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Networking Made Easy

Lesson 9 from: The Easy Yes: How to Craft an Effective Pitch

Tiffany Han

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9. Networking Made Easy

Lesson Info

Networking Made Easy

So we're gonna talk about in person networking. You can apply these rules the easy s to face to face interactions, even though everyone's everything scary truth networking does not have to be scary. So here's what I want you guys to keep in mind when you think about networking, I need to find the right events because if you hate now working, going to the Chamber of Commerce thing, where everyone's in a suit and passing out business cards. I used to work in real estate, and I had to do this stuff all the time, and it's first. I was like Networkings the worst. Find the right events. Find out where your people are hanging out. Who were the people that you're gonna feel comfortable with. That you're excited to talk? Teoh, go to those events. This is not the time to, like, swim outside your comfort zone. So if you're a filmmaker and you do document documentaries, this is not the time to try to get the invite to the Oscar party toe like do that right like its star with, like the easy Yes and...

the first step, Um, go where you're going to feel comfortable There's nothing wrong with feeling comfortable. Practice, practice, practice before your there. So what, you guys again to feel really comfortable saying who you are and what you do? Stand in front of the mirror. You're gonna feel like a giant goober. I don't really care in front of the mirror. Say what you dio make eye contact with yourself, Bill that habit because it's going to become automatic use all pumped up, right? Put on some music. Unlike dance in the bathroom at the hotel if you need Teoh, I'm over there. When we're coming on. I'm like, Yeah, let's do those right. Energy is contagious. So if you have good energy, I'm going to say yes to you because I want some more of that in my life. Huge. Revisit your values statement. If you're like I Legree, visit what you bring to the table. Look at what that is. What is the difference you're making on the world so you can carrier, then let that carry it cause that's huge because I will do anything for my kids. If I can make this world a better place for them. I don't care how uncomfortable I am. Get out there and do it. Find that thing that motivates you and drives you and let that be your thing. Practice introducing yourself. You know, practice a hand. Don't do the, like, weird handshake. Um, also, if you're meeting someone who's like a little lady don't like, okay, maybe just pat on the back or something, you know? So, like, know what's appropriate. So consider when you're going to networking events. If you're going to a conference, if you're going to meet up if you're going to a lunge, what are your goals? Is your goal to have somebody hand you a check at the end of the meal? Probably not it. And yet we're like, How am I gonna ask this person to hire me? Your goal is to start the conversation right? And you know, it's a great way to start a conversation is to say Hi, I'm took me What? What? I dio not how you can help me. Not. I want you to buy this thing or listen to this thing or do this thing just height because we're all human beings, all human beings here. What's a mutual value exchange? You're going to a conference to your research. Figure out who you want to meet, you know, retail beforehand. A lot of doing this. Because when I like, trick myself and having to follow up like that, you know, someone before and then I'm like, OK, I can't hide from them. What do you bring to the table? What do you have to offer? What's the appropriate next step for most in person events? The appropriate next step is I'm gonna send you an email when I get home. Then you can go back to the pitch, right? Hey, Alison have this podcast. I think you'd be perfect for it. She gets my energy. She's like, Yeah, okay. I'm like, I'm missing your email when I got home, okay? And then I sent it right. So that's usually the appropriate next step. It's not like so when can we start persons like home? And then you just like, you know, it's like you went for, like, home base. And you just started the date, right? It doesn't feel, doesn't feel good. And you're like me that don't be that person Big secret to the easy. Yes, You guys. Big secret, big cigarette. I've said it before. I'm gonna say it again. It's all about relationships. It's all about identifying what I can do for you, how we can help each other. That's it. So when you bring it back to relationship building, you all know how to build relationships because you do it every day in your life. Don't try to tell me you don't You always always keep bringing it back to the easiest over and over and over and over again. And your head. What's easy? Yes, What's easy? Yes, what? I ask myself