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The Richotte Effect

I want to end with this I call it the ricochet effect okay um this is my thing what did I tell you the beginning I'm going right back to the beginning I care about that person all right I may be shooting their head but I'm aiming for their heart I want to get you guys I want to get you to forget about the camera I want you I wanted to have cameron visibility I don't want the camera even enter your brain were you able to think about the camera when I was saying that whatever I was saying to you right no that's what I want so I know also needed a purpose um and I think this was something about the burn out I had to figure out really why I was doing this so my purpose is to touch anyone in front of my cameron away that captures a human expression that's authentic, reactive and based on trust so human expression which means not factored in by the camera that is authentic which means it's real it's not based on them being in front of camera it's reactive because of what I did to did or said...

and it's based on trust they trust me they need to trust you you can build their trust you could make it happen and here's the acronym so I I um I think it's so important to have heart when you shoot it's. Huge aim for their hearts, guys, it's going to be worth it in the long run. It's gonna be awesome! Jim carey had a speech, a commencement speech last year. That was amazing, which you should all watch. I want to put in here, but we weren't sure if jim would be cool with that. So, he said, the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is. You have a moment with somebody, an intimate moment with somebody in front, your lens, make it count. Three, two, one.

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In this class Peter Hurley, author of “The Headshot”, reveals his methodology for capturing amazing headshot portraits.

Hurley spent the last two years formulating these unique concepts into his highly anticipated book and will demonstrate how his simple techniques can help you bring the best out of every person you photograph. His “squinching” phenomenon has gone viral and continues to have people using his signature lower lid move every time they step foot in front of a camera.

Tune in and watch Peter work his headshot magic in The Headshot.

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This is a fantastic course! Peter clearly explains his techniques on how he brings out the best in people, to obtain the best headshots possible. There is a wealth of information here, presented with some humor, humility, and a must see for anyone who wants to learn or improve their headshot photography skills.