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Introduction to Workshop

Lesson 1 from: The Easy Yes: How to Craft an Effective Pitch

Tiffany Han

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Lesson Info

1. Introduction to Workshop

Lesson Info

Introduction to Workshop

Welcome to Creativelive. My name is Lily Tongue Crystal. And I'm gonna be your host today for the class. The easy. Yes. Had a craft ineffective pitch with Tiffany Han. Now we have an amazing instructor for you today. Tiffany is a branding and business coach. And she also has a great podcast called Yes, I said yes. And she's also profession people collar. And I love this the professional Yoda and the Mary Poppins for creative businesses. Please help me in welcoming Tiffany haunted state. Theo. Great. I'm so excited to be here. We're so excited to have you here and creative live. So you know, this is pitching is such a hot topic now. And I was wondering, you know, why does it bring up so much emotion for people? Yeah, it brings up so much emotion because it's scary because you're putting yourself out there, you're getting vulnerable, you're going for something that you really want. And the idea of not getting it is scary and 80 of getting at a scary. So there's the fear. There is the anx...

iety, the nerves and also that excitement and the thrill. And I think that the combination of all of that could be really paralyzing. And so most people aren't doing it. And so I want to help you overcome that paralysis. Figure out how to get your easy Yes, so that you can ask for it and then get what you want. Awesome. Well, let's take it away, then. They thank you, Lily. Thank you, everyone, for being here. Thank you. You guys watching at home? This is so exciting. Um, so we're gonna learn how to get the easy? Yes, Today is my favorite. Once you learn this year, you're never gonna go back. Um and here's why. We're gonna learn how to get the easy us because nobody's asking for what they want. We're all just sitting around, posting stuff on social media, making our business and in some tweets and hoping that somebody notices and hoping that it gets picked up. If only this would happen. And I say what would happen if you started going after it? The other problem is people said really bad pitches like really bad pitches, and it's not that they there's anything wrong with them, but it can be so much better. And that's what I really want to help you guys learn today is how to figure out what you want and then ask for it in a way that someone is more likely to say yes. So the results of not asking for your for what you want is that you don't get what you want, which that's not fun, right? Like that's not the way that we want to live, is just waiting, waiting to be picked up waiting to be noticed. I say Let's raise our hands and say yes and make it happen for ourselves. And I know that's possible for each and every one of you and for all of you at home, too. You can ask for what you want it and you can get it. Um, we're gonna get the tools to do that today, and it really this all day we're gonna be coming back. Teoh the easy yes mind set. It's really about figuring out how to communicate effectively in all situations and figuring out asking that question. What's gonna be the easy? Yes, what is based on what I want based on the person I'm asking? What? How can I position it so that I'm most likely to get the Yes, we're gonna get inside their heads and you're gonna feel empowered, right? This is about being confident in what you want, being confident in what you have to offer and knowing you deserve it, cause you all does. If you're sitting in this audience, if you're watching a home, you all deserve this. You know it. So we're bringing the pitch back. You guys, it's time. The time is now. By the end of this class, I want all of you to be pitching machines and I want you. What it's about is I want you to start developing the habit of getting comfortable making the ask so that every pitch, you know, when I first started pitching, I would before I hit send, I would have to like, put on music and dance in front of my computer screen and, like, get really pumped up and it would be a thing. And I hit send on like, Hide under. My dad would go, you know, and then you would like keep hitting, refresh on the email like, did they answer today? Answer. And then I would like, turn my phone off and go to the movies because it's like waiting for a guy to call after a date, which is the worst feeling ever. If you feel like that at first, that's OK, but you're going to get to the point where it's just another email. So you don't think about how many emails you send during a day and how many of them. You just don't even think about you just right. I'm and his and write him in his end. That's what That's the habit that I want you guys to get into. You'll start getting your center shades on and you'll be like I got this right again. It's about asking for what you want and being able to communicate effectively. So who can benefit from pitching? Who should be watching this class or in my audience? That's a big secret. Is everybody because it's just about communication? It's about building relationships. It's about getting to know what the mutual value exchanges. For my friends, there's a mutual value