Targeted Marketing: Connecting with Non-Conformist Clients


Targeted Marketing: Connecting with Non-Conformist Clients


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Who Do You Want to Reach?

So I'm going to ask the people in here and also the people watching online. Teo, take a moment and imagine that you're lying in bed and you're you know, checking your email on your phone because everybody does that on dh you get an inquiry in your inbox and you're so so excited about it, it fits you so perfectly it just speaks to your heart in whatever way that isthe what would that look like? Chicago speakeasy nineteen twenty style art deco building I would be more my god, that sounds like it would be amazing. Yeah, I made a couple of examples tio help people sort of think I want you to think as big and as crazy and as totally out of the box as you possibly can because those people are out there, they're absolutely out there and what we're going to talk about for the rest of the class is how you can reach those people, but before we can try to reach them, you have to know who they are. So here are a couple different few handful of examples here there's you know, inter racial couples w...

ho are really excited about photography and design, maybe that's something that really speaks to you want to get it inquiry where they say we are obsessed with photography and we love your work or maybe it's more important to you that they have like a theme like you're saying maybe they want they're having a rockabilly theme or they're doing something with the jewish tradition or maybe you want something that's really minimalist and just like an allotment on a mountain just to people and their officiant and you're going out there and goingto capture that like it can it can really run the gamut, but for every individual person and every individual business there's something in them that's really going to spark their their excitement and I also added a wedding with bon jovi as the wedding man because that would be totally rad and those people would be down to party in my personal business, I always have couples use three words to describe themselves in their increase form that gives me a sense of sort of like what they're into our what kind of people they are on get a lot of people who sort of say, eclectic or adventurous your feminist my favorite one so far has been snuggly anarchists donors because if you think about it that really speaks to you know, how are they together they're snuggly, they're affectionate, they like to touch each other for me that's something that's really important I want to photograph people who are really comfortable being being in physical contact on dh, then anarchists that speaks to sort of my political leanings and how I really wanted you know, work with people who are political and active and then stoners you know, speaks for itself there um so basically that the idea is to boil it down tio who your people are so if you're thinking about your dream inquiry and so you have your nineteen twenties chicago speakeasy thing, what are the qualities of that not just the specific theme but maybe what are a little bit of ah broader way to describe that so maybe there really into style or they're really into things that air retro or they maybe it's the fact that they want to dedicate their wedding design or wedding like budget and energy into designing like a whole new experience, you know, that's something that's on the totally other side from an elopement on a mountaintop, but those different types of people both need wedding photography and so you have to kind of decide where's my passion and where's the people who who are the people that really speak to what I want to dio on and as you saul before there are a lot of different options, so basically what my the strategy that I use is to think about your dream increase think about a couple different increase that would really just like get you jumping out of bed super excited about it on dh, then figure out boil it down to what are the qualities that those people have oh, yeah, some came in. Okay. Um oh, my gosh. People are watching this show. A gay couple at a farmhouse or on a farm. Uh, j a studio says geeks just quitting a song is it's not too tacky. Meg thornton photography says I would love a local wedding with an international couple who loved photographers. Oh, my god. Yeah, this would all be really cool. Geeks is definitely a giant demographic that a lot of people forget about and that often feel alienated by the typical wedding media and the weddings that you see, because, again, there's a traditional narrative that's, the overarching narrative that we see on blog's and in magazines except for catalysts on other places. And once you feel like that's the only way to have a wedding than all of these other people are left out of the conversation. S oh, yeah. So I think that all of those all of those ideas sound amazing. And I would love to shoot all those with next year. This is just a photo from a couple that I did. They had a a ceremony out in the woods at activist center that we have actually in central virginia that does trainings around racial justice and social justice, and they developed their totally own ceremony. Like run of events. And that was something that really resonated with me and that I hadn't processed as something that I really liked. But it was extremely meaningful the way that they did it. They had all of their guests form a circle around the hepa s so they had a little bit the jewish thing with the hope. But they had everyone form a circle around them. And then, on the count of three, everybody just shouted their wish for the couple which I had never seen before or heard of before. And and when that happened, I kind of had this eureka moment that was like, okay, even the super funky like super out there, people have their own way of doing these ceremonies, and I think having a new kind of fresh ceremony, um, method or whatever is is a really cool and interesting take on things. And so that's, one of the one of the things I try to incorporate into my work now is encouraging people who want to do things a little bit differently in the ceremony context reach out to me because I think that that's super interesting and honestly, this made me cry, so I'm not a crier.

Class Description

Not everyone aspires to the big white wedding you’ll find on the cover of the major wedding magazines. Find out how to connect with a more eclectic client base and reach out to folks who do life differently in Targeted Marketing: Connecting with Non-Conformist Clients with Carly Romeo.

There are a lot of ways to put together a wedding and even more personality types and preferences among the people who throw them. Find out how you can reach out and offer your services to LGBTQ couples, interracial pairs, feminist brides and grooms, interfaith duos, and other convention-bucking couples in this fun and approachable class.

If you are nervous about communicating across differences, don’t want to offend, or simply don’t know where to start – Carly can help. She’ll share some essential tools for staying authentic to yourself while opening up your business to wedding clients who do things their own way. You’ll learn how to be more inclusive with your marketing and confident in your communication skills.