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The Pitching Mindset

Lesson 3 from: The Easy Yes: How to Craft an Effective Pitch

Tiffany Han

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Lesson Info

3. The Pitching Mindset

Lesson Info

The Pitching Mindset

Let's talk about the pitching mindset. So we've hinted around this already. What needs to shift? Really? What I want you guys to think about is building confidence and what you have to ask for. What you have to offer confidence in your voice, whether it's in person or on an email. I want you to be able to show up with confidence because confidence is what delivers the easy. Yes, Casey, you need to take my next program. And here's why. It will change your life. Sold. Okay, that is different than like I mean, I'm a coach and like I have this thing, I don't know. I mean, I can email you doing a discount. That's an easy no. Or that's just like a wishy washy right? And so it's about really learning how to stand up for yourself and what you want and remembering you guys that you are ready to do this. You've read the articles, you've taken the creativelive class. You're sitting here today. Your time is now, so don't waste it. Do not waste it. If you're going to waste it, play your resume toge...

ther and get a job and I don't want any of you guys. Don't go do that. Don't go do that. So just a bad cop moment. So until you shift your mindset, you're not gonna be able to get what you want. There are millions of articles on Google about how to craft a pitch. You probably read some of them. I've read some of them. They're great if I need to know exactly what to say. And a follow up email to a block of submission. I waited a month Google that and find out. But if I don't believe in what I'm selling, I don't believe I'm worth it. And I don't believe I'm delivering value. I'm never gonna get there. So that's why we're talking about this. First, I know you might be like he's some Let's say no, You have to sit through all this. We will stop first. Um so the truth pitching can be scary. I know. I'm not problem. Probably not going to make that go away, But what I am going to make you guys do to say like, oh, nervous. Okay. Here, go right. You know, that's that's really what we're looking at is building resilience around that fear and not letting it stop you anymore. Truth number two is that a yes? Can be even scarier. That's what people are talking about, right? Like this is the scary part. Is getting the gas? Oh, my God. What if they say yes? What if that agent says yes? He wants to give me a book deal, and then I have to write the book. E. I don't know. I want to write a book. I don't know what I'm gonna say. I'm terrible of those. I don't know. Never in a book. Okay, But I can go to Barnes and Noble and their whole lot of books in this world, so I know that it can be done. So I really want to get that. Get that mindset shift in you guys. The third truth for all of this. So no matter what happens, you'll be fine. Yeah, The yes is not gonna kill you in the know is not going to kill you. It might sting. You may be like, Oh, man, I really wanted Mindy Kaling on my podcast. What happened? But I don't quit the podcast. I'm not like, Well, I must be a worthless podcaster. Right? But that's what we think. You get one. No. And you're done. You're toast. You're buried. I just can't go. As I said before, you guys have all proven that you are people who figure it out. So just say I'm gonna figure it out. What's next? What's next? What's next? That's that's what we're getting into. We're gonna deep our the No, honestly, it just as much as we deep Howard the Yes, because have you guys ever been in that situation where you get something you want and it's so Oh, my God. Medicating said yes. Mindy, You know, many tailing said yes, and then you do it and you're like, super high and it's amazing. And then you go back to life and you're like, Oh, I mean, I still need to pay my bedroom, and I still only have, like, this one pair of jeans I like, and I still have to get dinner on the table and brush my teeth and be a human being, right? So just is like the know isn't gonna make or break you the yes isn't gonna make a rake. You either. A little bit of a bummer. You're like man, but it's about the habit, right? That's what we're going for Here is the habit, and you're going to keep asking. So one yes isn't gonna make or break it. But ah, 100 Yes. Is that our strategic that you follow through on and deliver high quality, something that's a game changer, right? So in a way, it's exhausting. Man, I gotta keep going, going to talk about that. But it's important to remember that. So now we're gonna talk about stories we tell ourselves This is like the Oprah moment of, like, did you have to change about how what you believe in order to really get that success? Because I think we all one of the people in the chat, said the grim Lenny vampire voices when she's 10 and her younger brother or older brother like we all have. That person, usually from one were younger. It might be your uncle or your parents or that high school teacher or the school teacher, or just that one person who was like You have an Internet business. What's that? And those voices get in our heads and we continue to believe them even now, as adults who figured out who were very capable, who are very talented were still believing that thing that that person told us when we were 14. You could never be an artist No more. No more, No more, no more. And this is about more than just pitching. This is about you guys waking up and being like I got this. Whether you're sending a pitch or just doing your work or just having a conversation. That's what this is about. So