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Black Wardrobe on Black Backdrop Headshot

Sometimes I'll throw grid on it because I liked it if you look at some of my black about back in black is my portfolio right here on my site and if you look you might be able to see it you might not but I will um let me see if I could see it on one of these shots it depends on the screen and see if you can see how there's like a little it gets darker up by the back of the right side the left side of the image back right of his head it gets darker and you can see by his shoulder it's lit up a little bit that's just gritting off and throwing a little bit less light on the black pro board but r andrews and there you were right here lefty no, not your hand facially you know go now is this way oh, wait slow down, slow it down keep going, he's pretty good, huh? He's cool on both sides. See, I love this I love faces he's got sharp features profiles are amazing. All right, since we're set up for right lighting, I'm going to keep it that way now notice his skin's lighter than sheldon's, right? ...

So may know the kicker looks good though I think sheldon's beer was thrown me out and you step forward a little bit step this way a little bit now I've got the lights at six point oh so toe light up that black pro bored I don't need much I don't need much I'm just going to go down I'm going to start low I'm gonna started to point on which is low is they go all I want to do is create a little separation that's got a black eye it's I beat it up I don't care I just bring it everywhere with me and I love it because I want the black to separate off of it do you know this way a little bit tilted until tread that karate chop it right there chin down slightly work your nostrils this way a little did you guys lower that board? You know I need a higher let me see let me take a shot me I need to hire chin down a little bit chan your forehead out like a chicken there you go good home then just go a little higher on it for me. No, not you just all right, let's look at that. Whoa okay, good. So what did I get? I think I got the separation I need I got it, I got I could bring bounce it up a little bit now does and you look miserable he looks miserable. What are you doing call that smile take it all that wait, hold on, let me go up to three point on this and see if I can pop it little bit somebody over like a black sweater or something where's my in my bag in there I got like a really dark sure oh yeah do that throw that on that be awesome here throw this on yourself I want to show you because I really don't like I love black on black it's one of my favorite things but I don't want himto don't go crazy sheldon settle down that's all right though all right so now I've got the separation I want I want to show you the difference alright hold that scooch this way a little bit oh that turned the body that way actually hold that job your front shoulder down working nostrils this way hold that squints those eyes up a little bit there you go that's not bad I can work with that hold that right there tilt the top of the head this towards the canadian border again there so I won't say smile do something like that so now he's wearing black and you see other blacks popping off now watch this I'm probably popping it too much because I'm going it's alright what we would need a, um zoom reflector you can hold it that's all right don't worry about we're not we're not in that zone that's s o sometimes somebody will give you a gift I didn't have to talk to him for that shot andrew gave me a gift look at that shot guys sometimes you don't want to over direct dude that's a good shot man that's it that's it what there's cool is going crazy he's got the curls like me um guys look at that shot I didn't say a word to him all right you see how the black is popping off the black watch when I when I take this off now we got the kickback there lightning up so it might let up a little bit watch the difference, it's all right, but see how he's falling in a little bit on my screen? I can't even tell the difference between that black outfit and the uh let me turn off the kick for a minute all right now let's see hold that in that was with that that's what the strobe watch it took turning off and look at the difference so you see how it's barely popping off now that's it's still got a little bit of separation on lee because of the surface on that board I don't like when the black falls into the black too much so I could just pop it a touch if I want but this gives me complete control over it why's my okay, we've got a two point oh and see all right, good. Andrew jammy forehead out there you go. Hold that right there. Um I need you to tilt the head slightly that way we're going to go for your other side to do pull the corners amount towards the ear lobe slightly there you go that's a little direction that I wanted, right? I just don't say the s word I'll get it let's flip the lights on him watch this so I'm going to just it's very simple guys, I forgot to mention my age to pro bags here. Did you see those suckers? We gotta talk about this. I got my well a year ago I announced these on creative live and it took me a year to get the samples back. So now they're here so I I just don't I don't like carrying sandbags. It kills me and I hate and I travel a lot, so, um, I like I'm gonna bring this kick to the other side and you moved to the other side so I always go opposite side with the kick guys so I'm going for the kick on the opposite side cheek so the kicks gonna go over here, turn it back on I need wait for the pro boards I need to travel with weight I'm not taking sand bags with me, so I built a water based solution there's a single bag here you got wait you fill it up with water when you're on location you gotta handle and if you stay everybody's happy about that this is awesome. So look at this so then you can zip two together and you just throw him on a light stand there going to be available on hurley pro gear dot com just sign up for the newsletter on that site and we'll get to the information when we get that going oh my gosh, I only those diseases these were the first ones I've had there we go we're going fifty on this I'm going to bring this kick down I'm going to do a real subtle kick on him. I'm bringing the kick down to twenty percent I'm going to go thirty percent on that on the late that's hit him and I'm going to go down fifteen on my buddy phil I goto five let's go to five on my buddy phil fill out like this I just want to see the other side of saints, right? We know he may be an be facial let's see and you're gonna assist hold that you're not bad looking on this side you go chin down a little bit bring your forehead out tilt your head a little this there you go good hint is the hint of the smile I need it now closed mouth tie him unless you want to let it rip good there smush your knees together for me yeah there's also a time you know when you say stuff like I did it in order I got his face where I wanted him I got his head I composed and I did it in order so I did it in the order that I wanted and then I said the dumb thing like smasher you know needs together there's things called hurley isms that air in the book which are all my almighty thank you, andrew thank you very much. Awesome job. So, um there's things like hurley isms that are in the book so let me go to the book for a second. Can we get a round of applause for andrew please guys, come on. I just want to show you the hurley isms or in the back this is like all my stuff my stuff my goods uh where is this girl there in the back? I just want to show you this one it's a long book. All right, here's the hurley isms chapter hurley isn't usually create something like that if you don't know that is that's jason group he's my buddy any any happens to be I hope you guys all love w p p because hopefully I'll see you there in uh next year, but this is the great stuff, so I like people who make faces. So this is underneath. You could see the caption of this one. This girl was a complete trooper. This is what I told her to make this face. I said, this can you already then give me a look like you are impersonating a blowfish on crack, and what did that do that created that? But it also created this so that's, the method to my madness, guys, that's the way you do it.

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In this class Peter Hurley, author of “The Headshot”, reveals his methodology for capturing amazing headshot portraits.

Hurley spent the last two years formulating these unique concepts into his highly anticipated book and will demonstrate how his simple techniques can help you bring the best out of every person you photograph. His “squinching” phenomenon has gone viral and continues to have people using his signature lower lid move every time they step foot in front of a camera.

Tune in and watch Peter work his headshot magic in The Headshot.

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This is a fantastic course! Peter clearly explains his techniques on how he brings out the best in people, to obtain the best headshots possible. There is a wealth of information here, presented with some humor, humility, and a must see for anyone who wants to learn or improve their headshot photography skills.