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The Big Print

Lesson 4 from: The Photo Printing Workshop

Alex Strohl

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Lesson Info

4. The Big Print

Printing on big paper doesn’t have to be scary. Alex takes you through the steps required to make large prints with confidence.

Lesson Info

The Big Print

going with the big luster. Again. Nothing like opening a new box of paper. It's true. It's quite a romantic thing. This printing business. I really enjoy coffee making and this is very similar in a way that I get to work with my hands, I open boxes. I put papers later. I gotta be careful if I mess something up. There's no command Z. I've just messed up with a sheet of paper. So how do states work? Okay. My paper is loaded now. I gotta collect the right paper size on that room. So you get a page setup. I guess select the size for my paper. So my home is in a three. Here's a 13 by 19 and right here. Perfect. Okay. And then sometimes lightroom will keep the old cell size here. Gotta be careful at this setting here. So no, I am doing 13 by 1912 45 By 19 is going to correct it for me 1870. If you don't want to have it so tight you can you know. And just here at the south side you want just have some borders. It's nice to have a border 17 cleaner drop 17. Give you some tolerance. Okay. Other...

wise the rest is as earlier because it's a bigger print. Mm I think it's pretty sharp on the 8.5 11. I think standard trapping will be good printing big prints come out. It's looking good. I just want to make sure it's exactly after the small ones. But there's no reason it shouldn't be because I printed my test on the same paper as I do my big one. So if I wanted to do a 40 by 60, I'd be comfortable sending it right now because it's improved on a smaller paper. But at the same one. Yeah. Good darkness on the road there because the bigger you go, the less sharp the image gets. But also the further away people look at it. So we're good here. I'm just looking at his hand, which is the sharpest piece because you don't look at a 13 by 19 from arm's reach while you look at and a half 11 arms reach. So from this kind of distance cooking sharp, getting you the nice thing you're forgetting. How are you? You're so very cool. Yeah. So the different sizes. I'm giving you the samples. You think you can see the, that turned out great. It's so wild. The warmth ear warmer colder. Trying to get the canola good. And then the final, it's cool. You shouldn't be looking at this one so closely because you don't look as sharp as you do here. I didn't expect the pink to come out that night. And I like the canola is like almost like a minimal line. It's actually if you look at it this way, it's straight down the middle while candy was intentional. Maybe not. Yeah, I don't know what you do with it, but it's a gift

Ratings and Reviews

user c7bdd5

Thank you. Lots of good information. Well done.

Isaac Johnston

Through and also to the point! Well worth the watch, and I feel confident to print on my own now.

fbuser 517642fd

I would recommend it for anyone trying to understand the print process better but, I think Alex needs to work on speaking a bit clearer and maybe slow down a bit when he is moving his cursor around in LR as was difficult to keep up with him and to see what he was doing.

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