I want to know from you guys what are some of the stories and for you guys? We do have a worksheet for this to in the bonus. Um, you guys all have these on your clipboard. It's the worksheet that looks like this. So it looks like this. So if you guys can if you guys at home go and get the worksheets, they're gonna change your mind and change your life. Blow your mind. Um, for you guys, as you're filling this out, we're gonna go through these worksheets on the class. I'm gonna show you how to use all of them. So pull up this one, and, um, think about the stories that are holding you back if something comes to mind, I want you guys to share, and I want you guys in the chat to share to. I just want to hear what some of these stories are. Some of the things that you tell yourself on. Repeat, Um, one of my favorites is Who do you think you are? I love that one. I know that one so Well. So when I write these down, So you guys um yeah. Karen. Well, you kind of said it already, but it's You can't make a living doing a creative business. It's just not practical. Mm. Great. You don't have enough experience to offer what you think you're offering for me, it kind of builds on another, Not enough experience. But I started in a different career that was actually really practical and really planned out. And now, And it also was a very serious career. Also a creative career, but trying to switch into something that you know, I'm forging my own path. It's kind of you don't have enough experience and also what is this really not very serious thing you think you're trying to do here? You know, it's questioning it it, but its concessional like professionals. Is this really you know, professional and saying like it's not serious? Yes, isn't serious. So one more And then I want to hear from the audience or the chat. I was just gonna say I feel like sometimes I see, especially with social media, like all these super successful people. And I'm like, Well, they are successful overnight and it was so easy for them. Like I'm never gonna be able to get that. Yeah, yeah. So why even try? Why bother? What's happening in the tax? We have lots of great comments and here or interest your question in the chat room, LeAnn says. I know him a good scrap Booker. I've been called talented, but I'm always scared to death when I give them the finished product and red Scorpio. Similar comment. Teoh. You know we can't make money as Craig does and he says artists don't make artists, don't make money selling art. And my dad is an artist. He always had to do commercial Artur teach Okay, Yeah, more Syria. And finally, l says I'm not good enough. It seems to be second best. I seem to be second best. Something that came up for me was sometimes I think, you know, I say, Oh, it's too late. I'm too old or too young. Yeah. Yeah, because you're watching all these leg while I was just reading something on the Internet about these, like tech firms in San Francisco that are hiring these, like, 17 year olds and bringing them to the city. But they're having to teach them life skills because they don't know how to be adults where they're really smart. And then he watched that. And you're like, man, they're gonna brought up here. They're getting all this money. They're being taught life skills. Like what? What's the point of me trying to do this, right? So, yeah, I hear that, um, this pirate is vulnerable, and I just want to point that out as some of you are. Like, I can't believe I just said that. Allow a little on the internet. Right? But that's okay, because what we're doing is is taking the power away from these stories because we want to change them. So until we acknowledge them, until we figure out what they are, we don't know what to change them. Teoh. So that's really. That's why I'm making guys go through this. It's not gonna be all hard the whole day. But, like this is, actually, I want you guys who are watching at home. This is not the time to get another cup of coffee and look at Facebook because you want to learn about pitching later. This is critical. So I really, really want everyone to, like, hang in there because it's so important. Um, so we've got this work she like, I said, And I want you guys as we're walking through this and we can keep coming back to this during the day. This is going to be your guide. So I want you guys to fill this out. You don't have to fill out all the stories, right? If you only have, like, we might usually we have, like, one or two big ones. Write those down in the first column, which says, Oh, the story. I'm ready to let go of you. See, I did that. I didn't all of the bad story. I called it this story that you want to like, bless and send on its way because that story is not serving you and It's a made up story, right? Even if you believed it up until now, Not a real story, right? Just like a kid might believe. There is a monster under the bed. But we, as caretakers, are like Yes, right. So we are going, Teoh, jump in bed with them and freak out. We're not going to burn the house down because monsters or bad, we're going to say like it's OK that you think that. But I know it's not riel. And that's really what we're working on here. As you guys work through this, what are you going to do with it? We're going to rewrite those stories and I want you guys Teoh, take this for you guys here. When you take it home, I want you to do this for you guys watching at home. I want you to do this to a friend. This out, actually, Write it. Don't just give them That's a good idea. I should think about that one day you're here or do it and I want you, like tape it up to your desk because you may not. There's no like magic trick for making you believe it. All of a sudden, You know, I'm