that pretty much for every email I sent. What's the Zs? I don't have, like the follow up. If you tell someone you're gonna email them, email them, don't wait a month. Don't. He's in the email like that day, right? If you're at a conference, don't send the email while you're there, because that's gonna get lost in the shuffle. Give him a little bit of time to get home and get settled like I like to do at the next week. Um, but make that a priority, right? And if you need to like right on the business card, this other people, I need to follow up with that stuff can get really jumbled. So I want to do a little, a little a quick little hot seat. I'm gonna bring up Jen practice. Got your work cut out for you. Okay? Not my biggest challenge I've faced in this in this perfection. I promise. Thank you. Okay, so I have a see it. Good. So, Jim, you are a photographer and a a writer photographer, and I started a social media side business. Okay, great. So you do a lot of different things, I dio Okay, fine. Um, what kinds of events you usually go to or would you like to go to? Um, so lately, I've been going to travel, writing conferences, photography conferences. Um, and I have a project now. Oh, and that is going to require me networking a lot. Okay, tell us a little bit about the project. OK, So this is why I'm, like, not an easy in easy fix, but like, I'm a work in progress. Okay, So my project is to coordinate 1/40 anniversary celebration for an independent bookstore in the Bay Area, and what I wanted to have to do is pitched all the artists that the bookstore has supported over the last 40 years to enlist their help in contributing and coordinating toe. Okay, Does it bookstore know about? Yeah. Okay. So, yeah, it's the bookstore has already filled the relationships. Yes. Great. And the books are has already delivered value. Yes. So the artists probably want to say thank you. Yes, they dio, I just They just don't know me, and I don't know them, and I don't know where to start. And I have to learn to get really comfortable, you know, with doing all the things you just talked about. Yeah. I mean, an understanding what, you know, make it simple for them. Basically, they're gonna be super busy. Of course they want to help. But I need to be like this is you know what? We love your help with this. And a B and C. Yeah. I think this is awesome to me. This is an exciting one, cause it's way easier to ask for something on behalf of someone else. Yeah, you're in a great spot. So what I would say is, let's Frank. Yeah, right. Like the nervous sweat going. Yeah, I would say, Like, think about you're gonna be doing this from the bookstores. Perspective, star, Deliver the value. Yeah. You don't even need to explain why they should do. Really? So it's more like what's in it for them? What's in it for the artist? Yes. What did it for the artist. And, um no, I want you to tell me what is in it for the artist. Okay, well, basically, they get I mean, they now get to give back to this independent bookstore that I mean, Number one, the independent bookstore in general, is a dying breed in this country. And two, this was really the place that fostered their first work in the beginning, and I already know without knowing very much. There are thousands of writers and photographers in the area who published their first book and got it out there. Right. This. What's the name of the book store weight to live the way to say, Let's call it, um, What's called in the wonder. What is it? The wonder. The wonder It's called the lighter. It's a wonder. The wonder the wonder. Okay, that's a real name. Okay? I don't google. You guys are so you know, you can say like the why statement of why they should care about this could just be. I know that the wonder has helped shaped the careers of many independent artists and you're having yours. And this is our opportunity to say thank you. I love it. That's it, right? Yeah. Oh, I'm just saying Thank you. Great. What do you need from them? So OK, so this where I get caught Because I would think each person would be different. I would want some area of their expertise you need. Do you want an art piece? Do you? Are you doing an auction? Like, What's the thing? Okay, so I know that's it. Okay, so there two things. So the one thing right now is I'm figuring out I would like to have people help me figure out what the thing is that doesn't work. OK, so I would actually really, Honestly, what? I'd love my heart. I want to do a podcast like I want to tell stories of the store going back 40 years in the history of the Bay area. And I want these people to sit down for 45 minutes and share their stories of the store. Yes, right. That's so right. Like all of a sudden, I like watching your separately. Here is what you do. Here's what you did is your like I don't really believe in my ideas. Thes artists wanna pick their brains and they can help me. And then I'm like, No, that's