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The Self-Sufficient Filmmaker

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How to Get Your Project Off the Ground

Francesca Gregorini

The Self-Sufficient Filmmaker

Francesca Gregorini

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5. How to Get Your Project Off the Ground

Lesson Info

How to Get Your Project Off the Ground

Ok, so you've done your script you've done your creative package you've aged two years emotionally and literally s oh yeah how do you get your project off the ground? Eso basically, you know there's more well, first of all you need to register your intellectual material so that it's you know, safe you just send it to the w g a it's like twenty bucks or whatever just do it. Um and then make a list of the contacts at your disposal I still do this now you know what I mean? Like I still if I goto some party or something and I meet someone or whatever, the first thing I do is that, you know, and the card to grant and like I met this person they were here, they do this that because you just never know when that person you know, could come in handy or you could have something that to collaborate on or whatever. So it doesn't matter if you don't know people like, you know, in the industry per se but it's like just like who are just rack your brain or like a friend of a friend or an uncle of a ...

friend or whatever and then you know, you were back to the same thing which is sort of marketing and selling yourself, which is, you know, ultimately what is going to make a break? Your movie is the marketing and the selling of it but right now you're sort of still marketing and selling yourself to sort of get to that get to that place okay, so basically this is sort of you know, my website sort of what's you know, coming up next to me which is sort of you know, olivia and then whatever you click onto there and we'll take you and tell you a bunch of stuff that you already know about this these were the films that I've done if someone's not familiar with them, they can click here and see trailers and bloody bloody about that and then about my commercial work because I like to make some money sometimes on dh then this is you know, who am I in case they don't know now they're going to know more than they want tio you know, these air just sort of the articles that have been written about me and obviously you don't have the shit yet but it's like the point is you just make what you have and then it evolves you know what I mean and it's like but just start so you have a template you know, of a creative package of a website for yourself for your movie just starts and then you can just as things come up you can just sort of plague things in there you know, and this is just more about that and whatever more interviews and, you know, bloody bloody um and then god that's a lot of interviews, okay? And then just, you know, make sure you have ways for people to contact you. You know, somebody wants to, you know, I get people sending me scripts all the time through this, you know what I mean? Hey, I have this I have that of the other like you interested or whatever they want to say they can say it and I do read it. Andi, you start, then you make your website for your movie, and so for example, for this movie, you know, when we started, it was literally like, you know, one page I pulled the photo of kaya off skins I pulled a photo of jessica biel of some other movie she done I put of wash of water over it through on some fish is on top of it because originally this movie was called the manual on the truth about fishes. And I had a page. There was my website and that's all I had and that was fine because, you know, then it grows into, like, what are the things that it wanted different festivals and but it starts has to start, you know, somewhere, and this is you know the director page as I do more and more interviews that more and more whatever, then it's you know you can put that on there and you know, this is my statement about emmanuel and what is this? This is a recent this film still, so these air just stills from the movie so obviously don't have this beginning these with all the different variations of posters that it had thin these air clips of the movie, we're actually going to go through these clips to do like sort of directing scene study stuff later, but anyways, so you throw that stuff on what is this? Oh, then you pull like, you know, the best quotes of, you know, whatever articles and it's funny because sometimes they say something good and then they flash your film to death when you just pull that one glowing quote and, you know, your movie sounds great and then whatever the actors that are in your movie, um and then again ways for people to contact and then you know who were they contacting? You know, because it's, like sometimes it's like they want to contact the producer or it's a legal question, so it goes, you know, to the right to the right place, so it seems like a lot of work, but it really is worth it. And if you start, then you can just start playing things in as you go and it's. Not like you're starting from scratch. But it's, like, I've found all these things to be helpful.

Class Description

Independent filmmakers are often called on to not only write and direct, but to produce their projects. Wearing all three “hats” can be a daunting, yet inspiring proposition. In The Self-Sufficient Filmmaker with Francesca Gregorini, you’ll learn easily-applied strategies for balancing the demands of doing all three very unique jobs.

Francesca’s work has been officially selected by the Toronto Film Festival and premiered in the US Dramatic Competition at Sundance. In this class, she’ll discuss both the advantages and challenges of producing a film you’ve written and will direct. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to decide when its ‘right’ to produce your script and when to develop it further
  • Which "hat" to wear at what time from start to finish
  • Personalized paths for fundraising, production, and distribution

Francesca will explore the processes of writing, directing, and producing and how leading the charge can make these three unique perspectives more efficient, productive, and artistic.

The Self-Sufficient Filmmaker will help you develop best practices for all aspects of indie film production and inspire you to take control of your own destiny as a filmmaker. 



I think there were TONS of marvelous takeaways, here, in this course. The examples she presented about Scene Cards, the hardships, and the beauties-- all of it was very beneficial information for aspiring filmmakers. However, the verbal hesitance; "um", "you know", "uh", "you know what I mean", "or whatever"-- that started to get really distracting really quickly. But the course and the overall purpose of the lessons, that was great!


The good - Lots of helpful info about pre-production, things to consider, and working with actors. The not-so-good - Not exactly self-sufficient. If you were to cut out all the " know..." clutter, the course would probably be about 30 minutes shorter.