I have given permission to but I find that I get better engagement first off twitter limits you to one hundred forty characters so if I want to put something on facebook that's longer than I want to describe in a different way I will I certainly do that same was with lincoln I feel like there's a a different audience on linked in and I want to explain my post differently I could still do it all from whose sweet but I just tweak each a little bit rather than saying send it all out to exactly the same and I think you know you have differences with hashtags, your ability to use hashtags, your ability to tag people on dh those different networks is different and so it's worth spending the extra minute probably that it takes me to just give that little bit of personalization teo where I'm placing each time um from a legal standpoint, you know a lot of and I'm sure coco will talk about this a lot of sales people today find that that lincoln is one of the best sources for leads and not necessary that they're going out there and you know buying a premium accounts so that they could, you know, email spam people but if they're trying to find access into a certain network into a certain company it's a tremendous way to find who's connected to who that no it z age old game if I want to be introduced to somebody that I think would be a great prospect for my business if I knew that a couple of my friends knew them would not be a great place to start to try to get introduced eso so using linked in lincoln is one of the greatest tools I think in orderto get you really deeper connections that way. The other thing I will tell you that the and again I think coco will surely touch on this, but they just introduced a program called a publisher program that if you're if you're blogging which now all of you are you can actually create instead of just status updates you can apply for the publisher program you have to just tell him here's my profile and I want to be in the publisher program and right now I'm finding people are getting approved in about a week but you can actually then right full long form blawg post content and what they're doing with that content in lincoln is then aggregating it two categories, so they bought a company called pulse our service called pulse and so now there are you know almost every category there's a fitness category there's yoga category, this photographer category there's a higher education category mean, whatever business you're in there actually aggregating that content now, and people can subscribe to that content much like a narcissus reader would operate. And so then lincoln says here's, all the latest content that we think is really good that fits that now, obviously, people who are more influential already are going to get more views, their contents going to be shown is the featured content, but I've been actually riding block post that are getting, you know, thousands of views inside of that pulse program, and the nice thing is, it's people that we're really connected to me already. So I have, you know, significantly upped my presence on lengthen just by producing content there. So that again, the, um the linked in profile, you know, that's, basically what it looks like you get to right, you get the link toe back to a lot of things, right? Take the time to write really full profiles because you have that real estate would also tell you that that this is profiles are a place where you can and should probably be creative you can use your talking logo there, as opposed to just saying, here is my job title and hear the things that that I have accomplished in my career, I think we're trying to make a connection here. And if people are reading these profiles as they do, this is somebody that I featured in the book. And I gave him his own little branding here because the company's called the purple guys. But this, I think, is a really great. This is the first paragraph of his profile. Would you say that whether or not this appeals to you, would you say there's, at least some personality and there that might appeal to you, that might, you know, make that person stand out? I think you can have fun with us.

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