Introduction of The $250 Marketing Plan


The $250 Marketing Plan


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Introduction of The $250 Marketing Plan

Jasmine is a world class photographer she's been voted in the top ten photographers in the world she hails from newport beach, california would you help me? Welcome back to the creative live stage jasmine star imagine walking into a darkened department your bags on the floor you toss the keys on the dining room table and without the lights being turned on, you walk into your bedroom and you fling yourself on the bed and you scream and you don't scream like a shriek. You scream from your gut from frustration and from doubt and you think to yourself and you wonder with the industry changing as fast as it is with photographers shooting what appears like every day, all day and with two point one million wedding's happening every year in the united states and you can't get one person to inquire about your photography related services so you throw yourself in the bed and you scream if you have ever felt or encountered anything of what I have just described. I am telling you that that is a re...

al life story that I have gone through not once, not twice, but a litany of times my first year of business and having done this now ten years, I could tell you that this screaming doesn't stop now I can tell you that there is hope that it gets better, but I think that has changed because of how much time and energy I put towards marketing my business and that's what we're gonna be talking about today now, I have noticed that over time when I started creating a marketing plan for myself, when I stop thinking about what other people were doing or what other people would say, that when I created just to feels something in my heart that I knew that I could use for marketing, that is when I started attracting the type of client that I wanted that is when I started shooting at the venues that I wanted, and that was when, precisely, I started earning mohr for my services because people were investing in my services as a byproduct of their aesthetic preferences as well as my aesthetic design and capturing those photos. So that is what we're going to be talking about today, we're going to be talking about a two hundred and fifty dollars, marketing plan, so if you're at home and you're slightly skeptical, can this really work? Well, welcome because I'm gonna walk you through step by step what what we're going to dio, but before I get there, welcome to photo week at creative life. I'm so happy to have you here, I have to take a minute and just kind of I need to decompress a little bit you guys can hear my voice is a little bit shaky it's like the first five minutes I feel like it's like I'm like a nineteen, seventy six like pinto like it's like on a cold morning and michigan and I'm like come on, come on, get going but what I want to say first and foremost is that creative life feels like home arrest deep in my heart as a place that really set up a foundation for the democratization of education. I taught me very first course at creative lives one of the first instructors back in two thousand ten and since then I have talked I see you nodding think you guys, you guys are owning this yes, thank you I'm not alone I saw I taught my first course in two thousand ten and since then have taught about six or seven other courses now my most recent course with creative live commence just a few months ago and it was entitled the complete wedding photographer experienced boot camp so over thirty days in totality six weeks I turn my business inside out. We talked about everything from posing teo lighting to work flow to post processing organization I got my business and I turned it inside out and why I think that course was particularly successful it had nothing to do with me but I truly see the byproduct of how hard photographers has worked at the end and their businesses have revolutionized. So I think to myself that the things that I'm saying and have worked for my business doesn't necessarily mean that it is an isolated case of success. I talk about things that could be applied to any business, particularly wedding photography, and I see people doing it, and I see people changing, and that makes me so stinking proud, because as an industry as a whole were moving forward, and we're changing the way that it has been done, we're changing the way it is doing now, and as a result, it will change how we do things in the future. Can I get an amen? Okay, thank you. We need some coffee at the break. I'll make sure that that's where it is for you now, one of those section that we talked about during the thirty day course was marketing. But today we're going to take this next level so if you have gone to the thirty day boot camp you are ready for this now if you have not gone to the thirty day boot camp I will touch him a few things to bring you up to speed but I heavily encourage you to go and check that out because without a firm foundation in your business you're going to be doing a lot of the same thing and making the same mistakes and then wondering why aren't things changing you got to do the heavy lifting before you can actually see the results so what to expect at today's course I want to walk you through how things are going to be broken down today so there will be a total of three hours of content there might I actually thought that I might take a couple seconds here and there to have everybody stand up and stretch out because it's a lot of talking it's a lot of information it's a lot of knowledge and I practice yoga and there's something about yoga breathing this about structuring that get the blood flow going already I'm just saying this and I'm seeing people audience like this yes because it really is true so but throughout the three hours we're going to talk about is how to find models for your marketing shoot how to find the best make up artist that suits your style how do you produce your own chute howto play in for your own shoot how to budget for your shoot how to effectively market your business for two hundred fifty dollars I will walk you through all of that now there's a in the back my mind as I was putting this presentation together I thought to myself I wonder if this is boring content I wonder if this is just going to be really midi gritty and people are gonna want to see it but I have to take a step back and say am I supposed to make this something it's not am I supposed to make all this hard work fund so that it's an interesting presentation because let me tell you putting together shoot it's hard if you have done so you will say it takes a lot of time it takes a lot of effort there's a lot of things that don't happen that you think should happen and I think that you should happen don't happen and you and frustrating and you question am I really doing this should I be doing this right? We're gonna talk you through all of that so you guys know and understand everything you must do and even if it is boring to watch let me tell you it is born or to do boring her boring her it is boring her and more boring when you do on your own but I'm telling you see the process you can see an overview, you apply it to your business and I'm telling you you will see differences. So if you decide to opt into the course and purchase and download, will you be getting as bonus material will be a link to the gallery? So the gallery that you see for from my marketing shoot produced for this course will be fully shown for you, so you guys can see the poses that I applied, how my settings were so you could fall along the video in the gallery you will also be getting a shot list so you will see shot by shot what I went into to effectively communicate for my market campaign, and then you could use those things, same things for your shoot or you can add them and kind of modified according to your style. So I'm gonna begin this course by saying that a marketing plan will help a business, but strategic marketing plan will help you even more. A strategic marketing plan will help your business even more, and the question is why? Well, I believe that a strategic marketing plan will help because it forces you to use a different part of your brain as creative artists have a tendency to use one half of our brain and we working recreate now the other half of the brain is more analytical in nature so while we love the fun stuff we love the creative part what we may be at least I struggle with is the analytical the planning and the doing so when you have to produce your own marketing shoot you're using both sides of your brain and your stronger business person that thinker as a result now my parents I have a twin sister and when I was born my sister and I looked rather rather close and physicality except the fact that like my head was like twice her size and so growing up I was made for him for the size of my head until my hair grew in but it's okay because I think the bigger the head the larger the brain right? Okay, so what I want also to you why I think these strategic marketing campaigns work is that it proves you want something bad enough because there are far too many people who set out with his trajectory I'm going to do this and they don't finish and my response to that and maybe it's a little tough you didn't want it bad enough you do it and executed even it's not exactly how you wanted it you wanted it bad enough it teaches you how to juggle you are doing so many things so oftentimes what people see out on facebook or social media is us photographer but as you put together a marketing campaign you are a producer you are an art director, you are a curator. You are a processor, you are a photographer. You are the marketer. If you can do all of those things, you're a stronger business person as a result, and also fills your creative cup. So often we get into the humdrum and the hustle of the business that these opportunities allow you to go out and create with no rules, no parameters and no expectations. So all of these things should be enough to make you guys excited to move forward. What it's going to be, and what happened as a result, is that it makes you want more. It makes you want more of the thing that you see and how to make it better.

