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Wood, Wicker & Knick Knacks

So I'm over here in the wood wicker and knickknacks section this's a gold line you never know what you're going to find over here I buy it all the storage for the seven nations and things I keep in my studio I buy everything at her stores boxes like this I can get him for a song, you take him home, you can spray paint and if you need a craft project for your kids given one of these to paint and to put treasures in my kids love to do that so I would definitely look at something like that wicker basket she confined some amazing wicker pieces here, leaving that they are clean them up or spray paint them and use them for storage I use them for all sorts of things this particular box I love the the joint work on the sides and I would just if if you don't want that, just take it off spray paint and you're good to go. I also love knickknacks a love knickknacks and there's no shortage of knickknacks and thrift stores, so I looked and found these really cool kitty cat and an owl and I love to s...

pray paint these black for halloween and put them around the house they're so cute and all of a sudden they look like they look really festive, so don't don't forget to stop by the knickknack would in wicker section so here's, another area that I thinks really fun, so I love trophies. I don't have any trophies personally, but I love to thrift herpes. Why? Because I spray paint these, put labels on them and give them that howling party's, sharpest fangs, reddest blood, best costume, you name it. You can use the trophies for that it's really a fun party favor. The other thing I love in this chachi knickknacks section are the little pottery bowls that you find these air really cute to put plants in, and I have a window sill of these with all sorts of little cactus is in different plants, and so they're really fun and same with the wooden bowls that you find these air really cool, teo and here's one. I might put a selection of plants in this one and turn it into a terreri in, and also closest and things that you can cover over or pit underneath this. I mean, you just there's all sorts of stuff here, so don't forget to stop by the sections here.

Class Description

For lots of folks, thrift stores are treasure troves, teeming with opportunities just waiting to be uncovered. For others, thrift stores are chaotic collections of junk that are best overlooked in favor of more organized outposts. For members of the latter camp, Blair Stocker has a transformative approach to thrifting that’ll completely upend the experience of being overwhelmed by secondhand shops.

In Thrift Store Shopping 101, Blair will teach you a systematic approach to scoring at the thrift store. Blair is personally and professionally committed to the art of upcycling and, over the years, has developed a tried and true approach finding salvageable goods in unlikely places. In this class, she’ll teach you how approach thrift store shopping so you stay organized, get great deals, and walk away with pieces you can add to your craft closet. You’ll get insider tips on the best days to shop and which departments carry the most sought after items.

Thrift Store Shopping 101 will transform the way you think about buying secondhand and help you navigate the Goodwill like a serious expert.


Carol Willyn Maple

I loved that the class gave me actionable ideas that I can use when I visit thrift stores. I shop for yarn and fabric for thrift stores, but had not thought of using clothes outside of their intended purposes.