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What's Your End Game?

Lesson 5 from: The Easy Yes: How to Craft an Effective Pitch

Tiffany Han

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5. What's Your End Game?

Lesson Info

What's Your End Game?

so I want to talk about your in game, but I want to talk about why this matters, right? We're talking him. Damn, I think like five years old, Like, uh, you know, I'm just pitching and pitching pitching. Why? You're in game matters. Because you have to know what you're pitching towards. You have to know what you're building. Because if you don't, then what's the point? Well, could you saw someone else on the Internet do that? So it means that if you are gonna be legit, you have to do it too. That's like the worst way to be legit, right? So think about what you want for your business and think about what you want for your life. The next 3 to 5 years. This matters because you need a goal to shape your pitch plan. Remember, this is about pitching and bring it back. You need to know what you want for your business. I want down over a super soul Sunday. But why is it because I've seen other people doing it Looks cool? Well, yeah. I mean, it looks cool, but also, like, over is awesome. And th...

e bigger pieces that I have something that I think the world needs to hear. And I know that if I am on Oprah, a lot of people are gonna hear it, and that's really we don't think about Why does it matter the things you want? What do they mean for your life? What is a 1,000,000 Twitter followers going to do for your life? What is making six figure is going to do for your life? Could do a lot. Making six figures could mean the you can set up a college fund for your kids by the time they're five and then relax and college is paid for great. There's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with wanting to make money or be successful, but no. Why? Because the why what it's gonna do for your life is critical. Your big picture is gonna guide all the pieces also gonna let you make decisions about what's working and what's not working right. I decided a year ago, getting 100 rejection letters. I'm upping my game because I wanted to be able to have dinner with my kids because I wanted to be able to work four days a week because I wanted to be able to go travel and take a month off if I wanted to in the summer for vacation. I'm not doing that yet, but I know that's what I'm working towards. So I want you guys to get really clear about that too. And don't think about like sometimes we're like in 30 years I want to be the Blobel. Keep it like 3 to 5 years. That's a really good because you're gonna It's going to change. So why you guys to think about Close your eyes. Don't do this quick. Everyone at home Now is not the time to go on the Facebook. Do it with me for one minute. Close your eyes and I want you to think about five years from now you're waking up in the morning and the birds your chirp in and you see the sun coming up and you are doing it. You're living this life you want, you're making things happen. You are that person who is capable and expressive and authentic and confident. And on it. I want you to think about how does it feel to be you? How does it feel to be this person What kinds of things are you excited to, dio? I don't. You guys also know that you can come back to this place any time. Five years from now when I wake up, How do I want to feel If you are working on something here like I just don't know if this is right. Close your eyes. Five years from now, How do I want to feel? How does this fit him? We're getting deliberate. Okay? So open. Open your eyes. Or you could stay there if it's a really great place. Um, and what we're trying to do here is make that your reality or make some version of that your reality. So think about five years from now. How are you spending your time? What kinds of things are you working on? What do you do? It? We're all creative. Were all producing? What are you doing? Who are you working with? Whether it's a client or a customer or a collaborator. Were you spending your time with because I don't spend my time with Dirks? I haven't no jerks allowed policy for all my stuff. And it's great. What's surprising. I've had people do this and be like, Oh, I'm living on a farm house and like the woods, I'm like whole OK, but they thought they needed to be like a city girl. I've had people who were single, would be like there is someone event beside me that's great, right? But like knowing what's important, knowing what you want to be working with working towards and it's not necessarily about a specific outcome. More about the feeling right? Because for a lot of us, it's not about the book deal. It's about How is that book to You're gonna make me. It's not about sitting on Oprah's couch. It's What is that going to do for me? I could make an impact on people's lives. I could go for Oprah where I could start a podcast. People listen my broadcast and making an impact. Cool. Okay, so I want you guys. Sometimes we get really caught up on the specific goals and I want you instead to think about the feeling that you're working towards Think about how did it feel to be you? How did it feel to be that person? What was going on in your head? What were some of the feelings that you picked up country. You were smiling great. Yeah, I was thinking about family, but as well as they give me on set and maybe in just be open and free and comfortable. Um, really enjoying it? Yeah. Yeah. You don't wake up being like, Oh, my God. No, I saw it. Studio. Yeah. Anyone else? Yeah. I was thinking about, um, feeling of getting to do what I wanted to do. Like the projects that I felt excited about and knowing that other people were just as excited about those things, as I am so like Oh, yeah, right. Yeah. I love that. I wasn't stressed about paying bills, and I could enjoy a lot in the afternoon if I felt like it. That's huge. And for the money piece to I mean, I want to point this out because money is a thing, right? And like we all, I'm not the coach. He's like, quit your day job because a lot of us need day jobs to get our businesses off the ground. It takes time. And so I wanted, though, point out for that For you, I would say, like, what does the lot amount look like? Does that mean that you need to make 250,000 year or doesn't mean you need to make 65,000 year? Those are very different things toe work towards, you know, And it's not about limiting yourself and Onley making this