The Art of Flower Photography


The Art of Flower Photography


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Introduction: Why Flowers

This class will be valuable for you whether you're a beginner, a more advanced flower photographer. I think I can show you some techniques and some different ways of photographing flowers. We're going to start with gear and lighting and I'll show you exactly what I use when I visit a garden or even shoot at my own home. We'll talk about composition, exposure, and I'll spend some time talking about specific flowers and best practices to photograph them. And I want to teach you how I see a flower. So let's start with why flowers. Why would anybody want to shoot flowers. I think every beginning photographer starts with flowers at some point. I'm attracted to flowers because of their color, shape, lines, and textures. And especially their curves. I didn't start out planning to be a flower photographer. I started shooting sunrises on my front lawn. I had a busy life with three little children and found that if I got up before they did and my house faces east that I could shoot sunrise. And ...

I had one lens. That taught me actually, a lot about photography. It taught me about light and how quickly light can change. And I understood composition quite well. I seem to have a natural eye for composition but I did not understand aperture. So I took a photography class online. I'm a big believer in online education. And the first week of the class I ended up in a hospital with a stubborn kidney stone. For four days. Got out of the hospital, it's mean, it's February, and I need to choose a subject to shoot for aperture. My husband had bought me roses and that changed my life. I became just fascinated with flowers and it was a wonderful subject to learn aperture on. Seeing how close I could get, what a different... What F2.8 would do? What F8 would do for the flowers? And the more that I studied them the more I fell in love with them. And sort of turned into a specialty for me though it wasn't anything that I planned.

Class Description

Flowers are full of color, depth, and texture which makes them a perfect subject for hobbyist and professional photographers. In The Art of Flower Photography with Kathleen Clemons, you’ll learn how to take photographs of flowers that highlight their mystery and inherent beauty.

Kathleen has been called the “Georgia O' Keeffe of flower photography," and in this class she’ll teach you how she creates her unforgettable images. You’ll learn about:

  • Choosing gear and equipment for flower portraits 
  • The importance of good light and how to find it
  • Factors that affect depth of field 
  • Guidelines on where to place the subject in the frame

You’ll learn the difference between artistic and documentary images and how to work in both styles. Kathleen will also offer flower photography tips on shooting some of the most popular flowers including: roses, callas, poppies, cosmos, orchids, daisies, and wildflowers.

Flowers are abundant, beautiful, and universally loved – learn how to create stunning portraits of them in The Art of Flower Photography with Kathleen Clemons.