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Facebook Marketing Plan in Action

So now we're going to get into actual, measurable ways to see how marketing is working for you. Now, as we get into facebook, this is powerful I book, and I get most my referrals from word of mouth, my clients and also word of mouse. My clients are sharing their images on facebook, tagging their brides, maids and that wonderful, beautiful, amazing facebook algorithm puts my photos in feeds I would never exist in otherwise, but because this is not a wedding and this is a marketing shoot, what I want to do is whenever I have a new portfolio piece to update on facebook, I do it twice in one day, and I did it for two reasons, because studies have shown that people on facebook prefer and like to look at images in its native platform. So if you post an image to facebook, people want to view it on facebook, they don't necessarily want to go to a different site to view it. However, there are people that do, and so that's what I want to suport sometimes people are experiential, and they want to...

go into the native platform in which it was curated, which would be my block, so I give people two opportunities to do, however the darn well choose, and I do two different times of day. So that I can hit my audience who might have been on facebook in the morning and not at night or vice versa. So this is the first of the post love is an action, love is a choice, and then I link out to the block post and the interaction was pretty darn good. You'll see some of the statistics here I'm sharing openly. This does not appear in my facebook page, but I did a screen grab from what you're saying, what I'm seeing on my end. So from this post, I had twenty four comments I had eight hundred likes and what it showed as a result was over thirty three thousand people were reached, this is fantastic. Now everybody has a different size facebook fan page business page no if you don't have a business page encourage you go home and created today, they are so powerful because you can actually market in a way that's far beyond just national capacity on a private facebook profile. So I reached thirty over thirty three thousand people reaching that phenomenal but let's take a measurement into what we saw when I uploaded an entire folder of images into facebook. Now what I did is they simply copied and pasted the text from the block post on love is an action but it's mostly a choice the choice to stay up late at night and finish watching a television series together what I wrote in ball post goes into the body of the text for this folder because I want to personalize the blood post in its native platform on facebook and I uploaded about thirteen pictures to this folder now here's some of the statistics there were over fourteen hundred likes on this folder and forty two shares the shares are a gold mine because this meant that a bride, a prospective client, another photographer of venue some study shared this post into their entire facebook page forty two times over and now the algorithm has put my photos in other places I would have never thought otherwise and as a result fifty one people commented on the block post so when somebody comments on my block post and I have more opportunity of ending up in their friends feeds so that's what you want to engage in conversations with facebook to let people know that they're heard because that means the more likely come back and leave more comments in the future and this particular post was read was reached by over fifty two thousand people, so if you were to take the morning's first post push and the evening's second push cumulatively, in one day over eighty five thousand people were reached by a single marketing shoot. No, maybe you're platform is a different size. But either way, what I can say with confidence is that you have the opportunity to reach more people using social media than you would on your own and that's what I really want to talk about, too, because now this has all been organic. Now, as I get into the next section, I'm going to talk about how to create effective facebook marketing post advertisements. So before I get into this section, I have to let you know that I have never used a facebook advertisement to attract perspective clients. There have been post in facebook that I have boosted, so for instance, when I was coming to create a life for the thirty day course, I paid to have that post boosted because there were measurable ways to see if I boosted this post. Did more people our c p to the course I could measure its success. I don't boost post to say, hey, go to my block post I don't know it's very hard to say whether or not that's effective or not, I don't I don't use advertisements to get more facebook followers because I don't know if they're the right type of followers for me. I try to leave the organic now I sat with a friend, and she said there was an opportunity to learn how to use facebook advertisements to attract a client who is outside of your immediate network. So I'm gonna give you a very top layer entry into how to create a facebook advertising that's going to be effective for your business, so I'm going to bring up facebook. Oh, now where you want to go for this? If you go to facebook dot com board flash adds florida forward slash manager this is my account currently, so if you go to facebook dot com boards last ad flowed forward slash manager, the first you want to do is creek click the green button that says create an ad second step you will have a litany of options do you want to boost your post? Promote your page? You could read these on your own time, but let's, get this to the effective part what do we want to do? We want to send people to our website? Yes, oh I'm sorry, I thought I said I thought I was in church okay, we want to send people to our website so let's click on our website so I'm going to use myself as an example, so I'm going to clicks to the website. Well, then I need to enter and my girl are gonna go to jasmine star dot com you know what is going to do is going to make sure that that site actually does exist. I'm gonna click continue now I'm going to do to scroll down now what we're doing is we're creating an ad set. We're starting up with that campaign. Now we're creating an ad set so it's going to walk you through truly question by question, who do you want your ads to reach? Well, I have shot weddings around the world, but I want to shoot more in the united states, so in the united states, now I know that my target client, I'm not really shooting weddings for eighteen year olds, and I'm not really shooting weddings for people who are over sixty five, so I'm going to narrow down that field now, the more narrow you become with your fields, the higher likelihood that that the ad will be effective. Now I know that my target client is somewhere