unacceptable. And she's like, Well, what? I really want to dio That's awesome. Please. I Okay, so you guys, we all do this. I mean, I don't know. Do you think this is a good idea? Is a good video what I really want to do? Start a podcast. I want to start a pie. You're starting a by I really want to. Okay, so that's what you're pitching artists. Do you know any of them yet? I know. Yeah, I know if you actually So if you start with them, that's a great idea, right? Yeah. Yeah. And then you're going to be going to in person events where you're meeting these people. Yeah, OK. I mean, the bookstore itself has events four times a week. I could go for the rest of my life. Such an easy as e I dio. So that's great. So what? I would say is what we're gonna and we're gonna practice. We're gonna You're gonna come and pitch me in person, right? So what? Your goal is at the event? Your goal. What's your goal? Your goal is to let's go back to this one. What are your goals? What's a mutual value exchange? What's the appropriate next step? So what are your goals in meeting and connecting with these artists? Um, well, so I'm your goal is to get Yeah, The goal is to get them to come. My podcast. Thanks. I think I'm just I'm still getting comfortable at the moment. That just happened a few seconds ago, were moving fast. And this is happening. Turning This is the best magic. What you tell about your exchange, uh, with said, the mutual value exchanges. Every artist that has a book wants to be talking about their work. And everybody's got a book right now. So they it's an opportunity for them. I can coordinate with their launch. They can talk about their latest project as well as share an intimate story in the 40 years of the bookstore. So your challenge is gonna be short. Yeah. Yeah, because you're a writer and writers are good at coming up with words to say. I know, right? So the value exchanges you can say thank you. You can say thank you. Thanks. It's kind of scary to be up here with your leg. Like birthing an idea. What? The appropriate next step Eso the appropriate next step. Just actually put together a list of people that I know no the appropriate Next up when you're talking to the person. Oh, when I'm talking to them, um, it's I'm gonna email. You have in a 1,000, a my gonna send them a link. Can I tell you what you're gonna say that thank you. Video. You're the artist And hear this artist whose gray haired hippie artists I don't guess what I'm picturing. Okay, so I am Gen. Yeah, basically so good, Teoh. I wanted to let you know that I've been working with the wonder and we're celebrating their 40th anniversary. Yes, and what we're doing to say thank you is we're putting together a podcast where we feature the artists whose careers they've helped shape. Uh, and I would love to have you on as a guest. That would be great. Awesome. Well, you know, I know you're busy. I know you've got some people to talk to here. So I got your email from the from the owner, and I'm just gonna email you next week. We'll get it set up. Is it that you guys is that easy? I just didn t right there. E didn't say a thing. And the thing and I'm gonna What? Do you have any ideas for the thing? No. And then you're gonna go back and you're gonna watch this thing in my podcast pitch, and you can use that to craft. I've been writing it down. I don't like this is perfect. So here's where we are. You guys. What's the goal? I want you to come on my podcast. What's the Value exchange? You can say thank you. I'm reminding you that they help shape your career. They say I slid that one in. Yeah, right. Yeah. Next step is I'm going to email you. They're like, OK, they may not say yes. The timing may not work out whatever, but most people are not gonna be like No, please don't send me an email. So we get back to the slides. Thank you. When you're done writing, you just changed my life. Mission accomplished. We can all go home. Don't go home, Teoh. Okay, so here's a question for you guys. What's your thing to pitch? What are you excited about right now? I have proven right. This is where I get in my leg. Motivational speaker talk. We've proven. But it's easy. I just did that. Both of them on the fly. It's gonna change their careers, right? What do you most excited about? Let that energy fuel you. At the end of this class, you guys are gonna send three pitches. What? So I want to really work with this momentum?

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Tiffany has enormous energy! At the very beginning, it seemed a little off, but then she found her rhythm with the audience! This was exactly the kick I needed to start pitching. Her advice is simple and powerful. I had the pleasure of attending this live. If you are stuck feeling like you need some elaborate plan to get started pitching people for sales or interviews, this is the course for you. You won't regret it.


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