Class Description

Putting together a marketing campaign can be a daunting task, but Jasmine Star will walk you through each step of the planning, shooting, and execution process.

In The $250 Marketing Plan, you’ll learn how to find models, barter services, and produce branded imagery – all on a budget.

If you're looking to refresh your portfolio and get people talking about your services, tune in for an in-depth look at how to create effective and powerful marketing.  


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I very much like the quick marketing video class with Jasmine Star. I like the way the video has been edited down. The transitions could be edited out or be shorter. It does move very fast, and she does speak very, very quickly. But it's very efficient. She does not waste time. She is an effective communicator. Smart & Personable. This helps me not to spend 8 hours watching an online class, but I can still learn quite a lot. It's pared down to the essentials. Despite her rapid fire delivery, she also manages to pause to share little tidbits about herself here and there. Just enough, not too much. And, it's always relevant to the topic. During her styled photo shoot, she was great at sharing all of her settings, lenses used, etc.. while she's shooting. And, we get to see the photos while she's shooting. I would love to see the settings on the images as other photographers do for their presentations. But, that would just be a bonus. The only thing is, that the marketing plan budget perhaps isn't "really" $250, if I'm not mistaken. It seems more like the styled photo shoot (part of the marketing program), is what costs about $250 (counting on lots of free products/services). Once you factor in just the Facebook Marketing Program (after the styled shoot) with placing ads, etc.. and still relying on a lot of free products and services, I would imagine the marketing program does exceed $250 total. Still, it's a great start into something more like "how you can do styled shoot on a budget". Highly recommend the class.


WOW! Jasmine not only is so creative she shares herself. You connect with her images but above all you connect with her. She is honest and fun and it shows in her teaching and work. I am a forever fan!