between twenty seven and thirty five. But again there are photographers who like who aimed their tiger clientele are brides who are getting married for a second time older clients once you know your ideal client and I spoke about how to build and create your ideal client in the thirty day boot camp so I'm going to bypass that but he would like to know how to effectively do that that's also there now will go two languages I would prefer them to speak english now we're going to do now here's the thing this is where you can take it next level interests what I want to do is I want to start attracting people who like pages who I think could be advantageous to me so for instance brides will probably like the knot magazine page they might like that as they plan their wedding so I want to target those people who like that they might target martha stewart's martha stewart weddings paige I want to target that page so we're gonna talk about here we're gonna go into interests I'm going to type in martyr than auto populate I'm a click martha stewart weddings great so let me get out of this once I have clicked on their page now you can add as many of these as you would like you could put martha stewart you could put the knot you could put all the magazines however I would encourage you to create an ad campaign for each of your pages, because what I want you to do is I want you to see witches are most effective. Your potential clients could be attracted to martin. They could be trusted them not that could be tracked it to inside weddings. What I want you to get to that in a second, but if you can manage your ads independently of each other, you'll be you won't be wasting money. Your report more money into what's performing for you and less money into what's not so I'm gonna leave the behaviors empty, and I'm gonna go to the connections we goto connection type. I want them to connect by way of facebook pages, but I am going to exclude people who like my paige, this is a personal preference, yeah, because people have already like my page there's no sense in me paying to advertise to them, so I'm going to exclude my page, and this is the page I'm going to exclude it great, and I can add as many pages out as I would like, so it's going to say, how much do you want to spend so it auto populates five dollars, I would recommend anywhere from three to five dollars for each campaign that you do. Because what you want to do is you don't want to start with his big budget investing in something that may not have a return for you. So a three to five dollars, for here for maths cycle, just leave it at five. Now what we want to do is run my ad continuously, starting today, so you will have a continuously running at, and so I would say, let them run for a week and then go back and see which added better pull out the money that did not do better and invest more in the money in the ad that did so. Now that we have this, what I wanted to do is tio ad, you're your name. So what I'm going to do, just I'm I you can organize it however you would like, but I am going to name this martha, I'm going to put the months that I create the month of the year that I created this ad because I want to start it's measurement, but nine fifteen and I'm going to do this is an extra shit that I do. I like to differentiate what my mobile ads are going to do and what my desktop ads are going to do, and then I'm gonna kind of create that, so if I decide to do first here a mobile ad, I'll put em so now when I look at this campaign would be martha stewart, I started in september of two thousand fifteen, and this is for the mobile site, so next question now we're going to create the ad. Do you want a single image or video in your ads or multiple images? This is an aesthetic preference, but I happen to think that single ads when I'm scrolling through facebook work better, so I'm going to keep it as a single image in my ad. Now you could select an image in this particular case. This is the photo that auto populated from jazz and start dot com it will do the same when you put your website in there and that's wonderful that's fine, however, if you think there's another photo that would work better, please feel free. Teo upload it here now, when I start my ad campaigns, I have yet to do this. I think I'm going to do this as soon as I get home. I'm going to try a couple ads using my bio photo, I'm gonna use a couple ads using a photograph of a bride and then I'm going to see which does better. Because I would tell you if I was going through my facebook feed and a real estate agent with advertising and I saw a picture of a beautiful home and it said one of the top ten realtors in orange county would be like oh cool but if I saw a picture of a real estate agent he's smiling and there's a pretty home behind him or he or she and it's like top ten agent in orange county I might be like oh, I want to learn more about that person so this is all just like a theory right now I'm gonna test which is going to do better for for all intensive purposes I'll leave this one here and it is connected their facebook page I'm gonna leave my own now we gotta play with our headlines so here the headline is just taken from what is listed on your website but it's limited in text and hear the headline is listed as jasmine star orange and that is what you'll see here but I'm not gonna leave I'm not gonna have it there I'm going toe list a tagline maybe something that would be interesting so so far over time I have created a tagline um if I knew how to type I'm gonna type in an auto populate great so it's going teo tell me that I have too much text but let it roll because what it just did is it it? Let it let it pass it says this is too much sex but still in my ad wedding photography for value of people that's the tagline now this text jasmine was voted top ten wedding photographer in the world that was pulled from my website so yours will be automatically pulls for whatever you have listed but I would recommend that you find something that works for you but for just to move throughout this ad I'm going to keep it there and it probably if I'm making this ad I would probably leave that because that's a purpose of an ad is to kind of put yourself in the best light and last week you want to do is you want to choose a button? This is your call to action when somebody is seeing your ad on facebook what do you want them to do? Do you want them to shop now? Book now learned mohr sign up you have various options I would have these options and I thought, oh well, which one's going to be best and I want I ended up clicking learn mohr because I I thought that if I used the book now but in somebody could look at that and think if they push the book now but in that all of a sudden they had commission my work I didn't want there to be doubt, so I chose learn more so what we see here is how this appears