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Tethering to Lightroom: Simultaneous Shooting and Editing

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Introduction to Tethered Shooting using Lightroom

Jared Platt

Tethering to Lightroom: Simultaneous Shooting and Editing

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

1. Introduction to Tethered Shooting using Lightroom

Lesson Info

Introduction to Tethered Shooting using Lightroom

I'm kinda Klosterman, your host for tethering toe light room, simultaneous shooting and editing with Mr Jared Platt. So please help me. Welcome back to the Creativelive stage, Jared Platt. All right. Today we're going to be discussing tethered shooting. Now, tethered shooting is simply the ability for you to be photographing and simultaneously adding that was photos inside of your laptop. You can see that I'm actually tethered. It's a bright orange cable so that I won't trip on it. Um, and it's coming straight from the camera into my computer. The advantage of a tethered shooting situation is simply number one. You can see exactly what you're getting. Sometimes the back your screens not on your camera is not very useful. You can the best view that you have on the back of your screen on your camera is the hissed a gram because this Graham actually tells you what's there. So if you're out shooting and you're trying to decide whether or not you've got the capture that you need before you ...

break the set, you really need to be looking at that, hissed a gram on the back. A lot of people look at the entire photograph, you know they'll zoom in and see the whole photograph. They'll actually zoom in on the camera to try and see if the image is sharp. But neither of those things are very useful in the back of the camera. What's really useful is that hissed a gram, and so I will go to the view and every camera has a view that has, like a full screen. Some. I think the Nikon has that where it has the full image, but it also can put a hist a gram on the top. So some some cameras let you see the full image, plus a history. Damn, that's a nice view on the cannon. We actually have a small version where instead of a big picture, we go to a small picture and then we have a history Graham on the side with a whole bunch information about what time the photo was shot and all that kind of stuff. So what we want to do is we want to get us much information is possible, so that's why the hissed a gram is there. But in an instance, where everything is critical, focus is critical. Exposures, critical crop is critical. That's when you'd want to be shooting tethered to your computer because in your computer and inside of light room, you have the absolute most information you can have, so that later on you're not going back to the studio and finding out they really didn't get shot that you needed in the first place. Now, in this segment, we're going to actually be showing you how to work with a client on set so that they can help you make decisions that might be an art director. It might just be, uh, the client that you're shooting their head shot, but the client will then have full access to see the pictures as they're coming in, make decisions. And by the time the shoot is done, most of the editing is also done as well as all the selection is already done. So there's really not a lot of post to do other than maybe some retouching. OK, so that's our purpose today. Eyes to teach you how to make that tethered situation happen. We're gonna be really, really technical here and show you how to do everything every step and so some of you may already know how to plug in your camera to the computer and get the tether things started. Great. We're gonna teach you a lot more than that s Oh, stay tuned, but we're going to go through the whole thing. So we're gonna start as though you don't know it. And then we're gonna build in and show you all the things that you could do extra that maybe you don't know how to do.

Class Description

Participate in a full tethered photoshoot, and discover the powerful efficiency of simultaneous shooting and editing. Follow Jared Platt from start to finish in this step-by-step lesson for both beginners and advanced users. You'll gain new insights in lighting, camera settings, tethering tips and Lightroom instruction, and learn Jared's advanced techniques for streamlining a tethering workflow.  

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.2 - 2015.3


Donna Michele Designs

Mind blow! This was a great course and Jared explained in detail and with great clarity a comprehensive approach to using a Lightroom workflow that collaborates with multiple software platforms. Lots of "A Ha" moments. I think I can actually do this now where I didn't have a clue how to make this all work before.

Renata Caughlin

Awesome class... So glad I got it.... Who knew I could do so much with a cord and my Lightroom... Totally hooked!


Absolutely great class. Lots of useful information. Thank you!