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Women’s Knits

So when I walk into this story, the first area you're going to see is referred to as fashion focus this is the nicer piece is that if you're looking for something aware, this would be a great place to stop and just see what they have, but if you're looking for something that cut up and craft with, we're going to take you further back in the store, so because I like to up cycle really interesting textiles and clothing into quotes when I come to the women's woven section, I'm looking for a few specific things and not necessarily tow wear, so I'm scanning the racks and first of all, I'm looking for interesting pattern, so I found this sure, which is pretty cool I like the pattern it's really fun it would look interesting and a quill it's not cotton. It doesn't matter you can use really anything, uh, that you would normally use in a quote you could use any cotton you can use any synthetic fabric at all in my class, I talk about how to do that so this would be a good candidate. I also like ...

florals. This one is is actually a maternity shirt, which is awesome because you get all this extra fabric so this has a nice floral print I might actually incorporate the's little pleats if you could see that into um, a quilt or something like that, but I would take this home. I would launder it, and I would cut it up or sure, make a quote. So I found this shirt that I wanted to talk about, because I really, like, I like the detail. I like the colors. I like the fabric. It seems to be a cotton shirt, but I might pass this one up if I were up cycling into a quilt because of the amount of scenes and also it's a small size. So you're not going to get us much fabric. If you really like the print, are the fabric, and you really like everything about it, go ahead and give it a try, and maybe you just won't have this much usable fabric. But think about how these seams were going to be incorporated into a pillow or a quilt that you're going to make.

Class Description

For lots of folks, thrift stores are treasure troves, teeming with opportunities just waiting to be uncovered. For others, thrift stores are chaotic collections of junk that are best overlooked in favor of more organized outposts. For members of the latter camp, Blair Stocker has a transformative approach to thrifting that’ll completely upend the experience of being overwhelmed by secondhand shops.

In Thrift Store Shopping 101, Blair will teach you a systematic approach to scoring at the thrift store. Blair is personally and professionally committed to the art of upcycling and, over the years, has developed a tried and true approach finding salvageable goods in unlikely places. In this class, she’ll teach you how approach thrift store shopping so you stay organized, get great deals, and walk away with pieces you can add to your craft closet. You’ll get insider tips on the best days to shop and which departments carry the most sought after items.

Thrift Store Shopping 101 will transform the way you think about buying secondhand and help you navigate the Goodwill like a serious expert.


Carol Willyn Maple

I loved that the class gave me actionable ideas that I can use when I visit thrift stores. I shop for yarn and fabric for thrift stores, but had not thought of using clothes outside of their intended purposes.