not doing like a Stuart Smalley affirmation thing. Say it in the mirror three times every day. That's not what we're looking for here. Over time, though. I want you guys to get used to that. Holland B What I will believe instead, because over time you will believe it. At first you may be like Oh, no. Ah, no, Tiffany. She seems so. Did you talk about? But I don't know, like not it won't work for me. This will work for you. It will work for you. It will work for you. Work for everybody in here. But you have to do it, right? So at first you're gonna be hitting, sending me like I don't know. Look at the story. All right? I know. I know what I need to know. I'm strong and capable. I will figure it out because I am someone who figures it out. Right? I will figure it out. That's a great story to believe. That means you could do it. So, thinking about for some of these, I mean, goes to think about how you might rewrite these stories and what? So it's not Sometimes it's opposite. I don't know Enough. More than enough. This isn't serious enough. It's plenty serious. But I don't know if you guys want to have a serious job or you have to, like, be a lawyer and low all this stuff. That doesn't sound fun to me, right? So it might be that it's okay to not have a like I can define success for myself. We're gonna talk about that. So you guys tell me, um and you guys in the chat on here what are some, like, placement stories That either you I have worked for you to believe or that you're ready, Teoh. Not necessarily Go dance with in the kitchen. But just open the door to That's why we're That's where we're starting here. Yeah. So my story is that my work doesn't matter, that it's shallow. I work in social media. Um and that's something that I sit with a lot. But the story that I want to replace it is it matters in the way that I make it matter so I can do something more, end up If I want Teoh and it will matter. And it does matter does yes. So my work matters for me. You know, my work isn't here. This isn't serious enough. One thing that I've really done a lot especially lightly, is they is not serious, But it's really fun. And I want to do what I want to do. So I'm gonna do it. Yeah, Like, fun counts. Yeah. Yeah. And what I'm doing here for you guys watching is I'm kind of trying to distill this. What? They're saying toe like a sentence because you wanted to do something. Affirmation. Wanna one, right? You want it to be something that isn't this, like, a long, hard thing to remember that, like, fun fun counts, right? So that's like, Yes, I want the stories that I was wanted to change is that I don't have enough resources and, um, actually change it to have more than enough. Everything any. Yeah, I love that. And you're in filmmaking, right? Yeah. I recently asked for location to shoot, then have the find the funding to get the space. I just asked and they gave it to me. It's close to nothing. So OK, say that again. Allow for everyone at home to here because this is really important I shot a short film and I needed a location to shoot, and they gave it to me close to nothing. She asked, and they gave to her. What? Yes, Lily, are there any stories coming up in the chat that people want toe used to rewrite? Yeah, they're a couple, um, scavenger. And he says, I hate that success is associated with making money, if only happiness cave the mortgage. And Chris with the case, said that she has the I am someone who figures it out story like I had mentioned. But she's ready to have the I'm capable of big girl things. Story. Yeah, Ready to not be afraid of being an adult. Great. I mean, it's changed it, right? Like I feel like the energy guys like, Okay, Okay. Like, Contrada was a story. I asked for it. I got it because it works. So And And there are a lot of columns here because the more familiar you get with this process somewhere, you're gonna have a conversation and be like that. You can't make money. Doing that would be like, That's a story. Oh, that's a story, right? So part of it is just becoming because these things that we tell ourselves they're on auto play in our minds. You can't do that. You are. You can do that for you, right? And we just start to know them. They sound a lot like our instinct. So part of it is just starting to recognize building the habit of recognizing what's the story and what's not. And remembering that you guys are functional adults who figured out you can change it, it comes down to choice. I know that you want, like, a thing and a thing. The figure it out. Give me to give you a formula. You make a choice and you say, Am I going to believe this story today? Now am I going to believe this story in the next five minutes that it takes me to hit, send and walk away from my computer? No. Am I going to be the person who jumps on the bed with the little kid who's afraid of a monster tries to find a mad because we got a deal with the monsters? No, that's not how you deal with that. You guys are all adults. You can make that choice so it comes down to choice. Step one, rewrite your stories and we are gonna be coming back to this work. She to step number two. So there's there is a secret formula. I know I'm such a liar. And here it is. Guys may not like this being plus doing equals magic for right now, we're gonna start with the being because here is the thing. Like I said before, you can figure out what to do to get a book published, you can figure out what to do to get your products and wholesale shops. You can figure out what to do to use social media to get more clients, cause that's what everyone cell. If you're not willing to change who you are and how you show up in this world, all the action in the world is not going to get you anywhere. Likewise, if