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Reaching Out: Good Old Fashioned Networking


Targeted Marketing: Connecting with Non-Conformist Clients


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Reaching Out: Good Old Fashioned Networking

So say you don't have any money to spend on ads and that's totally fine, but you already made the photos that I was talking about because you can do it even if you have any money once you know where couples are online, once you've done that research and found out the different sites they're using and spent the money on that you could also find them in real life, which is arguably even better. So basically, what this means is finding events that support whatever the community is that you're trying to reach beit roller derby girls or clear couples or anyone else that you might want to reach and find where they are, what they're doing imagine you're a person who's into that you probably already are a person who's into it, but imagine that you are and then see if you can just kind of, like, show up, see what's going on say hi, um, my my best suggestion in this regard is to is to go to these spaces and offer something where photographers and we have a skill that a lot of people think that t...

hey have, but they really don't eso ifyou're, for instance, you're you visit a p flag meeting, which is parents and friends of lesbian and gay folk um say you're going to piece like meeting and you're like hey, I'm just here as a supporter as an ally, I'm a photographer I know you guys were having that charity auction next week I would really loved to volunteer my services and do photo for you guys that's an instant way to build a connection with people and teo give you a way to be part of the community and help out and use your your skills and then later when people are thinking how I might need a photographer, a wedding photographer, you're going to be in there in their mind and in the mix. Um, I really want to emphasize that this is meant to be encouragement tio take part authentically in different communities and with different populations. I certainly don't mean to, like, just run in there and be like tossing your business cards around like, hey, I'm trying to get some gay people or whatever like I trust everybody understand that this is meant to be, you know, ways to get into a community tio form mutually beneficial relationships because the more people that you have who are using your services and who know about your company and our hiring you to do things that really feed you and make you feel good and make you feel like creative and vital and friggin awesome, you know, that helps them to that makes more better photos for them that helps you capture their life and their events in ways that are really meaningful and really authentic s o the ideas once you narrow down kind of who it is that you're trying to reach feel feel in power too, reach out to them and actually talk to them in real life and online and on your, uh, website speaking of good old fashioned networking here, the ways that you can reach me if you have questions, lots of different ways, and I think I might be question time, great comments? Oh, comments, actually, uh, felicia is and I think, you know, police did a smiling ear to ear watching you. Carly, I'm so honored that you're shooting our wedding next year. We chose carly as a photographer because I knew she would not make us feel bad for a non traditional choices you're amazing. Amanda burnett says, carly, you are killing it all, cap given thisa comes all the way over here on the east coast. Uh, did anyone think it was actually thank you all friends, but also that's awesome. Now I'm getting red, right? Thanks for the warnings, guys. The big kind of like ending, I thought, and the ending are the you know, for me, the biggest takeaway is to be really brave about it and tow own who you are and let your freak I call a freak flag but you know the more open you r about who you are and who you're trying to reach, the more those people are going to feel included and feel like they are part of this whole thing because for a really long time historically especially in the u s people have been, like legally left out of the wedding conversation and now we're we're trying to expand that a bit and keep on being more and more inclusive of, you know, people who look differently but also people who do things a different way um and I encourage everybody to kind of like, reach those people and not be afraid to do that did someone have a question? Who else questions? Yeah she's going ok, I'll have another question I'm sorry it's regarding hash tags because I have been doing photography wedding photography for a little while and it was pre hashtag populate you new popularity on and I have done photos that I like at photo shoes that I really enjoyed and I like to bring that kind of client back is it tacky to go back in hashtag and repost old photos that are kind of irrelevant except for it's like hey happy fifth anniversary has gay but yeah, I personally I'm all in favor of reposted re posting things because the rate at which we consume photos and media is so fast and so a tv that people are very unlikely to remember that you have already posted this and similarly like there's nothing wrong with being like I was just thinking about this shoot that I did five years ago it was awesome and it made me feel so alive and I'm really excited about it and just I mean posted again that people want tio I think it's more about like the passion and the interest and excitement and feeling that you're really like into it in a sincere way like she's very opposed to that you know, I don't I can't really imagine going flipping through instagram and seeing a photo from a shoot that was old and just being like, well, I'm not going to like that because it's old do you know what I mean? I think it's more about sort of being being really, really, really and excited about it yeah to the spirit of that I mean, uh each of us here have a journey as ah when we decide