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Goodwill Employee Interview

So I'm here with katherine boeri she's, a spokesperson for seattle goodwill. Thank you, catherine she's gonna let me ask her some questions that I was curious about for seattle goodwill. So I had a question. Catherine, are there better days of the week than others to shop it? Good will for the best selection of merchandise? Well, we think every day is a good day to shop, but goodwill way every day when our twenty four stores we put out over one hundred thousand items, you're looking for a special bargain. One of things you can do is check on monday for a tax sales. Every week. The tag color changes and you can go to our web sites, have a goodwill dot org's and look for that week colored tag. And so the tag has the color, like kind of it the top, so you can look at the tag, match it to whatever the sale is and that's the discount attack. Cool. Okay, and the fashion focused area that you see right when you walk into the store can tell us a little bit about what we would see their what to...

expect there. Yeah, the fashion focus section is kind of actually a lot of the some of the like higher and brands and put in one area I mean it's stuff that we've always carried but now we put it under the fashion focused label so it's in one place just to make it easier for shoppers and does the merchandise throughout the store change seasonally I'm thinking of does it move around the store or change for the shopper who walks in looking for something in summer versus in winter? Yeah, we're very conscious of the seasons changing we're also aware of holidays so you know there may be something for easter fourth of july for us a really big one it is halloween you know people come to goodwill because they want to create really unique in different costumes and so we actually have a whole section put together where you could find you know, different accessories where your costume main base of it thanks for holding parties on everything that you need and I've heard really good things about the glitter sale. So tell me a little bit about the glitter sale the glitter say all of the wonderful sale that we do every november we've done it for the past thirty one years and we collect a lot of the designers sparkly items vintage uh really unique one of a kind pieces we put it together all this two days sale and I've talked to people that have come as far away as taiwan flight attendants that come up every year from orange county uh you know, the way to shop the sale really is tio look at us with an experience you want to come in you're going to spend a few hours this isn't like a quick in and out sale but it's you know, wonderful sale and it really that's another thing that benefits are free training and education it's great yeah so tell me a little bit about what a shopper supports when they buy things that goodwill well, the great thing about shopping a goodwill is not only do you find some good deals and find something unique items, but you're helping our free job training and education program last year we helped over ninety, two hundred people with this program and the reason that we're able to make our programs free of charge is because of the proceeds from the stores so you're not only finding a great deal but you're helping strengthen our community well, that's great yeah, I love that so I'm curious what's the strangest donation you've ever been given or been asked to take. The strangest donation that I've seen is we had a donation last july of three human skulls on we didn't know that we were receiving them and so did we properly turned them over tio king county medical examiner and they were looking. There was two medical, and then one, native americans call, and so they were trying to find the proper burial for the native americans. Call it's. Not normally. People do not donate human remains a goodwill. Wow. Ok, well, thank you very much.

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For lots of folks, thrift stores are treasure troves, teeming with opportunities just waiting to be uncovered. For others, thrift stores are chaotic collections of junk that are best overlooked in favor of more organized outposts. For members of the latter camp, Blair Stocker has a transformative approach to thrifting that’ll completely upend the experience of being overwhelmed by secondhand shops.

In Thrift Store Shopping 101, Blair will teach you a systematic approach to scoring at the thrift store. Blair is personally and professionally committed to the art of upcycling and, over the years, has developed a tried and true approach finding salvageable goods in unlikely places. In this class, she’ll teach you how approach thrift store shopping so you stay organized, get great deals, and walk away with pieces you can add to your craft closet. You’ll get insider tips on the best days to shop and which departments carry the most sought after items.

Thrift Store Shopping 101 will transform the way you think about buying secondhand and help you navigate the Goodwill like a serious expert.


Carol Willyn Maple

I loved that the class gave me actionable ideas that I can use when I visit thrift stores. I shop for yarn and fabric for thrift stores, but had not thought of using clothes outside of their intended purposes.