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Lesson 4 from: The NEW Feck Perfuction

James Victore

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4. Action

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How to affect profession. Chapter four action. I like this chapter may read from the opener. Fear paralyzes you. It shrinks your sphincter constipated you're thinking and stops all movement. The antidote to fear is action acting on your thoughts and intuition is where the rubber meets the road. Movement is the key. Big, bold and forward. Keep inventing, keep making and keep imagining your future make your life happen by acting on it and once you start you better keep going. Okay. I'm an action guy. Even today filming, I'm like, okay, put on a shirt, sit down in a chair and just start talking, right? Just that's how I make things happen. But all the time, All the time, All the time for me and for you, the next action is too much thinking, right? Is it any good? Is anybody gonna like it? Uh my stuttering more than usual. Do I look? Okay? How's my moustache? Pretty good. All the what ifs right. Too much thinking the too much thinking part, it would be great if what you were thinking about...

was positive and beautiful and productive, but what were generally thinking about is negative, right? So action beats too much thinking? Action beats worry, Action beats procrastination. Action always wins the hardest part. And this is where the too much thinking comes in, right? The hardest part is that we sometimes lack confidence, right? We lack confidence in our choices or how or when to start or what actions to take, Right? So we lack confidence, but you want confidence. You want confidence. Action is the answer. So I've got this plan to jump out of a plane, right? Uh, strapped to somebody else, but I'm going to jump out of a plane and I know how it's gonna go down, Right, because I know my body and I know my fears and that's a big fear for me. And I'm gonna be in there and somebody's gonna strap and he's gonna say 321, let's go. And I'm gonna be holding on to some piece of metal, right? And the action that's going to have to happen is someone else is going to have to pry my hand off of that piece of metal because of my fear, because of my worrying because of my oh shit factor, right? But the action is someone taking my hand off and pushing us out of the plane, but dollars to donuts when my butt hits the ground. What's the first thing I'm gonna say, let's do it again. So if you want confidence, action is the answer, right? Action comes before confidence. We don't get confidence and then create, right? We create and build confidence from that. So we can't wait to do something until we have confidence, right? That's a form of self sabotage, right? It's a form of procrastination or or or the fear that your perfectionism creates, right? So that ruins your confidence, right? Action? Action? Action? Action. Here's the big idea, it's called love attention and consistency, right? This is important. Um love is just, loving what you do, right? They say if you love what you do, then you'll never work a day in your life. I say, if you love what you do, you're gonna work a lot, you're going to work a lot, but you're going to enjoy the process. Um So, love is important because love maintains that you have joy in your work and play in your work even when the shit hits the fan, right? So love is the first attention means means pay attention to your work, right? Means study, It means practice and consistency, consistency is the hardest part and it's where most people fall off consistency is where most people fall off consistency is asking yourself every day, what am I going to do to create growth? I've seen countless businesses succeed, not because they're genius ideas, but through the consistency, continually following through on a plan. So love attention and most important consistency, consistency is the action. Here's a few more actions for you to take daily, like your vitamins, right? The first one, help me help me help me learn to ask for help. You don't have to go it alone. There are others who have been down the road, ask for their help, ask for their help and go to the top. There's no reason you can't. The people at the top are dying for someone to be curious about what they do, so they can share their excitement, So help me help me help me learn to ask for help. Ask for more. Ask for more time. Ask for more money. Ask for more creativity. There isn't a job or project that comes through my studio. The first question back isn't about more money. Okay, so ask for more. Here's a big one. Simplify your life. Simplify your life. Kill your T. V. Get rid of the all the distractions, the bad friends, right? The useless cable bill. Um uh the endless gazing at your phone, right? Simplify your life. All of these things, all of these actions helped create focus and help create. Follow through. My biggest action that I do daily is about focus, where I have to just literally stop myself, put my hand on my chest, put a hand on my heart and ask myself James, what do we need to be doing right now, what can I do right now? Today, that will help move everything just a little bit further. Right? Always bringing the focus back here. Super important idea. Um this is my best action that I'm going to share with you right now. It's a secret weapon, right? Um I actually gave a a webinar on this secret weapon, but I didn't call it what it is, I call it confidence because nobody would show up to a webinar about scheduling and organization, true story