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The Outdoor Photography Experience

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Post Processing Tools

Chris Burkard

The Outdoor Photography Experience

Chris Burkard

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19. Post Processing Tools

Lesson Info

Post Processing Tools

all right you guys so if you've noticed my laptop grew a little bit um this is a different laptop this is the laptop that I use when I'm on assignment or I'm on the road now this section is kind of um there's a lot of information we're going to go over quite a bit of thing quite a few things and it's really going to be giving you guys try to give you a realistic look at what it's like um in so many different capacity because the way that I find my work goes it's I'm doing everything from being on the road in some remote location where I'm just anything photos on my phone to where we're ingesting and downloading you know thousands of images a day on a big massive commercial projects I want to show you kind of the whole gamut of both these things you're the entire spectrum right so uh my my goal here is really just tow just obviously show you what you know we have learned and felt like is the best easiest method to do this stuff and keep in mind like I said before taking all of the great...

assault because you know there's always a different way maybe a better way or easier solution but what we found is this now I'm going to start with the large uh did you kit on a commercial project and talk to you about ingesting images how that process works what programs I used on then as well as moved towards color correction usually some basic color correction techniques things that I am typically doing a cz well as going all the way down to mobile device right and shooting and transferring v a wife out of the phone does that sound good there's any specifics you guys want me to touch on throughout this is really a time probably head down talking about stuff so please raise your hand interject if you get a good question so it'll be a slow down on feel free all trying to that soap let's ah let's first really quick visually I wantto just go over this what is this well this is a laptop case on dh it's a pelican uh it's it's kind of known we call it the digit kit and which means it's the digital technician kit so when I go on a big commercial project meaning there's you know myself an assistant bunch photographer a bunch of you know creatives and agency and the whole deal we're going out shooting car commercial we're going out and shooting anything that you know it required requires you know a lot of uploading a lot of images being shot as well is backing up on the road then I'm having a person who's coming with me dedicated to this system now basically this kid this system is basically a little pelican fourteen forty um just travels with us like this we handcuff ourselves to it that's that's excessive but um but basically just to kind of show you how this this is really built for for this system and I wantto make sure the cameras can actually see inside here um so she could sell what we have in here is the tray at the bottom right where two hard drives will sit okay and then above this tray I would use this laptop normally but basically the laptop sits right above these it goes in here and then everything gets placed in like this so in this section over here I usually will have my card readers things like that I'll have you know a light that can connect into the laptop I'll have uh everything from just some pens for mark hard drives I'll have some inverters I kind of have everything I need is well is like I said my card readers and stuff which will sit there now the reason it's designed like this is so that basically both these hard drives can connect simultaneously into here okay so that when I'm uploading images my image is air getting dumped to two places at once so we're gonna talk about why and how this works um now in here also you know what also keeps I'll keep like receipts and stuff like that important documents from the shoot maybe they'll be like ah shoot itinerary or things of that nature um you know they'll be a little note pad than assistant or use if he wants to you know make some notations on the things that he's on his upload these log or some like that so when you're doing a massive shoot even if it's something you know smaller ten thousand dollars to you know half a million dollars you don't want to lose these images you don't want to mess up the back of him so this is it's really important house omits safe shockproof it's waterproof in fact and nothing essentially happened to it so um let's go over what happens when the images get adjusted and ideally this whole thing's meant to be self contains you can put the card in you can be working off the laptop you could just let this sit like this you know you can basically open up the screen and just have it in the car somewhere so it could be backing up and working like this so um any questions on that that makes sense so um on by the way that's a pelican fourteen ninety case for anybody that's that's interested out there on the internet um so you saw the tape in there right what we might do is we take these hard drives and usually I'm using bigger hard drives you just small ones for demo but usually I'm using a terabyte I like western digital have worked him for a long time love their hard drives they make a really nice hard drive words it's basically to mirror drives stacked together with a um with a thunderball cable that's it's attached to it and so I use that dr ah lot and they're like one or two terabytes each and that is kind of how that's kinda what we do so I'm just kind of breaking this down visually I wantto clear the stuff so you can hopefully see what I'm hi I'm working here and what I'm doing so it's clear this out of the way um now I know I know I've been a kind of touch base on gear again but I keep coming back to this charging unit this is also something that might live inside the dj kit charger in case we're somewhere remote over summer away from a car this's an inverter as well as a charger and I can plug my laptop into here and charge it if I'm you know we're driving from location location we're back of images this thing is not you know isn't charged over we need to back this up this is also wearing one of these and there's larger ones as well that will bring on bigger shoots you know so this is where one of these would come in handy also um so let's go to my screen please wave or hard drives here and I just want you to visually um imagine these are both plugged in okay so um I have my hard drives here uh and this process of explained this is gonna take a bit of time so sorry if I'm reader anything's a lot but but what I've done is I just finished wrapping for the day it's late at night we just shot something all day okay and now I have passed off my cameras basically have given my cameras to my assistant and keep in mind like obviously you guys don't have an assistant on a shoot whatever the spy just be yourself you're doing this to but I'm just letting you know running me through my normal process might be if I was doing a shoot by myself I probably wouldn't bring this and pride just running off my small laptop with two small drives and be minimal but this is more of a system that I'm using for larger chutes or when we are really shooting far from the car it's just cleaner and easier nice to have it all in one packed unit right but er if I was finishing a shoot I would be handing my cameras to my assistant the end of the day they be cleaning out they'll be taking the hard the memory cards out right they would basically take him out put him into the into the computer and then this is the process that they would go through to back these up so we have this fancy little spotlight this is pretty sweet um so imagine right here he's remember ricardo this is my memory card right and I am taking this entire thing and I'm plopping it onto my desktop right now um now while this is loading up I just basically gathered about twenty images and we're going to go through the entire process of backing them up color correcting them saving them and I'm going to show you this how this entire process is going to work I actually do need I wantto hook these out as you can see the process here just grabbing some usb three cables to plug these things in because it's probably actually easier to see if I can just show you the entire process so um all right so what I have is I have my dual hard drives in here is there going to be connected and these were going to be named different things one is going to be download and one is going to be archive um now the archive and the download the reason that we're doing two is because we basically are setting these things up when we're on the road so that when we get home we can offload them onto our our computers at home right we take the yellow tape we write on them it might say say this shoot was I don't know um michelin tires you know whatever since a michelin underscore you know download or whatever it is right so I've got these two hard drives download an archive

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I've been staying up all night to watch the live broadcast. As somebody else here mentioned (latsok), it's emphasizes on the non-technical aspects (emotion, engagement, colour and composition) rather than the technical stuff like shutter speeds, iso and f-stop. Although I can use some help in both, the technical aspects are not only camera specific but fairly objective as well. The non-technical aspects however are something much harder to grasp. Getting help in this by no-one less than Chris Burkard is just amazing. I bought this class so I can re-watch certain parts of the broadcast again whenever I need it. But also to show my appreciation for Chris Burkard and Creative Live for providing this great online course!

Matt Redfern

This class was packed full of amazing knowledge. I really enjoyed the topics covered and have found it super helpful for my work. I have had so many takeaways ranging anywhere from how to put myself out there, finding my style that stands out, practical applications, etc. I would highly recommend this class to everyone interested in photography! Big thanks to Chris and CreativeLive for putting this together.


This was a phenomenal class. I highly recommend it to anyone. Chris is not only a sensational photographer, he is a wonderful teacher. He provides such detailed information and freely gives same to his students. He is really really available and eager to answer questions and so easy to understand. I learned so much and I was thrilled. I am very very grateful I found this particular class.