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Tethering to Lightroom: Simultaneous Shooting and Editing

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Equipment Needed for Tethered Shooting

Jared Platt

Tethering to Lightroom: Simultaneous Shooting and Editing

Jared Platt

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2. Equipment Needed for Tethered Shooting

Lesson Info

Equipment Needed for Tethered Shooting

I'm gonna show you what equipment we're using here. Um, first off, I have a cannon. US five D s are So this is a 50 megapixel camera. So it is a big file that we're gonna be bringing in. As a result of that, they have put USB three on the camera. So this is a USB three cable, so it's gonna move the images a lot faster, and that USB three cable is coming down into the computer, but it's going through several things. So I want toe gonna go under the table here and show you the equipment that we're using. So we have the camera and we have a USB three cable. This is a tether tools cable. Pretty much tether tools. Always has orange stuff. So that orange cable keeps us from tripping over it. And then we're gonna go down here under the table so that you can see what we have connecting the camera. So I'm gonna pull these off here. This is this is just a little strap. It's called a strap more. And it just holds anything that you want. It's kind of got some ah, rubber stuff on the bottom and the...

n it's Velcro on the outside, so you can just wrap anything in it. But what it's holding is what's called a tether boost, and you can see this right here. This tether boost allows for us to send a USB three signal in from the camera. So this is the orange cable coming in from the camera, and then it's going out to the computer through this cable here. So this is another USB three cable, and that cable is actually coming into the computer here. All right, now, the reason that we use this is because this tether boost keeps the signal nice and clean and powerful so that it doesn't drop the signal. Some of you, I'll bet a lot of you have plugged your USB cable right into the computer, and as a result, sometimes light room will drop the signal and then you have to restart it. And yet the restart it you keep having a restart. It keeps dropping in the middle. That's because your signal gets weak and then it drops it. So the tether boost keeps that thing completely nice and clean and powerful. So that's why we're using the tether boost. But you'll also notice that it's got a little power right here. So this is a power cord. I could plug that power cord into the wall, but if I'm on location, I don't have power. And so I have what's called. Well, it's It's a battery bank by tether tools as well. And that just has I could charge my phone. I could charge my IPad with it, but I can also keep this thing alive for a long time. So that is powering this. So those two things are going to be what is powering the USB three so that it won't drop signal on us, All right? And they just gun hang out there. So the signals coming from the camera to the tether boost from the tether boost into the computer. All right, if you don't mind things dropping all the time, you can just connect it directly. But the tether boost keeps that from happening, so it's a very valuable tool. All right, so then I've got power plugged in here so that my computer stays on all the time. And then for those of you watching and wondering what this is, this is just the cable that's connecting my computer out to the Internet so that everybody can see what's happening inside of the computer. Okay, so that's just marrying. So other than that, the only thing you would need on location for this photo shoot is just your camera, your cord, your tether boost and a USB plugging into here into your computer.

Class Description

Participate in a full tethered photoshoot, and discover the powerful efficiency of simultaneous shooting and editing. Follow Jared Platt from start to finish in this step-by-step lesson for both beginners and advanced users. You'll gain new insights in lighting, camera settings, tethering tips and Lightroom instruction, and learn Jared's advanced techniques for streamlining a tethering workflow.  

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.2 - 2015.3


Donna Michele Designs

Mind blow! This was a great course and Jared explained in detail and with great clarity a comprehensive approach to using a Lightroom workflow that collaborates with multiple software platforms. Lots of "A Ha" moments. I think I can actually do this now where I didn't have a clue how to make this all work before.

Renata Caughlin

Awesome class... So glad I got it.... Who knew I could do so much with a cord and my Lightroom... Totally hooked!


Absolutely great class. Lots of useful information. Thank you!