on our desk top you'll see there appear you'll see desktop new seed jasmine was voted top ten winning photographer in the world you scroll down wedding photography family fabulous people learn more that's what the ad looks like on the desktop but remember we created a mobile ad so I'm going to remove amnesty how it looks here on the mobile feed now this is how it looks on mobile you'll see how the text changed the text change that meet in from one line and went to two lines so aesthetically you can go back and see does this ad work stylistically with my I am I being attracted to it because this is a mobile feet I'm going to take time to remove that right desktop tom and I'm also going to remove the audience network because I'm creating an ad for each of these things now my ad is complete and then I could place an order I've walked you through a very top level idea now what I want you to do is I want you to create for every mobile site every mobile advertisement you want to create a desktop advertisement and then you want to choose I would make a list of what you can afford how many pages do you want to target? Maybe you want to if you were in seattle maybe want to target seattle seattle met bride and groom magazine because it'll be more local to where you are and has to be the wedding page and then you were going to create an ad for mobile and create an ad for desktop and then if you decide to target three pages you will have a total of six campaigns cool that is how you would use facebook marketing to attract people who aren't currently in your network so now we're going to pop back in into our keynote we're going tied on up and this is how it's going to end so now I've walked you through what it looks like to prep the images for online then I blogged them then I got that same content and used words that google confine organically I shared them on instagram I shared a link to it on facebook I shared a full folder on facebook I taught you how to create facebook advertisement once you actually get people into the door now right? So all of this was to get them to your door and now once they're at the door you want to make sure that europe communicating effectively now sometimes I hear her talk for spending hours with email and they say I can't get out of my in box I don't know howto get a client to book via email I've created a siri's of templates for wedding photographers you could find them at jazz and star store dot com there, ninety nine and I have created email template, so all we have to do is coffee and paste you get the information that you want for the wedding, you can send out a customized quote, and I can't tell you I book farm or clients online than I do with them in the meeting because they feel like they know me. They feel comfortable, they feel confident and you could find those they're so once I have all the information, I asked where she getting married, what's her style if she tells me she's having an outdoor wedding and there's a field nearby that she's always dreamt of having wedding photos. What am I going to do? I'm going to send her back a slideshow that caters to exactly what her wedding looks like. If she's getting married on a beach, I'm going to send her back a slideshow of a beach wedding she's getting married in a field, I'm going to send her back a field slideshow. So what thes light shows are our commercials for your business starring previous clients? You want to show the thing that you want to get back, so I'm going to move in now. To a slide show that I made from the shoot so if a client emails me and says, oh, I would really love teo see photos in the field I'm going to send her back this time I'll show you now that you guys saw the images straight at the camera and show you how I curated into a tight formation, we're going to move into a slide show now yeah, so there are varying theories about what marketing works best for wedding photographers but it's a debate that I don't get into because I know what has worked for me and over the course of teaching at creative life I know that it has worked for thousands of other photographers so I don't get into the debate but part of why I'm a big fan of this type of marketing is that it's available to every photographer if you've been shooting one month if you've been shooting one year if you've been shooting ten years if you have extensive before you portfolios if you have a limited portfolio if you have a big budget if you have a small budget this is all available to anyone at any time now I often think that this happen online marketing is great because it leverages things that I like leverages being creative, authentic and fun and the best part of this marketing is that it is effective does it take a long time? Yes take a lot of planning yes, it takes a lot of dedication but you get big results you get a shining beacon of success but sometimes when it comes to marketing marketing your service, I would venture to say that I meet people and people will ask almost apologetically surface questions they will say think they'll ask things like should I be spending this having money in my business? They'll say do you think it's worth it or they'll even say, you know, this money could be used for something else and I think that there are a litany of other surface questions and we asked them and we keep them in our mind because it prevents us for asking and answering the deep questions. Now these deep questions underlie the surface questions and the thing that people often won't address and so the use surface questions to hide these following questions am I good enough and I worth it will I fail and we hide these questions deep in our hearts because they stops us from pursuing what we want but I have to say in order for us to run in the direction of our dreams, we need to give ourselves the permission to do so in actuality find being honest we need to get out of the way off ourselves we need to say I can do this, I will be effective and I will be successful but I'm telling you that before you, before you get your hands on the camera, you must answer the deep questions, because if you ask me, am I good enough? I would respond, you are better now than you have ever been. If you say, am I worth it, I will tell you, you must define your worth before anybody else will value how worth it you are. If you ask me, will I fail? I will say there will be missteps, but as a result you will be stronger. What you learn, what you put yourself out to do well, perhaps lead to failure, maybe. But if you aren't willing to fail a few times in your business, I highly doubt you could taste the sweetness of success, and that is what I want more than anything to walk away with from this marketing lesson, I wish you all the best, and I cannot wait to see how together and collectively we changed the industry and make it stronger together. Thank you.