to to be an artist and step out there. And so for those of us that may have been out there for a really long time it's a way of celebrating that journey and so to go back and re post something you did five years ago that made you proud of your work it's it's away of affirming them but it's also kind of a way over affirming yourself that I've had a role in this in that for those new clients that are out there looking at me and I have that know your history it's a way of letting him know uh that that's really important part yeah building your brand yeah totally and everybody loves a before and after like this one the shake shack picture is just awful and really embarrassing to be honest in terms of basically everything but like throwing something old up there and being like men I can't believe it was just four years ago that I forced stuff police to go to shake shack and get their photo taken and it was really shitty but now I'm like you know, doing all this other great stuff and really excited about it even if it's a crappy picture you can still just be like that was really awesome and that's where I wass and now here's where I am now because everyone loves a before and after it's america's next top model theory right there did you have a question? I just had a suggestion about the hash tags you can that's why they have throwback thursday and flashback friday all sort of theme there's so many themes and like you said like you know people are posting now every day sometimes several times a day and I mean I don't know anybody who doesn't go back to their you know, most people I know are throwing, mixing it in the new work, and they're old work and even the top, you know, people in their game, I mean it I agree, and you could always make up your own hashtag weekly thing if you felt like it, like, I mean, who invented women crush wednesday like, you can have any sort of, you know, like, you can come up with any, any sort of weekly thing and then post alongside that, and that would work that that would work fine. Another thing that this might be totally controversial and I might have, like all photographers, totally jump down my throat about this, but something that I started with when I was still building my portfolio is I found other photographers whose work I really admired who were shooting my ideal couples or seemed to be shooting my ideal couples, and I would, you know, take a photo from their work and put it on my block and write a feature about how much I admired them and how much I really thought that their work was totally amazing and what I really liked about it and, you know, like clearly on the sighting like, this is not my picture, I didn't take this picture, but I really respect them, and I really like this work even that will help give people a sense for who you are and what you're aspiring to. So say you're a person who doesn't have time to do a free engagement session for a stranger, a friend of a friend, just go online and find someone else whose work you really like and posted on instagram and say, this is so into his picture, and I really, really respect them, and I hope to be as great as them someday unless there's some like, huge b f b they're going to be like, hey, thanks, this is really nice and that's a good way to engage other photographers who are also doing the work that you really that you really appreciate on dh, sort of build the community in that sense, too, because who knows? Maybe that person's going to have an inquiry and their book that day, and they're like whom? Oh, yeah, that person just wrote a really nice little feature about me. I should talk to them and see if they want this. Yeah, any concluding thoughts? I think the main thing is just really be brave, and if you're just remember that your bill, business on dh and the way that you do things in the way that you express yourself, none of it's forever, like the internet, is forever, but but if you change your about me page to be like, hey, all you like nerds going to comic con, I wantto shoot your weddings. I love you guys, and I'm one of you and like radio silence and it never you don't get anything, just change it like that's that's, okay? You can you can put something out there and if it totally fails, which I truly in my heart believe that it won't fail, but if it did truly fail, you could always just take it off and put something else on there, and I think that you'll find that the the reaction that people give, like the like vanessa and rachel, who were the first lesbian couple that ever got the feeling of connection that you get from them is so profound and so worth it that I, immediately what I immediately realized that the terrifying, like hitting publish on I'm a feminist wedding photographer was worth it times one thousand because I have got to talk to these people who are just feeling so isolated and so left out, and I got to bring them into the conversation and it just it made it totally worth it, so be brave don't be afraid, and, uh, and I think good things will happen.

Class Description

Not everyone aspires to the big white wedding you’ll find on the cover of the major wedding magazines. Find out how to connect with a more eclectic client base and reach out to folks who do life differently in Targeted Marketing: Connecting with Non-Conformist Clients with Carly Romeo.

There are a lot of ways to put together a wedding and even more personality types and preferences among the people who throw them. Find out how you can reach out and offer your services to LGBTQ couples, interracial pairs, feminist brides and grooms, interfaith duos, and other convention-bucking couples in this fun and approachable class.

If you are nervous about communicating across differences, don’t want to offend, or simply don’t know where to start – Carly can help. She’ll share some essential tools for staying authentic to yourself while opening up your business to wedding clients who do things their own way. You’ll learn how to be more inclusive with your marketing and confident in your communication skills.