you're like the most confident person in the world and you're just sitting around a home in for the law of attraction, to send a $1,000, to your house were like watching top chef reruns, that's not going to get you anywhere either. So really, this is about marrying, being and the doing, and this is for any goal that you want to accomplish. What do I need to do to make this happen? But to start, who do I need to be to make this happen? So that's what that's what we're looking at here, right? So that's not about it. Tell me, as you think about this and for you guys in the chat to I would love to hear from you. Um who and war Think about your business schools. We're gonna get a little bit more into that too. Do you think about your business fools? Who do you need to be to make this happen for yourself? What kind of person do you need to be? Go get her. Go get her. Awesome, Competent, Confident. Yes, awesome. That's good. That's a scary one, because it's easy, Like I'm so confident I got this right like I'm so good at this. But as soon as you're like, I'm also really That's where the authenticity piece comes in. So, yeah, I think you need to be really self aware. Yeah, that's great. I feel like I need to be in my flow. Yeah, you know, So it's It's a It's a balance between openness and being aware. You know, I don't have to know the next thing. I don't have to have a plan, but at the same time, I'm very aware of, sort of where I'm feeling good and the people I'm feeling good with and I allow things to organically happen while at the same time I'm able to do and produce and sort of manage you How many times do you feel like you're trying or sit right? Come on, come on, come on, come on. There's that kind of quiet desperation of like, you need to make more money by making enough money. Yeah, I think you also have to produce because I think a lot of times I sit there and I'm like, it be so cool to do this. And it's like, Well, you're not gonna get that unless you have worked to back it up. Yeah. You've done the work. Yeah. We're gonna talk about content creation later on because that's such a critical piece of being creative. Is anything happening in the chapel early? Yeah. Let's see here. There are a lot of great adjectives people are during out there. Leonsis authentic and, um, read. Scorpio says I need to be a creative badass. Hey, Theo and Chris, with cases capable and expressing the beauty you see in the world, I love that capable and expressive. What else is creativity but expression? Right, So that's great. So we have another bonus to draw you guys. This attention is called pitch goal worksheet, and we're gonna be also coming back to this throughout the day to But for right now, I mean, look at this column here on the left, where it says be we're gonna figuring out some goals we're gonna be figuring out the action. But for right now, think about the being. Think about who you need to be to make this happen for yourself and the two worksheets, this one and the rewriting the stories, worksheets, they're gonna go hand in hand because a lot of times, once you figure out the B, then it's OK, so to be this person, what story do I need to let go up? And what do I want to believe instead? So you'll use thes with each other. They don't operate in a vacuum because it's great to be like I need to be confident. I want all right, like I don't feel so you've got it and figure out how to get the confidence or how toe like believe you're confident long enough to write the pitch in his in. You know, it's not about like being cocky. It's not about being manipulative. It's not about being an operator or dark because it's often to authenticity. That's a huge piece of it. And I think that's where, what the point we all want to get to in our businesses, where you know, people there's all this, like get paid to be you stuff, right? And I hope you guys don't have a creative life class about back. Yeah, you do have to deliver a service, but at the same time, I want Teoh have my business be a reflection of me. I don't have to be the business coach. I think people want. I've tried that. It's right, it's really boring. I don't want to be that person. I want to be in VL jumpy and crazy and Wu and not one back up good cop like That's what I want to be and so yeah, that's what we're looking for And the authenticity pieces what can take the manipulation feeling away. So if you get really clear on your value, which we're about to dio, that makes a huge difference. So you don't feel like you're working someone you're like, I'm genuinely interested in you, right? And it becomes about a personal connection, and that can change everything. So So we're gonna walk through next, owning your value, figuring out what your value is, what you have to deliver. But before we do that, I want to talk about just some guiding principles for approaching your creative work. Because I think this is really, really important to remember these throughout the class. Remember these as you go and start pitching. But also, just remember, these are like making like, more fun and easy, because that's what we're really after here and having a successful business, we'll make your life more fun and easy if you're like making money, okay, like, don't get mad at me for this one. Guys would like some people on the Internet are kind of full of it. And just because someone has a good looking website does not mean that they have the exact right advice for you. Just because someone's really loud on Twitter doesn't mean you need to pay attention. So don't let somebody else's Internet expertise trump your instinct because you are all people who are capable and who figure it out to trust that first, you can find the