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The Art of Flower Photography


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Clip Art Everyday

I encourage my students to use their phones if they have them to shoot anything, not just flowers. Because, you're doing something creative every day with a lens that you have with you, every day in your phone. And, I think it takes a lot of the more complicated parts of photography out you don't have to worry as much about aperture and you can be more creative and you can really work on your compositions. Being sure you exclude distractions, and moving in close and you shooting everyday. And on Instagram I may not take a photo every day, I may not post a photo I've taken that day, but I'm posting one that I've worked on that day. So, I'm doing something creative every single day and I think that's good for any type of art to be involved in it every day. Most of these are taken in my yard, you know I'll run out for 15 minutes, walk around the yard with my phone. I also meant to tell you, that I tend to plant what I like to photograph. And I have my plants and gardens on different sides...

of the house so there's usually good light somewhere and something blooming somewhere which is really nice.

Class Description

Flowers are full of color, depth, and texture which makes them a perfect subject for hobbyist and professional photographers. In The Art of Flower Photography with Kathleen Clemons, you’ll learn how to take photographs of flowers that highlight their mystery and inherent beauty.

Kathleen has been called the “Georgia O' Keeffe of flower photography," and in this class she’ll teach you how she creates her unforgettable images. You’ll learn about:

  • Choosing gear and equipment for flower portraits 
  • The importance of good light and how to find it
  • Factors that affect depth of field 
  • Guidelines on where to place the subject in the frame

You’ll learn the difference between artistic and documentary images and how to work in both styles. Kathleen will also offer flower photography tips on shooting some of the most popular flowers including: roses, callas, poppies, cosmos, orchids, daisies, and wildflowers.

Flowers are abundant, beautiful, and universally loved – learn how to create stunning portraits of them in The Art of Flower Photography with Kathleen Clemons.


a Creativelive Student

Kathleen Clemons is a wonderful teacher who communicates a powerful passion for flower photography. I learned so much from her about how to see and capture the beauty of a flower using macro lenses. As I launched into this new area of photography, I felt equipped and free to experiment and learn and grow. As I looked through the viewfinder of my camera, it's almost as though Kathleen was right there with me - I saw how to focus in on one area of the flower, then another, and change aperture settings to impact the depth of field, and experiencing the intricate beauty of God's creation. The ultimate moments for me were the images captured as a result of everything I learned. I highly recommend Kathleen Clemons as a teacher and this amazing class, The Art Of Flower Photography. Review by Catherine Martin

Cheryl Tarr

I love the way Kathleen sees flowers and captures their essence. I watched a free Creative Live course that Kathleen taught and became an instant fan, and when I saw this course advertised I knew right away I wanted to have it in my course collection. She has so many tips and tricks for capturing soft, artistic renderings of flowers and I appreciate that she is so willing to share these with others. She is very clear in explaining what she does - an excellent teacher as well as an outstanding and original photographer. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to explore flower photography.