exchange. I like hanging out with them. They like hanging out with me. We make each other laugh. That right there could be a pitching relationship, so it's not about this person has all the power and I have nothing. And please, please, please give it to me. Right. Like those aren't fun people to be friends with, right, All have or date or right work with. So this is this is about building a relationship. The people that I really see as being able to benefit from this in terms of professional growth are the creative entrepreneurs are the people who own their own business. A lot of people who maybe they work by themselves in a room all day by themselves. They got into it because they love what they dio. It's really isolating. And you just are stuck with your head and all those thoughts that are on repeat over and over, and we're gonna We're gonna get to that. So don't worry about that. We're gonna cover that, um, you know, real answers. Artist product designers, graphic designers, coaches, service people. Really anyone who operates their business and needs help from other people to get where they want. Is that anyone? Not that. That here? No. Okay, good. You guys are in the right place. That's good. I'm about to make a bold statement here, so get ready. Pitching is essential to the success of your business. So by learning how to pitch the potential success for you has just gone up exponentially. That's kind of right. So that's OK if you're like, Whoa, you don't feel the butterflies. You're like, Oh, my God. What have I gotten myself into? Hang out, Stay with us. It's gonna be OK. Um, and I want you guys to be excited about what doors this can open up for you. More money, more time, better projects, better clients like those clients that you really want to work with instead of just the ones that you're like. OK, I guess. But it's fine, right? Like no more. Fine. We don't have time for find you guys. So that's really what I want you to walk away with. Also the walkway with some other very practical things from this class. It's not all just about. Let's talk about it. We're actually going to. By the end of this class, you will all have written a pitch. You will have figured out what you want a pitch, and you will have shared that pitch publicly. Wait. Gonna be fine. It's gonna be great. So you're going to be able to in this class define your value and the big picture endgame of what you're working towards. We're gonna be able to answer that question. Why do you want this? So it's not just about learning how to get a 1,000, Twitter followers. I mean, that'd be great when it I don't know what it do. I want a 1,000,000 people trying to tweet me. I don't know. That sounds like a lot of work, right? So we're gonna be looking at what you want and designing the whole pitch plan from there is really exciting. You're gonna be able to embrace the easy yes, and all forms of communication, whether it's pitching press or a guest post blawg, Siri's or trying to return something at a store that's past the 30 days, and I don't know, it sought to tag on a promise I didn't wear it, but I'm just gonna, like, keep it because it's the receipt says I can't. Right. So all of this comes with learning the easy. Yes, you're gonna be able to craft your pitch without fear or hesitation and send it so it's not just about writing the email. It's about hitting. Send. I want everyone, my friend Lacey Young. She's a health code. She's amazing and she says, Hit, send gorgeous And that's what I want you guys to all walk away with Hit Send because it's important. It's important to do it. You're also gonna be able to craft a cohesive pit strategy for your business. So this is not just about learning how to write and email. It's about putting together an entire Pulliam. It's about looking at what are the goals from a business? What's gonna help me get there and putting together a plan? Because what I don't love for you guys is to walk away saying I know how to pitch in pension all the time. I'm just gonna his sentence in prison because you're gonna be really busy with all the stuff that you've committed, Teoh. And you're not a flake, so you're gonna have to do it. Then you're gonna get burned out and we don't want if were burned out, we might easily go get a job, right? So that's not what we want. We want this to be very strategic, and then you're gonna go forth. Um, pitch. You're gonna be like I'm doing this. So it's just gonna become part of what you dio. Oh, great. We should do that. I'm gonna send a pitch, right? Yeah. Okay. He gets excited. Yeah, me too. Um, So here's the truth. Pitching doesn't have to be scary. I don't know when we became people who are afraid of email, right? Like we're afraid to send the email. Were afraid to open the email. Were like, I don't know what it is. I just don't open and tell me. No, no, no, I can't. Right. It's just a email. Okay, So what part of what we're gonna be doing here is taking the power out of it? Pitching also doesn't have to be hard again. It's writing an email, right? It's just writing some sentences we're gonna give you. You're gonna walk away with a template and formula, and you're gonna be like, Oh, but that. Okay, I could do that. You probably also will realize you do it more than you think. Right? Email a friend. Hey, I