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Hurley Headshot System Steps

So, guys, we're going to get into a little bit about what I call micro expressions. So once I get them toe where I want like I really like this angle on it did that's the angle that you like, right? Hold it. Hold that right there. Chin down slightly. Jam your forehead out towards me. Tilt your head slightly towards the canadian border. Okay, so now come on out for a second. I want to show you something. Guys, I just did something that is the trucks of my work, which is working with the reaction and stimulating them with something. So I want to show you something. This is what I call and it's in the book the hurley headshot system. So we're working through a system and it's systematic it's very planned and organized. This is the way I do it. All right, I position the body first. Once the body's in position. Then I positioned head what's gonna happen when you want you because you guys will not believe this, the head and the body can move independently when you move people, when you I'm t...

elling you when you move people, they'll go like this. Look at me. I'm not moving my moving, my body and my head's moving, but for our purposes we wanna watch the difference in way to the body or what the body's doing our arms and stuff like that and we might want to turn the body one way and then get the face to the good side so I always move them differently now want you position the head what's gonna happen with hair if I tilt her head this way till this way her hair's changing over here it's shelf ing out on the back side it's going to change if she's wearing clothing that moved this stuff the thank you for wearing that check her t shirt that's awesome that little tank um but if she was wearing something that moves you've got to do a scan in the hair and clothing then you compose I'm not going to compose before the movement I gotta compose afterwards and then won some composed everything set in stone right where I want it I'm either I'm gonna add stimuli that elicits a facial reaction or I will use a micro expression move for instance direct direction is do this do that do the other thing squint she's a direct direction everybody squints right now you got it you got it. You got no no switch go ahead being squint you know you don't like don't don't crow up your nose and like just your eyes your nose is going crazy all right guys so we're gonna go can you squint all right so I did a video again it's got like two million views or something it's called it's all about the squints let me just pop in a little video on it right now just so you guys could get this we're gonna take a little a little a little pause and uh go into a little squint mode right here okay okay so where'd it come from I make up words I needed a word secret of looking picture perfect in every photo according to a new video from the professional photographer that has gone super viral there's one facial expression makes everyone instantly look better it's called squinting on we sent sarah haines out toe learn how it's done sara thanks clara in this day and age of smartphones everyone's got a camera and no one wants to miss a photo op so cute opposing we've seen blue steel the sultry pout but what if there was one look that guaranteed a better picture there is meat the squint do it on the red carpet models do it on the runway tyra banks even did it on g m a perfecting her picture perfect pose by smiling defined for our audience who doesn't know already what a sni xyz it's to smile with your eyes short smile and this is my zing but now it's all about the art of the switch you heard right switch a magical combo of squinting and pinching instantly transformed your deer in headlights look into a more sultry gaze. Confidence comes from the eye and sort of spirit it's, the secret weapon of photographer and former model peter hurley, who posted this fifteen minute tutorial to his youtube channel on tuesday that now has more than one hundred seventy five thousand hits and counting. I went to peter's new york studio to see how I could up my say cheese game. Now I want to squint what is squinting? I would have to say that squinting is narrowing the distance between your pupil and your lower island to create confidence to the onlookers. Why did you come out with swinging? I needed a word for it because I would always tell people to squint, but then I'd be like no it's, not really squinting and I was like, I'm gonna make another word for this you want to pick up a girl at the coffee shop squint you could wish back out of it. Of course, peter is no stranger to sharing his tricks of the trade. You don't want to be like this because this is overkill. Just last year he posted this video to youtube on howto accent your jaw line and it went viral with almost one million hits. I just want to help people look better in pictures, especially with all the pictures being taken these days just since we're on the topic, I just want to show you the jawline because these are the trick. Here we go. The direct direction. Here it is. Here we go. This is kayla now kayla's back now. You know I had her, then I'm like no, this doesn't fly. Show me what you got. Get that forehead towards the camera. Boom! Holy smokes, guys. Look at the difference here from there to there. Come on. You got to be kidding me, lucas. I got even better one. Watch this. Watch this one. We're going to go with callie here's. Calleigh, right, pretty girl. Nice. Not bad with the join, you know, we still it appears that we have some john line here, but watch we have some action in here. I don't want to see I want I want to stretch that skin out. Watch this shebang now. Now we're talking. Oh, my goodness. All right, now we got look at this from there to their unbelievable, unbelievable guys. Unbelievable. Ok, that was unbelievable. So these are the things that are the core of my whole situation. I'm using these things too. I'm using the video is now I know a lot of tires and use the videos to show their clients I have them my clients sometimes I tell them about the job and they won't stick it out I'll be like I have to show them my own video so I'm like, well, you want this it's like crazy and this quenches really hard because if you do it wrong or they feel uncomfortable doing it it's essentially what we're doing is is taking away the deer in the headlights look so they're going to go like this they're going to open their eyes when before they walked in your studio they walked in to shoot or wherever you're shooting if you're shooting outside don't care they walked in got in front of a camera and their eyes were relaxed like this then all of a sudden they got in front of a camera they went like this and it was weird and you feel it I have a question that's actually has a lot of votes on it, peter and that is do you shoot or what are some of the ways of shooting males and females differently? Are you giving any different kind of direction? What do you change or do I change the lighting? I change the vibe? I mean, the relationship that I have with guys is totally different than the relationship that I have with women on dh most of that is because of the scenario that I'm also in with makeup, so I'm working I don't shoot women without make up general unless it's a corporate gig where they have to do their own and then it's a little different but my makeup artist is like on them and like he's getting paid too so he goes crazy and then it creates this vibe and I have to be in sync with him and I have to be told like as soon as they're out of makeup it's like you're not gonna get in there and with guys I'm like, so chill it's like way different I'm like there's no make up artist there's no nothing with guys I like to beat up their faces with light a little bit because I like shadowing on guys I don't like shadows on women, so I just never did so that's a big difference, but in terms of the direction it it also has to do with your report with the person it's human skills it's like just the way that you would behave within anybody. I'm going to behave differently with her than than I would with alex or definitely with you yeah, you know I feel the person out and feel like how I can't how far I can go if somebody's very stiff and direct with me I'm gonna be definitely reserved and I will I will mold my personality to what I feel that person needs to get the shot I don't care about how I director how I do anything. I want the shot, so whatever I need to do, however, I need to behave. I will do it for that particular person, so it just depends on the some people are really timid and shy in there. If I go out there, go, well, we're going to shoot, bang the crap out of this is going to be awesome. You think the person is going to be, like, great, you know, they're gonna be like, like, I can't be myself so.

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In this class Peter Hurley, author of “The Headshot”, reveals his methodology for capturing amazing headshot portraits.

Hurley spent the last two years formulating these unique concepts into his highly anticipated book and will demonstrate how his simple techniques can help you bring the best out of every person you photograph. His “squinching” phenomenon has gone viral and continues to have people using his signature lower lid move every time they step foot in front of a camera.

Tune in and watch Peter work his headshot magic in The Headshot.

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This is a fantastic course! Peter clearly explains his techniques on how he brings out the best in people, to obtain the best headshots possible. There is a wealth of information here, presented with some humor, humility, and a must see for anyone who wants to learn or improve their headshot photography skills.