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Putting together a marketing campaign can be a daunting task, but Jasmine Star will walk you through each step of the planning, shooting, and execution process.

In The $250 Marketing Plan, you’ll learn how to find models, barter services, and produce branded imagery – all on a budget.

If you're looking to refresh your portfolio and get people talking about your services, tune in for an in-depth look at how to create effective and powerful marketing.  


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I very much like the quick marketing video class with Jasmine Star. I like the way the video has been edited down. The transitions could be edited out or be shorter. It does move very fast, and she does speak very, very quickly. But it's very efficient. She does not waste time. She is an effective communicator. Smart & Personable. This helps me not to spend 8 hours watching an online class, but I can still learn quite a lot. It's pared down to the essentials. Despite her rapid fire delivery, she also manages to pause to share little tidbits about herself here and there. Just enough, not too much. And, it's always relevant to the topic. During her styled photo shoot, she was great at sharing all of her settings, lenses used, etc.. while she's shooting. And, we get to see the photos while she's shooting. I would love to see the settings on the images as other photographers do for their presentations. But, that would just be a bonus. The only thing is, that the marketing plan budget perhaps isn't "really" $250, if I'm not mistaken. It seems more like the styled photo shoot (part of the marketing program), is what costs about $250 (counting on lots of free products/services). Once you factor in just the Facebook Marketing Program (after the styled shoot) with placing ads, etc.. and still relying on a lot of free products and services, I would imagine the marketing program does exceed $250 total. Still, it's a great start into something more like "how you can do styled shoot on a budget". Highly recommend the class.


WOW! Jasmine not only is so creative she shares herself. You connect with her images but above all you connect with her. She is honest and fun and it shows in her teaching and work. I am a forever fan!