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Reaching Out: Paid Advertising

A little more legwork get out there so all right you've got your website all set up your website speaking to the people that you're looking for, whoever those people are and you now you're like, all right, how do I get myself out there to find those people and talk to them and become their wedding photographer? They're a couple different options here I started with paid advertising and this is all assuming that you have a bit of a budget to spend on advertising. I know that not everybody has money to spend on that and that's totally fine we're going toe will cover that that in a second eso basically this sort of speaks exactly to that question think about imagine you're that person looking for a wedding photographer, right? So say that I'm say that I'm that person who's having bon jovi is my wedding band I freaking love bon jovi ok? And I'm just like so into bon jovi and I can't wait for them to be a wedding band whatever what's a person who feels that way and who's planning their wedd...

ing like that what are they reading online? Probably like rolling stone maybe bon jovi or eighties music forums other what other music magazines, things like that um think about where your people are on the internet and then that's where you're going to be putting your money? Do they read magazines? What did they do in their spare time? Where do they see people who look like that? That was something. One of our specific goals about catalyst magazine is that we felt like there was sort of a lack of representation of different different populations in wedding media. And so we created the magazine so that we could show, you know, interracial couples or gay couples or, you know, people who are again left out of the narrative so we could have images of them. So you have to think about if you were that person, if if I was a person who is about to marry a black woman, and I went to barnes and noble and I was like, all right, I guess we got a wedding magazine due to dio, and I'm looking at these wedding magazines. I'm sure you'll have all then the barnes and noble nook of the wedding magazines it's like eighty percent a white lady young, thin, maybe a tan, maybe a ten white lady, but mostly blind and with a beautiful veil gorgeous gown looks amazing. Perfect flowers makeups perfect and that's fine, but that's not who I'm that's not me and that's not who might my wife is, so you have tio, um think about what these people are looking at to help them get inspired and help them find their wedding resource is and go there. It might not be a wedding resource necessarily. It might be like I said, rolling stone, it might be other kinds of magazines, it might be the weekly like newspaper in your town. I don't know what it is because I don't know people are but just sort of put yourself in that head space and think about where those folks might be, and then that's, where you want to put your advertising dollars here's some examples um, if you're trying to eat, reach lgbt couples make sure the web site that you're advertising on publishes lgbt weddings, and I say that with a lot of seriousness because even those twenty fifteen there still major wedding publications that don't publish same sex couples. So if you're a person who's about to get into the same sex marriage and you're on this website and you don't really see people that look like you, you're probably not hanging on that website very much so dido for like any other demographic that you're that you're looking at. So you want to really specialize in indian weddings or say you want to specialize in destination weddings, you don't see any indian or destination weddings on blogged x your money probably doesn't need to go there because that's not the people that they're talking tio um same thing with rural couples verse says urban couples or if people you know it could be a zob v is's not obviously could be a simple as if you're wanting to shoot in the south like the don't don't advertise in a blogger that's got like a national or an international reach because the number of couples that are looking at this site that you know fall into the category that we're trying to reach is very small versus if there's a you know, south specific kind of publication you could advertise their um things to keep in mind um so the largest wedding sites are often swamped with photographers really really small depending on your area I really encourage people to look for the smaller outlets and and consider advertising in smaller outlets because a lot of the places like where where photographers has kind of aggregate that's a really hard tio stand out unless if you're if you're couples are very distinct in a visual sense you might be able to stand out there but if they're more nuanced qualities about the people you're trying to reach a set of values or politics or where they're located or whatever it's going to be really hard for them to find you in this like big mass kind of website and then always ask for traffic stats before you advertise anywhere asked them what how many visitors do you have month where they from? How old are they? Because those websites who are selling ads definitely know that information and you're entitled to know it as a potential advertiser don't be shy about it and if they really kind of you know if anyone's trying to hedge than maybe maybe it's not totally legit um and then like kind of as, uh not spending more money but if you're already paying to advertise somewhere, see if there's a way that you can tweet your current average has no no, I know a lot of places like off the bride this was typically because I love them and I know them off the top of my head any lots of places do like annual listings, you know, see if there's a way that you could maybe tweak what you have already with them to include like the photos that you just made of the couple's you want to reach or some of your language that you decided to incorporate into your about page and see if there's a way that you could sort of steer what you already have out there into something more specific because again being specific is what's going to get people to really like feel that connection with you in the more specific you can be the better um and then facebook also offers targeting marketing I'm not a facebook targeted marketing expert, so I can't totally speak to it. But there are ways that you can get to people by their location and by their interests. S and all sorts of things like that, which is a really good way and affordable way. If you want to. Just kind of, like, dabble in it because you can spend as little is like, two dollars, I think. And that can sort of help. Maybe get your toes wet and see if it works very well for you.

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Not everyone aspires to the big white wedding you’ll find on the cover of the major wedding magazines. Find out how to connect with a more eclectic client base and reach out to folks who do life differently in Targeted Marketing: Connecting with Non-Conformist Clients with Carly Romeo.

There are a lot of ways to put together a wedding and even more personality types and preferences among the people who throw them. Find out how you can reach out and offer your services to LGBTQ couples, interracial pairs, feminist brides and grooms, interfaith duos, and other convention-bucking couples in this fun and approachable class.

If you are nervous about communicating across differences, don’t want to offend, or simply don’t know where to start – Carly can help. She’ll share some essential tools for staying authentic to yourself while opening up your business to wedding clients who do things their own way. You’ll learn how to be more inclusive with your marketing and confident in your communication skills.