Studio Lighting 101


Studio Lighting 101


Class Description

Don’t be intimidated by the studio! Lindsay Adler will show you how easy it can be to work indoors in Studio Lighting 101.

Natural light photographers often feel overwhelmed by the gear, constraints, and vocabulary of studio photography, but the transition from being on-location to shooting in the studio doesn’t have to be a difficult one.

In Studio Lighting 101, Lindsay Adler will cover the studio lighting concepts and terminology that will give you the confidence to work in any studio. 

You will learn about:

  • Getting the right exposure indoors
  • The different qualities of light you’ll encounter
  • Assessing the direction and movement of light
  • Essential modifiers for taking control

Lindsay will show you a range of one and two light setups that are great for creating beautiful light no matter your budget or gear restrictions. You’ll learn tips for portrait lighting, high key, low key, beauty lighting, and dramatic light.

Studio Lighting 101 is great for the beginner or intermediate photographer who is looking to add studio lighting into their repertoire without investing in a ton of expensive gear.


  1. Studio Essentials: Shutter Speed
  2. Studio Essentials: Flash Exposure
  3. Studio Essentials: White Balance
  4. Light Principles: Inverse Square Law
  5. Lighting Patterns

    Learn the most common lighting terminology so you always know what other photographers are talking about.

  6. Shoot: Demo Lighting Patterns
  7. Quality of Light and Modifiers
  8. Shoot: Choosing a Modifier - Diffusion and Grid
  9. Shoot: Choosing a Modifier - Umbrellas
  10. Shoot: Choosing a Modifier - Softboxes
  11. Shoot: Choosing a Modifier - Extra Stuff
  12. 10 One Light Set-ups: 1 and 2
  13. 10 One Light Set-ups: 3 to 5
  14. 10 One Light Set-ups: 6 to 10
  15. One Light Set-ups: Pop Quiz
  1. FAQ for Purchasing Studio Light Part 1
  2. FAQ for Purchasing Studio Light Part 2
  3. FAQ for Purchasing Studio Light Part 3
  4. 10 Two Light Set-Ups: 1 and 2
  5. 10 Two Light Set-Ups: 3 to 6
  6. 10 Two Light Set-Ups: 7 to 10
  7. 5 Two Light Set-Ups: 1 & 2
  8. 5 Two Light Set-Ups: 3 to 5
  9. 5 Basic Three Light Set-Ups: 1 & 2
  10. 5 Basic Three Light Set-Ups: 3 to 5
  11. 5 Intermediate Three Light Set-Ups: 1 to 3
  12. 5 Intermediate Three Light Set-Ups: 4 & 5
  13. 10 Common Lighting Mistakes
  1. Solving 12 Common Problems of Studio Lighting: 1
  2. Solving 12 Common Problems of Studio Lighting: 2 to 6
  3. Solving 12 Common Problems of Studio Lighting: 7
  4. Solving 12 Common Problems of Studio Lighting: 8
  5. Solving 12 Common Problems of Studio Lighting: 9
  6. Solving 12 Common Problems of Studio Lighting: 10 to 12
  7. Portrait Lighting: 1, 2, and 3 Lights
  8. Beauty Lighting: 1, 2, and 3 Lights
  9. Lighting Groups: 1, 2, and 3 Lights
  10. Lighting for Drama: 1, 2, and 3 Lights
  11. Your First Studio Lighting



If you're on the fence about this class I can easily answer your concerns. BUY IT. Lindsay provides top notch professional education while keeping things interesting. Her words are precise and direct. I actually felt GOOD just watching and learning. I mean, like someone surprised me with a cupcake kinda GOOD. After the class I could immediately see improvements in my photography. The best part is that I learned enough to see the wrong in my setups. Knowing what's wrong is just as important as knowing what's right. She is funny, easy going, energetic and filled with knowledge. I would also highly recommend her Posing 101 class as a must have addition to this course. I feel like I have learned more than I could possibly use. I will be going through this course over and over again just to make sure it all sinks in. There's THAT MUCH she offers that you will always learn more with each time you watch. I hope this helps someone make the decision to up their game. That is exactly what it did for me.

Beatrice Palma

Hi, I am Beatrice from Italy. I think this class is superb. I finally understood what are the guide lines to follow, I tried for years but never found such a good explanation. Lindsay is a wonderful teacher, she explains in a simple way, she shares a lot of knowledge and she shows in practice what are the results of every single choice. Thank you so much, it was really amazing and super interesting!!!!

Penny Foster

I have been shooting families and pets in my living room space for two years now and I thought I was doing a good job but certain skills had eluded me, like lighting a white background to perfection and shooting people with glasses without the reflections in my shots. Then I watched this course and had so many 'aha' moments that I HAD to buy it; not just for Lindsay's teaching style (which is pretty awesome( but also for all the lighting diagrams that I can refer to whenever I feel like 'stepping my lighting up to the next level'. Lindsay shows you what you can do with minimal gear, so you can get started right away; no need for expensive triggers (I have a set that just fires when I press the shutter), and no need for expensive branded modifiers (she shows you what you can do with one umbrella). Lindsay is so enthusiastic, it is obvious that she loves light, and it is hard not to get 'fired up' to try all of her lighting setups. Brilliant course once again!