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Content Aware Fill in Photoshop®

Oh, content where? Oh, you would never do this. I don't even know if I should show it. Cameras. I'm going to open these three images. You would never do this. I know you know it. This is you would never, never do this. You see, you see, she has the bomb. You see, the problem way can change time and space. So this one said you would never do this unless maybe this is your daughter and this is not for publication. This is not this. I am not a photojournalist. Okay? You're a photojournalist. You would not do this, all right? But since I'm not I could just select this little base right here and then, if I use the patch tool, ok, you'll notice that the patch will has content aware as an option, right? If I use the content aware move tool it's already content aware and I can move or extend things. I don't want to just move the base. I just want the base to be a little bigger, so I would just and then it would just who and it was just fix that so nicely form and is out. Okay, so this will get...

you fired. I'm telling you this is what you do not do, do not change reality all right let's get a little bit more serious about these tools why would I use these tools? Ok, so let's talk about content where phil first I'll grab my lasso tool and you would think like oh she's using such an easy demo file look how easy that is with that with that blue background right? So I'm gonna use the keyboard shortcut shift delete shift delete just brings up your fill dialog box and you have the content aware phil now in previous versions we didn't have this color adaptation the win you clicked okay oh gosh it did a pretty good job but can you see the scene that's going right through here all right, so don't give up first of all, you could try just running it again because every time you run it they changed the algorithms do you like how everything I almost see I was conscious I was going to say we change the algorithms but then someone's going to really like we who's this we like, you know, you know, like I'm not part of that coding wheat and then I realized that one day someone like you know every time you agree with what's been then you always say we and then every time you don't agree with something you always say they and yet you work there and I'm like you're right and I can't program and also yes oh this is so what I would like to say we did this great thing but really they did not mean so. They change the algorithm every time can you believe that? I think I know a lot about photoshopped but then I start to think of what you would really have to know to program photos. I mean, to make everything we do with a bunch of ones and zeros and math all right, so I could just run it again. So shift uh sorry. Shift delete. Oh, what have I done? Okay, shift delete. Thank you. I hit enter, which then targeted the feather box. If I had a gift, I would give you a gift. All right, shift duleep who brings up phil and I'm gonna turn on color adaptation. I could just try running it again though, and it would be different, so I'll click ok and let's see what? So this time no scene. So if you have skies, if you have, like, something in the sky like a lamp post or a telephone wire, it will now work a lot better with the content of where, phil all right now, here's the next challenge, so I want to get rid of these other ones, okay, so I know what you guys will do. It'll be like, all right, so we make a selection and then I'm gonna have to somehow go like thiss and then like thiss and in like this and then I've been a little sloppy and tito and then maybe you used the patch will this time instead because the pension will probably give better results here so we do jay which points out where it is and then we go to the patch tool the problem is you guys already know what the problem is gonna be right? I drag it over here and right around this area it's like how exactly do you want me to believe that I mean that's pretty darn good to start with right? Like who I kind of like that maybe I should save a snapshot but no, I'm going to be daring I'm gonna undo it because what if what if our expectations changed a little bit about the tool even though it did a really good job and we just said you know what? I'm gonna help you a little because I know that I want this area to be really good right like this area I need to be sharp and everything so I'm just going to take a second and grabbed this area and to command jay and jumping into its own layer so now I have that area that I like that was good on its own layer so now my expectation is okay great so I can be a little bit looser with my selection, aiken go ahead. You know the patch tool? It actually gives you the last total. You don't have to use last tool, but you can if you want. And now I can be a little freer with my selection there. Okay, zoom out. We move this over to where we want it. Maybe here, let it do that. Math that's what this dialogue back should say is you do the math faster, okay? And so now looking like, okay, dang, that did a great job. Maybe I should always be looser with this election, right? But watch what happens then when I just talk about this oh, it is on that's. Why? I did a better job like me when I talk about off. It looks worse. Guess of course, looks were so it did. This is what it did as the job, right? But then I had this saved on top of it, so I could just plop it on top. I was like, wow, I did a really good job, okay, that's because I had this little saved area, then I could always hide this and be like, ok, well, now, now maybe I just needed to do this area right like this, ok, and I'll just pull this right over there and then we can also say, you know what I just how about the color is the color the color blend in a little bit let's bring the color values down a little which is interesting because these you wouldn't necessarily think you could change after the fact because most of time like if you have the marquis tool selected and you drag with mark a tool and then you go toe out a feather in the options bar nothing happens until the next time you draw with that tool here if I have not set this down if I still have the marty nance then I go in here with structure in color and change this as many times as I wanted. All right then when I d selected then I can no longer change it but now I can put that right on top so just think about things like this like, you know, we always do these great demo files that use like this huge area and it just magically just gets that one, right? Right? But a lot of times you have to go into a little areas little chunky areas and just get rid of this area and get rid of that area and get rid of that area maybe think about you know, if you had two people standing next to each other and you were trying to get rid of one person for some reason I wouldn't just select them and try to get rid of them. I would take this person, pop it to their own layer and then filling the whole background. And then you just have that person left that's. Why you should never put your arms around anyone when you have a picture taken, makes it really hard if they ever want to remove you.

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This action-packed session will give you the deluxe tour through the new tools, features, and product enhancements in Photoshop® CC 2014. Julieanne Kost will get you up-to-speed on the latest features and ready to take advantage the most current technology.

Julieanne will share her "Top Ten Photoshop® Hidden Gems for Photographers" that will improve the way you work in Photoshop®. You’ll also learn about her favorite shortcuts and compositing techniques and about the most efficient ways to get the job done.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2