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The Outdoor Photography Experience

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Importance of Saving to DNG

Chris Burkard

The Outdoor Photography Experience

Chris Burkard

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Lesson Info

22. Importance of Saving to DNG

Lesson Info

Importance of Saving to DNG

I really just want to explain to you guys the purpose of saving these images as d angie's so um now that I'm all done uh let's let's go back let's so I edited that one image um I added this one to I'm gonna sharpen this one right now and uh sharpening um I'm gonna go into here library I'm gonna say this one is the dmg cool I'm saving this was the dmg so those are done I'm done they're all saved is deon geez I'm gonna go back into my um I'm gonna go back into my folder and I'm gonna look at these d angie's um okay where did my other one go there we go okay so they would all they should all be in one dmg folder right and I'm just erasing these there's no confusion but basically what I've done is I would I would save my files inside a dmg folder right that's that is inside my uh that is inside one of my existing folders right the folder that has these images inside of it I would just save these insights these air edited color corrected d angie's ok now that I have both these in there deon...

geez they have my j peg overlay I'm looking at a raw file right now they have my j peg overlay and they have the raw file beneath it okay so I can go back through and I can delete the images say all of them all of these I could delete right now all gone okay I would take these dandies and I would replace them in their spot so now I have no raw files I'm on ly saving my d angie's my next action is going to be to go in the light room go to this whole creative life older so I'm not keeping a big busy mess in light room and I'm erasing this entire creative life folder why am I doing that I say I say of color corrected all my d angie is there already saved in their closing light room see this time great I'm closing for the mechanic awesome k they're all they're all done they're all in there they're all out of there why would I why would I do that to keep it clean keep it clean but also there is no need for me to keep those d n gs and there's no need to keep anything in there because now that I have these files okay say I have a selection comes up I have a print I have something I have to make right I'm going to hear like oh cool I have to have to put these in a j peg or something like that great I'll drag in this folder into photo mechanic oh cool here's my dmg files that have my j peg overlays I'm gonna I'm gonna take both these I'm gonna drag him the light room oh my life is not my thing sorry um so great I'm gonna drag these things in the light room right now import they're they're ready to export as whatever I want because now they have every editor I made saved on top of them so if I want to go in here there's nothing else I have to do I have no more developing to do if I want to go in here and export is a jpeg and make a print file or make something I want to post on instagram or do whatever all I have to do is go in here and export again right rather than keeping my library in photo and light room is all busy with images I'm able to simply have those edits always saved on my hard drive now the beauty of this is if I send these photos or these files to anyone any client in raw form it they're gonna have that overlay of of they're gonna have that overlay of my color correction on there so that they know what I I liked and what I thought the image to look like and stuff does that make sense I know you had some questions yeah I was just you and you can go back and manipulate the edits that you've made on that it saves or is it just saved out yeah I got to go to develop right now it's got to develop right now I'm anything that I'm anything like the raw file right so I'm just the beauty is like so here's the deal I have this tmg I sent it to somebody they have the dmg they like oh I like I like his edits so they can look at my edits and like this is great I like what he did cool we're gonna print this for the magazine this looks perfect they're going to hear an export this it's already all done also too I'm not having to go back and redo it a bunch of times you know it's done once I can save it and export is whatever I want j pegs tiffs anything I want raw files um that makes sense because I know the whole process of like saving his dingy is kind of you know but this way you don't have anything dunking up any of your programs everything's clean so in the long run everything that's on this download folder right here this download file that's being saved all of my chutes I'm preserving every raw image dmg so that any time I need those files and any time that I need to open them up and work with them they're there to work with

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I've been staying up all night to watch the live broadcast. As somebody else here mentioned (latsok), it's emphasizes on the non-technical aspects (emotion, engagement, colour and composition) rather than the technical stuff like shutter speeds, iso and f-stop. Although I can use some help in both, the technical aspects are not only camera specific but fairly objective as well. The non-technical aspects however are something much harder to grasp. Getting help in this by no-one less than Chris Burkard is just amazing. I bought this class so I can re-watch certain parts of the broadcast again whenever I need it. But also to show my appreciation for Chris Burkard and Creative Live for providing this great online course!

Matt Redfern

This class was packed full of amazing knowledge. I really enjoyed the topics covered and have found it super helpful for my work. I have had so many takeaways ranging anywhere from how to put myself out there, finding my style that stands out, practical applications, etc. I would highly recommend this class to everyone interested in photography! Big thanks to Chris and CreativeLive for putting this together.


This was a phenomenal class. I highly recommend it to anyone. Chris is not only a sensational photographer, he is a wonderful teacher. He provides such detailed information and freely gives same to his students. He is really really available and eager to answer questions and so easy to understand. I learned so much and I was thrilled. I am very very grateful I found this particular class.