advice when you need it. But if you guys ever had that experience where you read an article in your life, but this person says to do this and then you do it, you're like, Oh, it doesn't and it doesn't end well, ever right? Like I would, you know, It just It just doesn't when, on the other hand, you follow your gut and you're obviously man, So glad I did that. Instead, Every time when you guys remember that, I want you to remember that you know more than you realize. So we think we need to Google more. They're good times to Google to we think we need to take one more class. We think we need to give our money away. One more thing, sometimes that's helpful. You know there is help, but just trust. You don't need the preemptive help that you'll find it when you need it. And what's gonna be more helpful is that you get to work and take some action. That's what we're looking for here, you guys. Everything will be easier if you keep your eyes on your own paper, especially if you do anything on social media or the Internet, which is everyone here, right? If you spend all of your time and energy watching all of the amazing things that everybody else is doing with their business and their lives and oh my God, her kitchen is immaculate and her kids you're wearing matching outfits and they never have bits and always smiling. You're gonna think you're a failure as a parent and you're never gonna want to cook dinner for her family again. I mean, hypothetically, right? So keep your eyes on your own paper, especially when you start pitching and it's vulnerable and it's scary, and we all want to run to the Internet to distract ourselves. This is big. This one's big. Keep your eyes on your own paper. Huge, because that's gonna shut down the They're already doing it better. Who am I to get this? I'm never gonna be that person. I'm too old I'm too young. I don't know enough. I know too much. You have to, like, put yourself in a vacuum because that's how you get it done. And we're gonna be talking later about support about the right kinds of support to get, because that's really important. And I think for a lot of us were lonely because we have these great creative jobs. But we work all by yourselves all the time. It's me on my computer, you know, talking to people and type in or whatever. But it's meat you find myself, and so we'll go to the Internet to build community. But if that community that you're trying to build is zapping you and making you feel horrible about yourself and about your creativity and making you feel like what, why bother that I work? That is not an effective use of social media, so and it's not getting you anywhere, right? So that's that's what we want is for you guys to start moving forward and getting somewhere your creative genius is not found in your in box. How many of you guys have ever had this amazing life changing idea while emailing people are looking at the latest, promotions from Old Navy were hitting unsubscribed one more time from that. Oh my God. I cannot believe they keep telling me guys also not on Facebook. Sorry or Pinterest. You know, we all like to get inspired on Pinterest all the time. So inspiring. It's just a time suck if you're not doing anything, what do you do with all that inspiration? What you're gonna do is feel shame because you have all this inspiration, but no time because you're on Pinterest today getting inspired. Sorry, guys. It's also not bound on someone else's blawg, Not even nine. You're creative genius that spark that the world needs the most. You are. It's in you. You guys already have it. You just have to tap it. And most likely I know for me my best ideas driving. I'm showering, taking a walk, right? And yet I can't. How many times you guys I work from home. Most days I start working without taking a shower. Did shower today and I don't drive anywhere. So those three things that I just said, I don't even do that on a daily basis. I'm gonna try to shower on that I try to walk around that my poor dog is like, You haven't taken me on a walk in Amman, so don't neglect those things that you know. So I want you guys is bonus right down right now. Three things When you guys to write down three things right now, what you're gonna do when you start feeling energetically stopped What are your three things? They get you the most inspired that get you the best ideas right on down People at home Write it down right now, right? A big like a sharpie. You guys, when you go home, write a big and a Sharpie cause I want you to remember, give yourself permission spending 40 If you wanted to send 40 hours a week on a computer tape and emails because there are a lot of companies that are gonna pay you a lot of money, could you that I did not survive on business to sit on a computer all day and yet it's what we dio Do you think that's productive? We think it's serious. We think that's what we should dio. Hi. Those are all stories, right? Does anyone have anything different that they like to dotolo get inspired photography? Yeah, Takes pictures, actually listening, going out, listening to live music. Like actually going listen to a band, especially something I haven't heard before And just love it doing that. Yeah, Dan saying is big for me, like anything to move your body. And we're gonna talk about that later with the idea generation, But like, this is magical thing that happens when you move your body, you get out of your head. So when you're dancing and then you hear, like, who are you to do that? Who cares? I'm dancing like part of my being right. Get my groove. Just going out to like a coffee shop that I work from home to and just being around the energy of other people and having some coffee. Yeah, like having a conversation