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Layer Groups in Photoshop®

We have at least three different reasons to use layer groups I have a bunch of these little shells I'm gonna select him command g that puts them all in a group okay but I want to do more than that I want to add an adjustment layer all right so I want to colorize him so I'm gonna add my adjustment layer let's say hugh saturation colorize what happens everything well it's in the group everything below that gets affected so we drag it to the top everything's still affected but then we create our clipping mask so there's two reasons to use it okay another reason use it I want to drop shadow on all of them don't put your drops out on your individual layer adger drop shadow to the group and everything within that group will get that drop shadow if you take something out of the group it automatically releases the drop shadow you want to make a change to the drop shot of you only have one drop shadow to make a change to so there's organism and finally you decide that you want a mask everything...

in that group so we add a layer miss we grab I don't know our marquee tool we just select an area we fill that area with black okay to hide that and then we decide we want a non destructive feather so we go over here to the feather slider on properties we bring that up and you can see how the edges there are getting a little bit softer. So be sure to check out layer groups organizing masking clipping groups. You click a photo to him like we showed earlier and also the ability then to what was the last thing to add. Our layer affects him so lots of cool things. So hopefully not was a little something for everyone. That's. My goal. Really? What do you think? Well, something thank you so much, julianne. I also love whenever we have you on creative live and I'm sure you experience this all over the place. People like do the end. Can you tell us what's coming up next room. Can you tell us when these features are going to be available? Yes, I could know I won't. There you go, but they're really cool. Julianne, where can people follow you? Find who? S so I do have a blogged. And that log is blog's dot adobe dot com slash j cost and it's searchable and there's over fifteen hundred tips and tricks for photoshopping leg room. They're pretty intensive.

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This action-packed session will give you the deluxe tour through the new tools, features, and product enhancements in Photoshop® CC 2014. Julieanne Kost will get you up-to-speed on the latest features and ready to take advantage the most current technology.

Julieanne will share her "Top Ten Photoshop® Hidden Gems for Photographers" that will improve the way you work in Photoshop®. You’ll also learn about her favorite shortcuts and compositing techniques and about the most efficient ways to get the job done.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2