because I was once asked, what are the two things most professionals failed to do and my answer just off the cuff was okay. The two things, there's the easy thing in the hard thing and the hard thing is to go back find out those voices like we talked before, find out that trauma, find out where it comes from, whose voices are in there, that are, that are guiding you, that aren't yours. That's the hard part. Right? But the easy part is scheduling an organization and scheduling and organization is exactly what it sounds like in my life. I live by schedules. Um, my mother used to always say a good day starts the night before. So the night before I go to bed, I make a list of what happens to happen the next day. My appointments and the work that I want to get done and I get it done because it doesn't go on to the next day, right? And then I have a big chart on the wall that has the month of everything that I need to get done this month. And then they have a list, big list on the wall of everything I want to get done in the fourth quarter of this year. And those things are going to make 1st and 2nd quarters of next year happen, right? And it's all just scheduling. And it allows me to focus, I don't wake up going where, what we're doing today, what's what's going on? And I start strolling through the phone and start all the distractions, right, scheduling and organization are a secret weapon and they will they will help you create focus and every time every act as simple as scheduling organization, every act that you do is an act of self love. It means I care for myself, I care for my craft and my skills, right? And I want to move forward and within scheduling, what you're actually doing. If the idea scares you, what you're actually doing is your scheduling time for creativity, your scheduling time for, love, your scheduling, your happiness, you're not scheduling the hard bits and what's going to happen, What it will show you is you actually are creating more time during your day if you want, fuck off time, you can have it, but it's scheduled and it doesn't just kind of melt into the entire day. Okay, scheduling an organization, what Whitman on his desk had a little sign that said make the work and that's exactly what we're talking about is just following through with consistency and doing the work. Scheduling also helps take the emotion out of our work, right? It's just, this is something I have to do it again. It's an action that kills too much thinking or worry or procrastination, right? It takes the emotion out of it. You want confidence to begin. But action comes before confidence and remember begin before you're ready. Okay, create action, learn to create these actions and make it a habit. Okay? And that is a lead in to the next chapter and one final word is inspiration without action is bullshit. See you there. Yeah. Chapter four of how to affect perfection. I want to show you a couple of pieces from the book. Let me show you something here. So, um I am a fan of um taxidermy. I actually collect um I have a small collection of a few nice little pieces. I have a big, there's a nice squirrel hanging on the wall over there. Um and this piece from the book, it was just an opportunity to bring in some of that. The fact that I like nature, the fact that I like collecting nature, the fact that this little bird that I found was really cute. That's pretty much the only reason to bring it into the book. You know, I really kind of like I can, I can, I can retrofit any idea into what I'm working on. Like I don't have to be held to the, to the cliche or held to the literal content that I'm working on. Right. Um so I found the this this this this stick was out in the yard. I attached this little bird to it and then after we, after we shot the bird and use it for the book, I kept the whole stick and I actually attached it up into my house, I just put a dowel on dowel on this end and attached it to the wall and he's been living there ever since. I love this little bird, Another piece I want to talk about from the book comes from Chapter 66. And that chapter is called judge not. And the reason I wanted to talk about judging in comparison is I often get asked, Hey James, could you look at my work work and tell you what, tell me what you think and what I think of your work is not important. What I think about your work is not important. I'm a terrible judge. I'm a terrible judge of my own work. Whether it's good or bad, I'm a terrible judge of of of of of my own character, of my own good looks of my own abilities. So how could I possibly be a judge of viewers And what's important is not what I think of your work. What's important is what you think of your work. What's important is is how it makes you feel, what's important is how good you are getting it out into the world. There's so many projects out there that James victoria thinks is quite frankly shit, but they're doing well because their creator is followed through with consistency. Okay, so what I did is I tried to make a quote unquote beautiful drawing um here here it is here and it was just literally me tracing. So there it is, it's on, it's not actually on tracing paper, right tracing from another book, a book of greek sculpture tracing from it and then taking a big big orange marker, just going one crossing it out. It's like saying like to be that frustrated artist like oh my work is shit. Uh Try to show that in some way. So those are some of the ideas and some of the other pieces um in how to affect perfection. Thank you. Yeah. Mhm.

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