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How to Organize a Styled Shoot

Now we're going to get into the how so this is more of like, this is more logistics, so you can already tell up into this point we've gone through four steps now we're getting into how we're still in the working part. This is still the happy lift heavy lifting so prior to me actually starting these marketings shoot I did not know how to plan and allocate time on the day. So as a result, I ended up running late, feeling totally stressed and not having enough time to shoot. So this is my time line and I wanna walk you guys through it so you guys can amend from there now to create a schedule of events. This would be a great time estimations. So you want to give your a makeup artists and hair stylist twenty minutes just for set up. The model will not be there. She will just plug in her curling irons, get her makeup set up, then the model will arrive and he will need sixty minutes for makeup and sixteen minutes for hair. Now, as photographers, you think that's such a long time, but people a...

lways say, well, you can shoot family photos and out fifteen minutes, right? We know how much time we need a make up artist knows how much time she needs. This is based on a lot of experience. I spend around thirty five minutes making of, okay, I did it the day of the shoot actually show that you can actually make a bouquet have a style team go tuition all in one day, but if you would like to make it the night before that's totally fine, just pop it in your refrigerator and used in some water and you should be good to go, but that takes about thirty five minutes. I also allocate twenty minutes for the bride to get dressed and for the groom to get dressed, and then I plan for a ninety minute photo shoot, but what you're going to see is our nineteen minute photo shoot turned into actual fifteen minutes of shooting because you're walking from location to location. You're helping jersey, the bride's dress, there's a lot of stuff that happened so actual shoot time we'll be will be about formy fifteen minutes now. I left a variable here for your drive time now from we met at my studio. The bride and groom got prep there, and then we're going to go to a local nearby park and that parker's about fifteen minutes away, but I had allocated thirty minutes to get there, just in case things happen, people got lost or those traffic, and we took all thirty minutes to get there, so the key takeaway is pad your timeline, and then you guys can move things from there, so now we're gonna get into more logistics. Are we having fun yet? I mean, here we go, okay, but I'm a planner, I'm up planner, and I think that this is why this is what truly makes him successful. So what you want to do is you want to send a preliminary timeline ah, week in advance. This is really important, because then people can give you feedback. What if there's a makeup artist, he says, oh no, I don't need two hours or I don't need an hour in the hair artist is I only need this much great modify your timeline and get it truly to what it is now what you want to do is you want to send the final timeline two days before the shoot, because by this time everybody's on the same page and what I want you to include in this final email is the following I want you to include the location of where the models will be getting prepped your home, your studio, the makeup artist studio include the exact address include the exact address of where you are going to shoot because in case you guys get lost in route to the shoot, the models will still end up there learn from my mistakes I just said ow us can end up at this park who knew that there were two parks with the same name in the relatively like same area? So now I know numbers and exact addresses will always get you ahead you're a cell phone contact numbers, send a list of contact numbers for everybody involved in the shoot, the more the more prep them or you're ready. I also including this last email instagram handles for everybody who's participating in a chute because it is truly a labor of love so if everybody if everybody helps each other it's a win win for everybody social media also I include what the models should bring very lot very they're very common I ask the bride to bring her own shoes and to bring her own jewelery now I might have jewelry to style, but most of time she knows what size her ring is she knows if she had like sparking the earrings I have them bring shoes and jewelry and if she had the headpiece the allotment shoot that we did, I didn't plan for her to wear a veil she's like, oh, I was walking typically san francisco, just like I was just walking and I came across this thrift store and look what I found and I was like, great, it works, so having them bring stuff in, empowering them to make this decision totally fine also, lastly include notes and a plan b in california, we don't really encounter too much rain, but if I was doing a shoot in seattle, I would absolutely include a plan b because things change at the last minute. Now, then, once you send that out two days before the shoot, you need to create a list of what you need. So this is your private list here's. A few things to get your mind going of what you need and what I usually take safety pins or large clamp. You can get large clamps at home depot or lowe's home improvement store because you're oftentimes borrowing a dress that does not fit right. The more the dress does not fit, you'll need a larger clamp. If it's just small modifications to bring the bodice in, you can use safety pins. I also bring hair spray with me because the makeup artist and the hair stylist usually do not come on the shoots with me. If they want to perfect, but again, they're doing it for free, so chances are if they don't come, so I bring hair spray with me. I bring bottles of water in case it's warm. I've just bring bottled water in general for the models and people on the team. I bring a tide stick stain remover, just in case something happens to the dress, and I bring bobby pins in case hair falls out or it's really windy, I will put it back. You will also need things. If you decide to take props to your chute, make sure and list down all the promise that you will be taking you be needing to ensure you're on the same page.

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Putting together a marketing campaign can be a daunting task, but Jasmine Star will walk you through each step of the planning, shooting, and execution process.

In The $250 Marketing Plan, you’ll learn how to find models, barter services, and produce branded imagery – all on a budget.

If you're looking to refresh your portfolio and get people talking about your services, tune in for an in-depth look at how to create effective and powerful marketing.  


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I very much like the quick marketing video class with Jasmine Star. I like the way the video has been edited down. The transitions could be edited out or be shorter. It does move very fast, and she does speak very, very quickly. But it's very efficient. She does not waste time. She is an effective communicator. Smart & Personable. This helps me not to spend 8 hours watching an online class, but I can still learn quite a lot. It's pared down to the essentials. Despite her rapid fire delivery, she also manages to pause to share little tidbits about herself here and there. Just enough, not too much. And, it's always relevant to the topic. During her styled photo shoot, she was great at sharing all of her settings, lenses used, etc.. while she's shooting. And, we get to see the photos while she's shooting. I would love to see the settings on the images as other photographers do for their presentations. But, that would just be a bonus. The only thing is, that the marketing plan budget perhaps isn't "really" $250, if I'm not mistaken. It seems more like the styled photo shoot (part of the marketing program), is what costs about $250 (counting on lots of free products/services). Once you factor in just the Facebook Marketing Program (after the styled shoot) with placing ads, etc.. and still relying on a lot of free products and services, I would imagine the marketing program does exceed $250 total. Still, it's a great start into something more like "how you can do styled shoot on a budget". Highly recommend the class.


WOW! Jasmine not only is so creative she shares herself. You connect with her images but above all you connect with her. She is honest and fun and it shows in her teaching and work. I am a forever fan!