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Common Pitching Pitfalls

Lesson 10 from: The Easy Yes: How to Craft an Effective Pitch

Tiffany Han

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Lesson Info

10. Common Pitching Pitfalls

Lesson Info

Common Pitching Pitfalls

Alright, guys. So we talked about the mindset. We know who we need to be. I hope everyone is feeling energized about pitching and we've taken some of the fear away from it. We talked about what you need to include and you've seen a couple of like, in my opinion, kind of magical examples are all of a sudden it was like, oh, way less scary than I thought. Now we're gonna be talking about the rial world of pitching. We're gonna be bringing the whole Stevenson up, who gets a ton of pitches. We're gonna be talking about what she looks for in a good and bad pitch. We're gonna be sharing some other examples and doing pitch feedback. So in this segment, you're gonna learn common pitching pitfalls. You've learned the rules. Now we're gonna talk about what to avoid. You're going to get the pitchy perspective from Nicole, which is gonna be really exciting to be able to talk to her and see what her easy yeses. We're gonna show you examples of the good and the not so good so that you know which cat...

egory to fall into. And they're also going to do some feedback on the pitch is that you guys sent him during the break. So we got so many pitches, it was amazing. And so I want to applaud all of you in the studio and all of you at home for for actually doing that. It's really fun when people do what you tell them. Teoh. Um, so we're going to go through some of those those and talk about what works, and then what could be a little bit stronger? Because we want all of you guys the end to be able to actually send those pitches not too creative live but to real people. And then we're also gonna talk about how to embrace the No, because it's really and sometimes people say no. So what happens that? What do you do with the? No. And I have, I think, a pretty fun way to think about that. Are there any questions so far from you guys coming back or in the studio audience? I just want to see if people are wondering something. Yeah. So if you're not legit, like you're just starting, how do you pit? What do you like? What do you do? Yeah, So the question If you're not legit and you are, how do you start? You start right right here at the very next step. So I don't agree that you're not legit. I suspect that you're more legit than you think. I always like to ask myself, What would Kanye Dio? Because to me, Kanye is like the epitome of legit nous, you know? And so whenever I'm like, should I severely discount my rates for what we can? You dio Kanye would not do that. So there's a little bit of that to, like, embrace that, like, you know, legit side, but looking like what would What's the first thing that would help you feel more legit, right? What's the very first step? So you are, and we're gonna actually be looking at your pitch later. You do textile design, right? So maybe you want to start with, like, a small run. Maybe you want to enter a spoon flour contest. Maybe you want Teoh, you know, work with a small production team on something and pitch them your ideas. There is this Miss Nomar out there on the Internet that you have to be the huge famous person to work with someone to get jobs. Art directors and creative directors just want to see good product. Sometimes they care if you have all the Twitter followers, but honestly, they're gonna have to pay Mawr to the person who has a Twitter followers. So don't discount what's available to you just because you're not legit. And you you are. Conde would be like I could do it. Why not me? Right, Connie? Have you like I'm legit? Is that helpful? Awesome. Don't under sell yourself. Go back to that value workshop for that. Like, if you're feeling like that, you know, go back to that and let that guide you. So we're gonna go through these Not quickly, but I really, really want to get to the examples part. So there will be time, though, for questions for you guys. The reality of pitching is that I said this earlier. Most people don't send a pitch, and then there are a lot of bad. So if you're watching this class, if you're in here and you're willing to send the pitch and make it good and follow the rules, your chances isn't of success are exponentially higher, right? Like you're already starting with, like a B plus average high five. So that's these are some of the things that you just consider first pitching Pitfall is over thinking, overthinking over researching I don't know, Did it a da And I saw that with Jen in the hot seat in the last lesson. I mean, I think what I need to do is get some more information. I think I need to think it more and that she said. But what I really want to dio and that's when my favorite we're gonna be doing later on talking about, ah, ways to come up with ideas, degeneration and that's one of my favorite questions to answer is what I really want to say. That was huge over. Prepare in. I need to do one more thing before I need to do any more things like you guys. All this is the problem is that once you leave this class, you have no more excuses. You are prepared. This class is structured in a way that is very thoughtful, that you will know what you need to know to hit that send button. Sorry. Under preparing, right. This is where that research that like, I don't know what I would. I don't know. Do the do the sleuthing. Letting fear take over again I fear isn't going to go away. But it's just who's in the driver seat. And if you left your takeover, you're never gonna you're never gonna take that stuff. And the unfortunate part is taking the step is what teaches you that fear doesn't have to control you. So it's a little bit of like a Catch 22. So trust me, I'm a teacher. I'm nice. Trust me. And just try. It will be fine forgetting toe learn, forgetting to learn from what doesn't work. It's your pitches air. Not gonna be perfect right out the gate. That's okay. I showed you that horrible, long one that I said years ago. I'm still here and I have learned how to make it better. Even the podcast pits that I showed you guys earlier. I was like, Oh, I want to streamline this more. I'm learning. It can always be better. Open up to that invite that in. Sometimes we're afraid of the feedback. But by getting better, you're gonna be improving, you know, by learning or to be constantly improving over seeking feedback. And you look at this. Can you look at this? Can you look at this? Can you look now? Uh, trust yourself and hit. Send. Right. So that's that's a huge one. Sometimes we want to bounce ideas off. One more person like 10 was like, Well, I think I need to talk to the artists and get the ideas You guys saw that that was not planned. You saw that? And then she's like, what? I really want to dio. Okay, let's do that instead. Right? Getting the wrong kind of feedback. So getting feedback from people who are not your audience, you're not in your industry who don't understand. Probably your parents. No offense, Mama. Dad, your great probably your parents my husband doesn't know is he's a huge fan of mine. Obviously huge supporter of my work. He thinks what I'm doing is great. He would never hire a business coach who has glitter on our website. That doesn't mean when I do. When I read in my website I showed him he's like, Well, I mean, this is kind of silly. I was like, Yeah, yeah, no, no, it's me I said it like, Thanks, but I'm not actually asking you for advice. If I have a problem with how to communicate something, I'll reach out to him. But I know that he's not somebody that I need to go to for advice, because he doesn't understand me. Industry, That's huge. That and we're gonna talk about this later. We'll talk about the support peace. But knowing the right people to get support from is a game changer. So one mistake people make is that they make everything super long. And can I tell you this whole life story about myself like we are? You don't even read that I was making a point, making it too long. I think you guys know that at this point, right? Starting with your big time goal. Starting with your hope. Our goal right here is where we're starting. Right here. I know that Oprah is waiting for me one day right here, Right. So don't just think, don't pin all of your hopes on Bridget, your personal chef. Would it be great to be featured in gourmet magazine? Heck, yeah. Are you gonna pin all your hopes on that? If you don't get that? No, you're gonna maybe a picture post. Two apartments, therapies the kitchen. There you go. Right. So it's like, where can you start? Right here. Neglecting the follow up. I hope that I made this point in the last lesson. It's huge. Don't neglect the follow up for in person. For emails. For all of it, you have to be willing to take that next step and follow up.

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Tiffany has enormous energy! At the very beginning, it seemed a little off, but then she found her rhythm with the audience! This was exactly the kick I needed to start pitching. Her advice is simple and powerful. I had the pleasure of attending this live. If you are stuck feeling like you need some elaborate plan to get started pitching people for sales or interviews, this is the course for you. You won't regret it.


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