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The Adventure Workshop

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Finding Brands That Fit You

Alex Strohl

The Adventure Workshop

Alex Strohl

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29. Finding Brands That Fit You

Lesson Info

Finding Brands That Fit You

(light techno music) (camera clicking) So nowadays, there is an abundance of creatives. And brands are getting overwhelmed. They're getting contact everyday, 10, 20 people. So they just feel like they have this wealth of options. There's the actual problem and the perceived problem. So the perceived problem is that if I can get to the right people I can sell them anything. And that's true if you're ready for that. If your work is very unique and different it comes down to staying in your lane. If you continually push your specialty, your field. What is it that you do good? And if you continually push and improve the field of work you've chosen. Whether it's fashion or food or any of these niches, the brands will come to you and this is not like a trick I'm giving you. It's the hard truth. Sure, there's tricks to get there. But I don't think you can fake that. If your work is ready. If you've been doing this enough and you've stayed in your lane. You haven't done a thousand different ...

things. You haven't hoped from trend to trend either brands will come to you or in the first contact with them they'll be all ears. Because they'll see that you're different from all the 20 people that hit them up everyday with the same ideas and who's portfolio all look the same. (light music) There's a lot of work to be done before you can go and land these dream clients. I just want to remind you that if you're starting out, maybe, you start with your buddy who's got a brand that makes t-shirt and sweaters. Get a couple a hundred bucks from him or nothing. Then you move on just to regional brand. Just your uncle knows somebody who has this brand. You will chat to them and you tell them, "hey, I shot this t-shirt brand already. Can I work for you? Can I shoot some photos for you? And then, et cetera, et cetera. You move on slowly but surely to just the bigger brands. If you just are beginning and you aim for that top dollar brand, you may be disappointed. So just remember, there's a lot of steps. But doing the first one, is the most important one. One thing that's key is that you gotta be honest with yourself. Let's say you shot for zero clients and you wanna go shoot for this massive corporation. Odds are, they're gonna wonder who you are. It's not realistic. You might be wasting time. You need to build a client list. And if you're starting out, building that client list can be tricky. You might have to take some free work. And I hate that but if it's your way to get to that next client, you know, take it. Take that free job. But at some point, you gotta get somebody to pay you. So sure, the first client may be free. The second one is gonna be 50 dollars. The third one is gotta be 100. And do on and so forth. But that will get you to build a client list. So one thing you can do before the end of this year, get your first three paying clients, if you're starting out. And they can be super small. It can be a coffee shop down your street. Knock, tell them you shoot some photos. If they want to pay you with coffee, sure. Ask them for 50 bucks, first. If they don't want to just ask them for coffee. But that will get you on your way. So just get a couple of paying clients. Even if they're super small, you'll be surprised by how many people will say yes. Let's say that you've shot for five clients, You made some money. You happy. You just continuing your hustle to that big goal of yours. What if this gigantic brand which is out and they're like we like your work. Can we just trade you some product for some photos. What do you do? Well, is this brand one that you want to work for in the future? If yes, don't do it because if you start being the free guy, and Chase Jarvis always talks about this a lot, but if you start being the free guy you're never going to start being the paid guy. So you're not gonna transition from the free guy to the guy that gets paid. That just doesn't happen like that. They might tell you they will pay you one day, but don't believe it. Whenever they have even a thousand bucks, they're not gonna get you cause you're the free guy. They're gonna get the guy that's a thousand bucks. Because they know he's better, when there's more risk, they don't wanna... brands are risk averse. So if that brand is one you want to work for in the future don't do it. If it's a brand that kind of fits your portfolio. Let's say you want to do Alteryx and North Face. Well, let's say that North Face reaches out but you go with Alteryx. Maybe you could do that for trade. If you're getting started. Because then you can go to Alteryx and be like "hey, I've shot for North Face. But don't burn yourself. This is all about knowing your strengths and weaknesses and knowing your audience. If you're aware of that you can turn that into your advantage. Let's say your work is lifestyle and you don't do extreme stuff. Well you might refrain from reaching out to an extreme looking brand. But you may be missing out. Let's tak the example of mountain biking. You have a brand you like but you're afraid they don't want to work with you because your work is too lifestyle. Well guess what? They have a thousand of mountain bike photographers who are better than you at mountain bike photography. But they don't have many lifestyle photographers like you. So that's your advantage. That's your in. If you look at your issue in a different light then you turn that into your advantage. You go there and see them from the get go you tell them "I'm not here to compete with your mountain bike photographers. You've got tons of staff or ambassador photographers. I'm not here to do mountain bike photography. I'm here to do my thing, lifestyle. And I know you don't have that in house." And all of the sudden that issue becomes an advantage. If there's some industries you haven't thought about reaching out or getting in. You're gonna be surprised how you can look at the thing from a different perspective. So just stay open and look at your work from an honest perspective, know it. Stay your lane but turn it into an advantage. (light music)

Class Description

Alex Strohl brings his Adventure Photography Workshop to CreativeLive to explain his approach to photography, editing and the sometimes overwhelming but super important business side of things. In this workshop- Alex takes you on a journey through his shooting process, developing your own style, editing your images and then strategies to get yourself noticed and grow your career.

You’ll learn:

  • Basics of camera techniques and making memorable images
  • Developing your own workflow and style
  • Getting noticed and working with brands
  • Taking action to accelerate your career

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David Corrochano

There's a lot of useful information on how to start up your bussiness or your carreer as a photographer. Great advices, he shows his personal workflow, from the beggining of a shooting till the end. That was what I was looking for. The editing process maybe could be reduced in only one chapter. Worth it.