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Tethering to Lightroom: Simultaneous Shooting and Editing

Lesson 8 of 13

The Versatility of Lightroom Mobile

Jared Platt

Tethering to Lightroom: Simultaneous Shooting and Editing

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

8. The Versatility of Lightroom Mobile

Lesson Info

The Versatility of Lightroom Mobile

In our first segment on this class, we talked about the idea of tethering getting your images from the computer into light room. I already talked to you about the file types that need to come in and how to make that happen. So, uh, as you can see, there's a lot of connective ity that you can create between your client on the web. Your client on an IPad, um, or your client. Your client doesn't need to be in the studio with you while you're shooting your client could be on location with you. All of that's capable is a result of that connection through light room mobile and light room web. Um, one thing that I didn't mention to you and I thought would be worth discussing before we kind of leave the photo shoot. We were just on if I go to the Web itself and I go to my light room Web collection so I can actually a ZA long as I am logged in as me and you can see I'm logged in, is me because my name Jared Platt comes up. I'm the one that said I love it. Um, did that 47 minutes ago. Um, I have...

a lot of information that I can gather from this area as well. Um, but not only that, but I also have the ability inside of light room Web toe work on the photos on the Web itself. I don't know if you knew that, but light room mobile has a web component. And because the raw images air actually in the cloud, you can actually edit your photos in the cloud through light room. It's quite quite impressive, actually. Um, I've gone to a light room dot adobe dot com. Ford's last libraries, Global bubble ball and I'm logged in is me. So I have access to all those photos Now, you're not gonna have access to him because you don't. My log in you can only log in based on the link that you have from my website. But if I go to them, you can see all the recent photos right there in the bottom left hand corner. You can see photos that air there. If I click on recent photos, it's gonna take me to a photo, but you'll notice over in the top left hand corner. There's an edit button. If I click edit, I'm actually gonna have access to almost all of the cool. Not almost all but a good portion of the controls that I have inside of light room I have in here, and I'm actually editing them on the Web in the raw. So I'm working on raw images on the Web. Aiken, grab this and bring exposure up or down. And the beauty is that if I happen to be working, so let's just say, uh, I'm in a coffee shop and I don't have access to those. But I do have access to my laptop, but I don't have access to any of the image, but I know they're in the Web. I can actually go to my light room adobe dot com account, and I can log into that photo and adjust that photo. And as I'm doing it, it's then sending it back down to my computer. And when I get back into so I'm gonna hit, save and exit. Once I've done that, if I go back to light room and I go back to that image, it's gonna be adjusted based on So once light room sinks, it's gonna be adjusted based on the adjustments that I made in the Web. So it's really connected, super connected, uber connected, if you will. Yeah, I just It's like having ah ha's here for me because I always if I'm out and about think like, Oh, I don't have my heart external hard drive with me So it can't be working on the Israel images. So if I do have them in that folder, and so you do have to specify a folder to put them in, is that correct so that you can access them? So all you have to do is in the collection. Everything is shared toe Lycra mobile through collections collections are the place where everything is shared. So if you have a collection of images and it can be any number of collections, Aiken, Aiken, Aiken, Ah, share 100 collections to the Web. And so if I share a collection, remember we did that, Um, so let's go to the grid. We had our magazine shoot, but we specifically said anything that we hit the Beaky on or add it to our target collection. That's what added it to the collection for the client to see. But as long as that collection has this little fishhook looking thing, I don't even know what they call that. But that little double arrow thing that means it's connected and it will automatically. And this is great, because this is the only place in light room that something automatically gets shared. The key. That's a key point to remember. The Onley place in light room, where something is automatically shared, is inside of the ah collections area. If it's connected the light room mobile, it will. If it goes in there, it's automatically sent up. And if you have that collection as labelled in the when you right click here. If you tell it when you right click it and you say I want this, um, to be public instead of private then as long as someone has the link to it, Bacon, bacon, see it and I can look at it