with another human being. Yeah. So this is a really this one is critical to making your ideas right? The other said That's the work that's so like, OK, let's get it done. But I don't want the work to be everything because that's not what you guys are here. Yeah, answers from the chat rooms as well. I'm Serra d shot says my through things air free writing, going for a walk and going on a micro adventure. Who that, Um, and 3 18 Media says a cup of tea and empty notebook and a free afternoon and how many of us we try to get inspired and we open up like a word document or a spread sheet. Find inspiring is like I try to force myself to be somewhere for a block of time without my laptop, my phone or any way to be connected to to anyone else, Um, preferably alone. And I find that I am forced to, like, sort of be with myself. I have some thoughts that aren't sort of ignited with by an email or a pole store that I reactive, right? Exactly. Like I'm having to generate my own sort of thing, whatever that might be that day, Um, and like leaving my phone at home is not something I do often, but like when I do it, it's almost like I'm in another world is like another world not being tether to, you know, incoming communication or even thinking. You know what? Let me call my mom now. Yeah, like I'm I have 30 seconds in the grocery store line. I wonder if I missed anything, an Instagram from when I got out of my car and look at it then now because it's been like 30 minutes and probably someone like I got to likes or something, right? Yeah, that's something. When I was going through my coach, trading one of the assignments that they had a stew, it was been 45 minutes looking under our kitchen sink right. It was fascinated and there's so much stuff in there. And I learned about the ingredients of cleaner and I was like, I don't know, we have this and they were like, set a timer and do it and developing your curiosity raid and your creativity. That's that's your creative genius. It said ingenuity. And that's gonna be what makes you stand out from every other art director, other on the Internet, right? It's those ideas that are interesting and different and authentic, and we all want the authenticity. So let me reach more articles about how to get authenticity into my life. I love that, and that's a greatest I meant. I want to challenge everybody to do that in the next three days. Take one hour. You can spare an hour. You can take one hour. Turn your phone off if you If you must have your phone with you, which you don't cause everyone around you has a little mini computer in their pocket. You know, turn it off like actually off. You can go on our without getting a text. I promise you'll be fine and see what comes up. Just let your mind wander. We are so jandal technology. I find that I go from like on my computer to being on my phone to finding a recipe on my IPad to watching Apple TV like Apple owns my life. So when the robots take over, I'm totally screwed. So screwed, right? Because they have all the information. So let's even if you take back an hour. Yeah. Okay, guys, this is bag. The success of your business does not determine the success of your life, even though other people on the Internet who are kind of full of it might tell you it does. Doesn't just like the success of your diet doesn't determine the success of your life, the success of your relationship doesn't determine the success of your life. The success of that rest for you tried out these on Pinterest. It was awful. None of that matters, right? What matters is how you make people feel and how you leave the world. So the big one here is the reality of playing a bigger game, as this doubt did. You should, right? This is what you're going to do it and get used to it. Get comfortable with it. Embrace your crazy babe. This is like my favorite idea. This this idea of like, I think creatives really have to get used to their what I call the crazy faith, which is the idea of, like, doesn't make any sense. But I'm gonna do it anyway, right? Idea of like I can't see it. There's no proof that it exists, but I feel it in my bones, right, That's what That's what I want you guys to start embracing. That's what I want you guys to start getting to know, reconnect with that feeling. Think back to those crazy things that you did and tried that you're like, Oh my God, this is crazy! And it worked. Or maybe like, didn't work. But you felt great about it. That my favorite, my favorite. I don't have a podcast episode. We're all about this. So you should listen to that. Um, the other thing about all of this you guys are doing no one has come into this continent like so I want a pigeon nasa to be an astronaut. I mean, totally cool. Do it. Nobody's coming said that so nothing that you want is out of the realm of possibility. Other people are doing it. And while you might think the old story could be it's already been done, I think sweet. They've proven that it can be done. Now it's my turn. Uh, right. Like people to John Creativelive. Now I'm teaching on creative life. All you guys can teach un creativelive, right? Like it could be done. So let that inspire you. Let that motivate you. Here, turn all you guys

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Tiffany has enormous energy! At the very beginning, it seemed a little off, but then she found her rhythm with the audience! This was exactly the kick I needed to start pitching. Her advice is simple and powerful. I had the pleasure of attending this live. If you are stuck feeling like you need some elaborate plan to get started pitching people for sales or interviews, this is the course for you. You won't regret it.


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