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Lesson 11 from: Think and Work Strategically

Jason W Womack

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11. Q & A

Lesson Info

Q & A

In the class takeaway, I can see myself using the DO, to BE to HAVE matrix in my goal planning going forward. And Elle, thank you for that. You know, this idea of holding the mirror, of giving yourself the gift of your own attention. One of my favorite goal setting exercises is... Actually, if you can get ahold of a Expo whiteboard pen, the pens that you use to write on whiteboards or windows, you can actually write your goals in your mirror. This is another tactic that I learned from a mentor of mine who... She taught me about goal setting. She said, look, anybody can write a goal on a piece of paper and then close the book. It's totally different if you write the goal on the mirror of your bedroom or bathroom because you're gonna have to look at that again. See the whites of your eyes, see the goal that you're heading toward, and ask yourself what do I need to do and how do I need to be and what do I need to have in order to move in that direction. Thanks, Elle, for sharing that. I t...

hink we have time for one more question or comment. I found myself going in several different directions, and is that normal? (laughs) And how do you handle that? It's kind of like it started going off into many different so that areas. You're seeing the big smile on my face right now. Congratulations. Oh, good. You're catching up to how fast your mind goes during the day, that if I put you on BART from one side of the Bay to the other, how many places would your mind go? And what the paper and pen process does is it, I'm gonna say it again, it lets me see what I'm telling myself. It lets me see what I'm thinking, and I believe that a lot more of us would get value if we could start to... And by the way, writing things down does not mean you're committed to doing them. Writing things down means I'm giving myself the voice, I'm giving myself the attention that I deserve. And so, as you're thinking about strategic thinking, strategic pointing your focus towards, what I encourage you to do is to take these exercises, take that workbook, take your journal entries that you're started in this course and keep on going. I will end every course that I teach here at Creative Live or anywhere else by asking you to please practice and then teach. And I've always used that comment, to teach is to learn something twice. The first time I get to learn what it means to me, the second time I get to share what that could do for somebody else. So, for those of you online, thank you for being here today. For those of you in the studio, thank you for this opportunity to share some of this information. Please stay in touch. We can get in contact through LinkedIn or you can email any time, Thank you for being a part of this today.

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Fantastic class! Highly recommend- Jason has such positive energy and enthusiasm, all his courses have been fun to watch and very informative.

Tetyana Borshch

A lot of inspirational exercises in a short time! Enjoyed it a lot and got few interesting insights.

Student Work