on the Web. I can edit it as long as I'm logged in as me. It will go to my all of my phone's my ipads. All my mobile devices will be seeing that as well. So everybody's connected. So, um, and again I can't emphasize enough the importance of stepping outside of the box because I've just given you a lot of tools. But there's that's just one box. It's limitless when you consider what you could actually do with this. For instance, a lot of the stuff that I do with Light Room Mobile is I told you earlier, I'll edit a wedding at a baseball game whenever my sons in the dugout. When he's out, I'm watching the game because I wanna watch him. But as soon as in the dugout, then I'm more interested in getting stuff done. And so Aiken work on my IPad and ah, get a lot done. So that's one thing that I can do. The other thing that you can do is because you're on your phone. Your phone has the same images of your IPad has. And so as long as you just take a collection and every time you do something amazing, throw it in the collection, so that goes up to the Web. Now your phone has your entire portfolio as it's happening, all your new images air going into your phone. So now you have everything that you've shot recently or in the past on your phone, and you can share it to your heart's content. So now, instead of having to plan social media just when you're on the bus or when you're sitting at the doctors office, pull up your phone. Look for the images that you shared Delight room mobile. Make a little add it to him or whatever. And then inside of lighter mobile, there's plenty of sharing options that you can send out toe Facebook or Twitter or wherever you want to send them. So if you want to instagram photos, put him on light room mobile and then sharing right from there. So you had a question that you're gonna ask right before I started going. Oh, no, I think that I think that was the answer to the question. I guess one clarification is just how do you make sure that you're connecting those that your light room is connected to late Rabbo. Good point. I'm glad you mentioned that. So when you first get into light room up on the top right hand corner. So right here where all the library developed that top bar there it should say your name. So your name is gonna be there or it will say adobe or whatever. So right up there, there's a little if you hover over your name right below adobe light room, CC or light from six. You click on that little drop down and you'll get all sorts of stuff. One of those things when you're in light from Sisi is sync with light room mobile. Right now, if I hover over it, you can see that little message comes up. This is sink is on, so if you click there I composite so that it won't sink or I can a NPAs it. But if you're not connected, it will say, Sign in and all you have to do then is sign into your Adobe CC account, and then you will be connected, the light or mobile. Then, from then on out, it's just a matter of signing all of your different devices into that account so that you can receive all that information. Claire. Oh, uh, just a note inside of your light room mobile, both on your IPad and on your phone. If you go to the right, the left hand side, there's a little L R logo. If you click on that. It opens up your settings on one of those settings. Is Onley synchronized on WiFi? Important? Because if you're synchronizing, say the 1000 images and you're doing it with your data plan, you might fill up that data plan now. Here's an interesting point, though. Once you've actually synchronized all your photos, then if you're out and about and you don't have WiFi, but you want to be able. Teoh, synchronize your changes up because you want your assistant to see what you're doing out when you're out at your son's ball game. Then you could synchronize over because all it's sending is slider. One moves, three points. Slider to moves. Four points. That's it. That's that's very minimal information. It doesn't have to send any real big information that way. It's just small data going back and forth. Once the photos have actually been synchronized.

Class Description

Participate in a full tethered photoshoot, and discover the powerful efficiency of simultaneous shooting and editing. Follow Jared Platt from start to finish in this step-by-step lesson for both beginners and advanced users. You'll gain new insights in lighting, camera settings, tethering tips and Lightroom instruction, and learn Jared's advanced techniques for streamlining a tethering workflow.  

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.2 - 2015.3


Donna Michele Designs

Mind blow! This was a great course and Jared explained in detail and with great clarity a comprehensive approach to using a Lightroom workflow that collaborates with multiple software platforms. Lots of "A Ha" moments. I think I can actually do this now where I didn't have a clue how to make this all work before.

Renata Caughlin

Awesome class... So glad I got it.... Who knew I could do so much with a cord and my Lightroom... Totally hooked!


Absolutely great class. Lots of useful information. Thank you!