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What To Expect

Lesson 2 from: The Landscape Photography Workshop

Taylor Burk

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2. What To Expect

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Lesson Info

What To Expect

(birds tweet) So this is a beginner's guide to landscape photography. I just wanna kind of set up my intentions first and foremost so that you know what to expect from this. So basically, I'm gonna make this as approachable and, you know, easy to follow along as possible. I want you to be able to see what's happening and be able to do that yourself in the field, so I encourage you to take notes, to kind of study up on this, and maybe watch it a few times, just to kind of really engrain it in your head. My goal intention when I was putting this workshop together was to create something that I wish I had when I was starting out, something that I can look to to get all the knowledge in one place, all the resources, all these things about how we can go from taking average photos here and there to making something that people go, "Wow!" Like awe-inspiring kind of imagery. So by following along with this, I'm gonna give you all the tools of the trade that I kind of picked up over the years...

on how you can take it to the next level. All right, so I'm gonna walk you through all of this, kind of what to expect. It's gonna be a little bit of the mindset of how I'm trying to find inspiration, why I'm going to the places I'm going, why I'm bringing what I'm bringing, kind of composition finding and what's coming to life in my head and visualizing it and bringing it to life in my camera. We're gonna dive into social media and my intentions with Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, all these things that are kind of happening in the industry and constantly shifting evolving. We're gonna also dive into the business side of things and monetization. So basically my goal with you watching this from beginning to end, you're gonna have all the resources you need to take it from a weekend hobby or a developing passion and ideally turn it into something where you can take it to the next level where you might be able to start monetizing it or just taking photos that really wow your friends, and just kind of diving into the whole mindset of landscape photography.

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Ratings and Reviews

Selby Wilkinson

Incredible course! I learned so much watching this. I loved Taylor's teaching style and found it really helpful to get to see how he works out in the field. Everything about it was so well thought out - I appreciated the little details he included in the course like the PDFs and photo book recommendations. I would definitely recommend!

Jason Webb

This course is awesome! Great insights into landscape photography. Highly recommend.


This course was great--Taylor's approach and delivery of the topics is straightforward and extremely helpful. I am somewhat comfortable with my camera/settings and know some of the basic rules of photography, but his explanations help translate in how to use those tools to create YOUR own images no matter what you are trying to achieve. Can’t recommend this course enough to any aspiring landscape photographer.

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