much, But it's about saying, like we all think I need to make a $1,000,000. I don't want to work that hard, right? I don't want to manage a team of 30 people and do the ads and the things and the things like what I want. Do I want that someday? I don't know. Maybe I like that. I like you guys here. I like this right, and this is good. So remembering that just because someone else is telling you to do it because someone else is saying I did this and it sauce doesn't mean that it's necessarily what you want for your life. This is about the moments of your life, right? This is about so much more than writing an email. So I appreciate as bearing with me through all this blue stuff because it's huge, it's important. So what do you think that we've got your five year goal. The way that I don't think about it is we want to really balance the long view with the right now. So we've got a five year goal and I want to think about that as I'm standing on a road and there's a billboard down the way and then we'll bring it back to right here. So we look down at our feet. We say, like Okay, so if I'm walking towards a billboard, what's that stuff? You see? I wasn't like where I wasn't like trying to, like, jump shot for the billboard, right? It's a very small step. It's that accumulation of the baby Selves, but over time, five years later is going to get us where we want to go. It's that simple, that simple. And I want you guys to think about, really. You wanna play between the two but big goal back your feed look of every now and then. Right? If you go on a hike and you're only staring at the top of your mountain, gonna be hard to get there. You're gonna run into trees, you're going to trip him up all you might get bit by a snake cause you're not paying attention. You know, all of a sudden, like the road is getting really rocky at the same time. If all you're doing is looking down, you know, you might start walking this way without even realizing it. Do you really want to play the to and remember to start at your feet? So my Oprah thing, I wanna be on Oprah. You'll probably get me. I hook up with Mindy to I'm not gonna pitch over right now because I'm not there. So I bring it back to what's my starting bitch? Maybe it's creative life. It's doing more videos. Maybe it's having a podcast and interviewing really amazing people and working my way up. So we think we need to, like, go for the goal. Yes, if you want to. Great, but it's a lot easier to start. We were easy. Yes, not the hard. Yes, you know, it's the easy. Yes, that's gonna be the thing that builds up for us. The other thing. I want you guys to think about our what? How do you want to define success for yourself? Because what I find successful, it may not be what you find successful. The idea of a month on vacation with two kids in France might make you be like I would. That sounds awful. Okay, so don't go, France. No problem. Right? So, like, you get to define success for yourself, and that looks like how much you work. What you work on, how much you earn, how much time you spend on social media, how much time you spend on the computer, how much time you spend having dance parties in your kitchen. Because that's what it's all about. That is what I want you guys to do. So write it down. Success for me is write it down. This is how you define success for myself. And then I want you to look at what are three things that you can focus on to day to get started. So this is now that we've gone through the mindset, I'm gonna teach you guys in the next lesson how to write the pitch. Calm down, everybody. You're going to get that. This is about coming up with the things these first. Look down on your feet, You guys, if you have to do this all the time. Ah, home like when I'm like, How would I do? And I'm like and I make my high and stand up and we do it. Look down on your feet. What's this? Because I know there's something you're watching this with. Something in mind you RSVP'd for this class? You guys came here with something in mind. You bought this class with something in mind. What are those things to focus on two day. What are your most immediate needs and what's most exciting? What's like, Oh, I've been wanting to do this forever. Let that to write is not just about like I need to do those paper bills. Get excited. Pick a gold. Appeals like that would be cool. That feels fine. Um, here's your challenge Will be doing challenges today, and I really I want to get you guys into action. So your first challenge has come up with three things You want to pitch based on your most immediate needs based on your end game, based on how you want to feel in five years based on how you define success for yourself, come up with those three things during the break, we're gonna come back to him I'm gonna talk about him. Um, I make you right a pitch or something. Um, yeah. So questions three things to pitch. Are we talking about pitching ourselves, pitching their services? What we would be specifically should we be looking at It could be anything in relation to these immediate needs. Write anything in relation to this. It could be. You want to ask out that person you met last night because, like that Be fun, right? It could be that it could be that. You know, you've been one even thinking about writing a guest blogger for this this publication for a while. It could be that there's someone for most of us. There's somebody that you need to follow up with, some relationship that you've let lapse, and you're like, That's been too long, and I'm gonna feel still bed now and then I just seem like a Derek. How do I do it? So then you don't do it, and the time gets it gets even more awkward. So, yeah, think about think about those things where the pitches not necessarily about hire me for this job, right? The easy yes, might be. Let me know if you want, Teoh, get on Skype and talk more about your project. Could just be That doesn't have to be. Here is my proposal. Give me many thousands of dollars for this work.

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Tiffany has enormous energy! At the very beginning, it seemed a little off, but then she found her rhythm with the audience! This was exactly the kick I needed to start pitching. Her advice is simple and powerful. I had the pleasure of attending this live. If you are stuck feeling like you need some elaborate plan to get started pitching people for sales or interviews, this is the course for you. You won't regret it.


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