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Lesson 7/11 - Adjusting a texture with Levels in Photoshop


Texturizing Images


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Adjusting a texture with Levels in Photoshop

The other thing we could do with the texture is we can adjust it with levels. And, uh, if you find let's, say the shadowy parts, the dark parts of the texture are not aggressive enough. Well, then, just grab this slider. This forces areas to black, and as you pull it in, the dark areas will become more aggressive. Just make sure you move the middle one so it stays centered on the hump. Therefore, the overall texture will stay the same, and you're just making the dark parts more aggressive. If I turn preview off, you see the dark stuff becoming more aggressive. I don't think it's good for this particular texture. It's way too much. The other thing you can do is if you find that the darker, bright parts of the texture are too aggressive, you could bring in the bottom sliders. Uh, this one will work on the dark portion, and it will mellow it out. This one will work on the bright portion in melo. Adopt so always a lot of things you can do with levels. And then if it's too much overall, we ...

lower opacity in a subtle texture. So we have this special list. Which is nice because there's a lot of filters and photo shopped, there might be a few because I made this a couple versions of photo shop ago when I experimented with all the filters to see which ones gave us texture the end so I haven't experimented liken photo shop, see, see if they've added a new filters if they they have some to add to this list, but at least this is a start for you for creating textures from scratch. If you capture your own textures, I would suggest you do so just there's so many textures in the world, it's ridiculous, and they're so easy to capture the table. I'm sitting out has a great texture on it. I just grab my iphone and capture it in our I got my dslr capture that get textures just in a parking lot, the darn the spaces in the parking lot. If they look all grungy and crackly capture it, you could always put it on a layer just adjusted to make it fifty percent great. First there's all sorts of woods would textures, leather textures, warn textures, all that kind of stuff start capturing them just try to get it relatively evenly lit, so they're not also getting too many other effects in there.

Class Description

Texturizing images gives them a more unique and eye-catching look – join Ben Willmore and explore all the texturing features Photoshop has to offer.

In this session, you’ll see how to choose the most appropriate texture for many types of images, how to adjust textures to get them ready for application, and how to use textures to make an image appear to fade away. You’ll also learn how to create simple textures and how to capture them with your camera. The new texturizing skills you build will add a whole new dimension to your work!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



I missed the opportunity to watch PS Week 2015 live. However, when I searched for "textures" and found this class, I was very happy. Ben is an amazing instructor. I learned more about textures than I thought possible, especially the Blend Options; great class!


What an excellent teacher Ben Willmore is! His teaching style is straightforward and serious and he doesn't waste time on banter while still remaining likable. He not only makes concepts easy to understand but simple to follow and learn. More Ben Willmore, please! :-)