wanted to put together this birthday dinner for so and so here's what we need. What do you think? That's a badge? You guys already know how to do it. We're just gonna, like, bring it together so that you feel really confident about it. Some of you guys listen, my podcast. And you know that my podcast is all about kind of my creative philosophy, where I think in order to be successful as a creative person, whether you have your own business or not, right. But you have big dreams of being creative. You have to raise your hand and say yes and not just raise your hand and say yes to what you really want, right? Raise your hand and say yes to those things that are exciting but scary. But like Oh my God, What have I got that? What if they said yes? But the extra piece of that is trusting that you will figure it out right. So raising your hand and saying us before you're ready cause you're never going to be ready. There are 1000 other articles to Google. You know, the Internet's not going anywhere and it never ends. The Internet never ends. You never get to the end of the Internet. So you get to the end of a magazine. So I really want you guys to get energized about this and a walk a waving like here we go, raise my hand and say yes, you know, and and knowing that you'll figure it out Because here's what I know about all of you, all of you, in this audience, all of you at home. If you are here watching this, listening to this learning from this you have so far in your life figured it out because you're here with an Internet connection or you got yourself to the studio at 7 30 in the morning and you're dressed and you're smiling. So you are a person who figures it out. So remember that when you're letting an email send you under the desk, okay, I want to talk a little bit about why I'm up here teaching this class and not someone else. Um, back in 2012 I looked at my business and I was like, OK, it's just OK spine. I was waiting for someone to notice. I kept seeing other people get retweeted by these Internet famous people and being like, if only they would mention my thing, that would be what I needed and I decided to take on this insane goal of getting 100 rejection letters and I said, I'm just going to do it. I'm gonna raise my hand and say yes and trust that I'm gonna figure it out. They started pitching. I started asking for what I needed, like four rejections. But then I got really busy with all my yeses. And then life sort of took over So fast forward to last year. Valentine's Day 2014. I gave birth to twin girls. They're very sweet. Um, and I had a few months like Pretend off because when you have your business office like, not really you never off, right? But I have these babies and I wasn't working with clients. I wasn't like doing business stuff. And as I thought about coming back to my business with this new priority with this family, with these always on these responsibilities, I thought, if my businesses like this in five years, it ain't gonna work because the time that I was having to put into it did not equal the money. I was getting out of it, and it wasn't worth it to me to take me away from my family to keep this business. So if you don't have a family, it's whatever it's taken. Taking you away from the reason you started your own business. You say you didn't have to punch a clock and see you could go on vacation whenever you wanted and so that you could, like, go to the park on a sunny day if that's if that's what you needed. So you know, for me, my kids were really the motivator. And so I said, You know, I'm bringing back the rejection Letters project and I'm putting myself out there and it was hard because I was tired of these little babies that, like, needs a lot and you know, But I said, like, this is my year and I'm really going to go out because I want to know that if my business doesn't work, it's not because I didn't try right. Like if it doesn't work and I put everything I had into it Great, no problem. But if it doesn't work because I'm too scared to try, it's unacceptable. So I started pitching. I started a podcast. Raise your hand. Say yes with Tiffany, Hamburg or a little dinosaur over here, Sparky. He's air Mass guide and it has revolutionized my business. And I'm gonna teach you guys that secret of getting the easy. Yes, because here's what I've learned in trying to get rejection letters. I mean, I could send a lot of bad pitches and get rejected all the time, but that's not what I'm doing it for, either. It's a lot harder to get a no. Then you realize once you start asking, that's the big secret. So I want you guys to I want you guys to not fear the no. We're gonna talk about that, too. I want you guys to embrace it and be like, What's the worst thing that could happen? Really, it's just in me.

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Tiffany has enormous energy! At the very beginning, it seemed a little off, but then she found her rhythm with the audience! This was exactly the kick I needed to start pitching. Her advice is simple and powerful. I had the pleasure of attending this live. If you are stuck feeling like you need some elaborate plan to get started pitching people for sales or interviews, this is the course for you. You won't regret it.


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