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Graduated Filter and Path Blur in Photoshop®

So let me show you something really cool that's in camera raw in photo shop but it is not in light room yet okay, so I'm just going to open this but but but but you have to open it as a smart object do not open it as a pixel based document open it as a smart object why I'm taking this raw file light room is saying photoshopped here's a copy of the raw file you take it and put it inside your psd or your tiff rapper so this if I made changes to this in photoshopped this smart object it has nothing to do with that original file that's in light room it will not update it. If I make this black and white it would not change it how would I make it black and white? I would edit the contents of the smart object just like we did the rectangle earlier and we worked with other things. If I double click on this what does it open up in camera rock? Who knew? How cool is that so I could make it black on white actually whatever but I want to show you is this cool tool that you find here here's my grad...

uated filter here's my radio filter one of the problems with these tools is if you clicked let's, load up the brush with something you know if you've got all these crazy sliders and camera and you want to zero them all out except for the one you're going to effect like right now I want to decrease exposure I'm going to click on the minus here instead of just moving the exposure and having to reset all of these just click the minus its heroes everything else out and takes the whatever you click to minus so I'm just going to a huge huge change here and I'm gonna click and drag down the problem is when I do this is that uh let's not see the mask overlay ok so now you can see what's happening let's bring it down even further is the top of the mountain is getting adjusted so I might want this to be adjusted but I don't want the top of the mountain to be adjusted so in camera raw right now they have a brush tool very very cool and it will allow you to remove the adjustment from those area okay so I'm pressing too hard let me undo that all right and let me just come in here and probably I would want tio let's turn on on a mask I want to you to help me help me all right there we go so now with autumn asks you getting much better come up in here come over here and come over here all right so now if we um uh if we wanted to we could do a little that was before and after when I click ok we'll see a little before and after ok a little dark and thinking a little dark it's a good thing it is a smart object which I can readjust but you see the top but it's changing the top and not in the mountains I didn't do that good of a job but you get the idea that ok so I was going to make the full like hdr image and everything but I think we have more important things studio hot like the spin bowler and the past blur and we have to do this with layer clipping groups way but we have to this because I think that we just do so what I have here I think I have a flattened file so we can just edit the original yeah there we go so it's a flattened it was just a single layer psd background there and what I want to do is I want to add a little bit emotion here and it doesn't have to be super realistic now if I wanted to be nondestructive then I want to come here and convert this to a smart object first, right? So now I have a smart object and by the way that is the same as going tio filter convert for smart filters it's the same thing I don't know why it's different names but little did you see what I did I read it I find it helpful when a dialog box comes up to actually read it ok then I can say I got it all right so it is now a smart object we go back to filter we go now to this new blur gallery areas that have just blur and we can come over here to something like a path blur so all of the blur's air available you can go back and forth in between them but I want to show your path or because it took me a few minutes to figure it out uh because I was making a path in photo shop in trying to bring the path into the path blur no you make the path in here so this has nothing to do with a pencil you can make your path here so what can we do well let's try to figure this out because I do a lot of images this is what I'm kind of after and this I think this will be a good way to explain it if I come back here to light room for a moment and we look at all of the photographs and I do a quick find for motion ok? So here's my some of my motion blur images this is what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to get something that was a pretty good example where you know where you've got blurs going in different areas now this happened to have been done in camera but wow, if I could do this and photoshopped that would be pretty darn cool and how was it done in camera so if you think about it what's going on is I am moving in a car I am not driving the car I am the passenger in the car this book will be called passenger's seat not a fiery crash all right, I want to make sure I published this book so I'm in the passenger seat and we're driving so there is what speed okay, so how fast is the car driving so that's one variable you can also have it taper off on the edges and you can say center blur or directional blur, in which case it goes the direction of the arrow all right, so center blur goes out from the center the direction does the direction, the arab and then we can change my car as we drive along now goes around a bend so I have that option that variable that we've gotten so I've got my speed and now I have the actual bend but then as I pan my camera I could do it exactly straight or I could turn my camera I could go in an ark with my camera those are the blur shape apps at the ends so now you can put see the little twist that you're getting in your blur and you can do each one of these independently all right and you're thinking right now you should have made a selection before you went in here because now the guys all blurry what good is that? Well let's just rearrange this a little if we want to put the foot there and I just wanted it's fine I can put it there I can put it there let's bring it down because I want that the cow to be blurry too but you can put more than one path on here so I click here which is somewhere around the guy's nose and then maybe around the guy's head I click again and then I click again to stop it because I can put you know I could make a path with a ton of points here and then I just say don't edit the blur shapes are actually sent the end point speed because I can't change the speed if I change the regular speed everything goes away so we don't want that we have to set the endpoint speed on this path to zero come over here and set that one to zero and now if I zoom in you can see uh as that renders again this area like that I and his face like I might want those areas sharp wait for it to render a little bit more okay but then I want the other areas to blur all right? And if I wanted to I could bank this out a little and just change the location of this and move it out a little bit further because what it's doing is it's creating the masks in between and it's got a great ian between the mass you have to be a little careful like separate him a little bit, you know I could add another path down here whatever and here's the key with this and the reason that I made it in a smart object is not only so that I could come in here and change my mind but if we click ok you know the smart object now has the smart filter and the smart filter has a mask on it. This is the mass, so if I want to paint this out of anywhere, I can also just click and drag and make sure that I'm painting with what my paintbrush so I tapped the beaky opacity needs to be a hundred percent so I tapped zero and then I've got my brush painting with blank in my mask so I could also painted out this way so I don't have to do that secondary path but you should just know you could do a secondary path with mohr less blur in different areas

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