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Telling Your Truth Through Writing - A Conversation

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Ayelet Waldman

Telling Your Truth Through Writing - A Conversation

Ayelet Waldman

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Hello. I'm Kimberly Murphy, the head of the money and Lifestyle Channel here. A creative life. Today I am joined by a New York Times best selling author. She has published 13 novels. Her work has been featured in Vogue and The New York Times. She's also coming out with her newest book, A really good day today. I am proud to introduce. Ah, Yell it, Waldman. Everybody doing okay. Thanks for joining us today. So what can we expect out of the cost today? Today we're gonna learn a little bit together about how to write close to our scariest, most compelling truth. Seems like a good time to do that, doesn't it? Yeah, I think so. Great. Well, let's take it away. I don't All right.

Class Description

Humans are programmed to think and speak in stories -- it’s in our DNA. Narratives are an incredibly powerful communication device, and yet they’re built from a relatively simple set of components: plot, conflict, setting, point of view, atmosphere and most importantly characters. Together, they share the writer’s message in a way unlike anything else. Writing your own story though can be uncomfortable and difficult.

In this hour-long session, NYT bestselling author Ayelet Waldman will dive into her approach to constructing narratives, focusing specifically on the challenges and opportunities of memoir writing. Starting with the critical importance of authenticity and honesty, she’ll surface and address the most common (and difficult) choices writers make during the creative process. She’ll also be leading a short exercise to help get you started and become comfortable with writing your truth. She will also cover her writing process, the importance of discipline to write everyday, having her own writing studio, and how to avoid distractions when it is time to work. 


Mike McArdle

Ayelet instructs in plain English the mechanics to accurately write a memoir that is appealing, true and powerful. She is a superb communicator and is able to be honest, vulnerable and powerful when teaching this class. She's a real master. Thank you Ayelet and good luck in all that you do. :-)

Cathy Mauro

Thank you for this course, it was inspiring and motivating, I too love research over getting it on paper, it felt good to hear how to manage it. I have to say though this really felt like a journey that landed me on an existential answer. My father had a Green Dodge Dart in the mid-seventies, and in it my face was slammed twice, once as it hit the front seat from being rear ended and seconds later, as we hit a small tree. Is this a sign? Or what?

Tammy Fuller

I loved this. Ayelet is a wonderful storyteller and her class was compelling. I loved how she gave actionable tips to get me started.